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Learn How to Repair Your Windows

By Vicente Burin Architects. Double-Pane Window Repair: How to Fix Fogged Glass - Double-paned windows are constructed with a layer of gas—usually argon or plain air—between the two glass layers that helps reduce heat loss through the windows. When these windows appear foggy or have condensation between the layers, it’s an indication that the seal on the window assembly has failed. Many double-pane windows have a substance called silica pellets inside an aluminum Continue Reading

Learn About Window Repairs

Repairing minor window issues can save you lots of money — especially if it means you avoid window replacement. Common window problems include windows not closing or opening properly, rotted sills, stuck windows, and fogged windows. Whether you  have casement, double-pane, or picture windows in your home, this is the best place to find information about how to fix your windows.