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Salt Lake City Window Replacement

Buying Windows in Salt Lake City, Utah

Windows play an essential role in your home, letting fresh air and light into your home while still protecting the interior of your home from changing temperatures and storms.

When it comes to replacing your windows, this is not really an area of home improvement where compromise is an option. The best windows will last for many years after installation and will improve the overall energy efficiency of your home. If your windows leak air or do not perform well in your climate, you will probably spend more than is necessary on utilities bills in order to keep your home comfortable year round.

So, how do you know if you have found the right window replacements for your home? They should be uniquely designed for the weather in Salt Lake City. In addition to this, there are also city regulations to consider that will influence the type of windows you buy and how you will move forward with installing them in your home.

In this Salt Lake City window buying guide, you will find the basic information you need to know when searching for new windows for your home, including a close look at the weather in Salt Lake City and an outline of the building permit requirements put in place by the city government.

Finding Windows for the Climate in Salt Lake City, Utah

Living in Salt Lake City, you get to enjoy four distinct seasons each year. The winters are cold and snowy, receiving an average of 51 inches of snow each year. During January, the coldest month of the year, the average low is 26 degrees. Fall and spring are mild and are considered to be the wettest seasons of the year, but the city still only receives an average of 17 inches of rain each year, 20 inches less than the national average rainfall. During the summer, the climate is hot and dry, and the average high temperature reaches 90 degrees during July, the hottest month of the year.

Although Salt Lake City has experienced severe weather from time to time, it is not typical for this area of the country. Because of this, you do not need to invest in storm windows or shutters when replacing the windows in your home.

When buying new windows in Salt Lake City, your first goal should be making sure they are in compliance with the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for your area of the country. Labels can be found on all new windows outlining how they stack up against these guidelines. In Salt Lake City, you need to concern yourself with the U-Factor rating of a window. This rating measures how much heat can your leave your home through the window. ENERGY STAR® requires replacement windows for all Salt Lake City homes to have a U-Factor rating of 0.27 or less.

Compliance with ENERGY STAR® guidelines is an important first to step to increasing the energy efficiency of your home through the replacement of your windows. Additionally, it is important to choose windows that were constructed using weather resistant and insulative products. Wood, vinyl, and fiberglass offer the most insulation from extreme temperatures, making them the most energy efficient choices for window frames. Multi-pane windows with an inert gas filling and low-e glazing also offer added protection to your home.

Complying with Salt Lake City Window Replacement Requirements

In order to guarantee the safety of all improvements being made to buildings in Salt Lake City, the Department of Building Services requires homeowners to apply for a permit before starting work on their home. A building permit application can be downloaded on the department’s website along with a residential checklists that outlines any necessary documents you must gather before applying for a permit.

To submit your application, visit the department offices at 451 South Straight Street Room 215, Salt Lake City, Utah 8411 between the hours of 07:30 a.m. and 04:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. On Wednesday, the office is open between the hours of 09:00 a.m. and 04:30 p.m.. For answers to more specific questions about submitting a permit application, the office can be reached at (801) 531-6000.

In the state of Utah, contractors performing major home improvements are required to apply for a general contractor’s license. In addition to minimum training hours, the license also requires them to carry general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Before hiring someone to install new windows in your home, make sure they are in full compliance with these state guidelines. If you have the knowledge to install your new windows without the help of a contractor, you are not required by the state to hire a contractor but you are still required to obtain a building permit before getting started.

When you purchase windows that follow the specific guidelines put in place by ENERGY  STAR®, you will notice a decrease in your monthly heating and cooling costs. In your region, ENERGY STAR® estimates that making the switch to ENERGY STAR® approved products could save homeowners between $61 and $381 dollars each year. These guidelines, along with those put in place by your city’s government, will help guide you to the right windows for your home in Salt Lake City.