This year has brought about many changes in the HVAC industry as homeowners are adjusting their buying habits in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is the industry continuing to shift, but many contractors need to adapt quickly to keep up with the new challenge. 

As an HVAC contractor, staying ahead of the trends keeps your business relevant and competitive in the market. As demand continues to increase, it creates many opportunities for you to grow your business this year. 

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Increasing Homeowner Demand 

This summer, we are witnessing record-high temperatures across the country. As the extreme temperatures continue, there will be ongoing demand from homeowners who want to stay cool by getting a full HVAC changeout. As a result, HVAC demand is high across the country. 

Homeowners are actively looking for contractors to assist with HVAC installation, which means an increase in HVAC leads available for your business. Once you receive a lead, it is crucial that you cover all your bases to land the appointment and maintain the relationship during and after the project.  

Keep in mind that homeowners are not hiring the first contractor they find. Instead, many homeowners are talking to multiple contractors to compare available services. They are not going to remember you if you only follow up once – contractors need to be deliberate and methodical about following up with prospects. Multiple touchpoints will help homeowners keep you at the top of their minds and help you close the deal.  

Additionally, the “WOW” factor is critical in the initial conversation, giving you an edge to establish a great relationship in the earliest stages. The crucial element is focusing on brand competitiveness. What is something unique you can share about your company? Look for ways that you can do or say something to make that homeowner remember you.  

  • Pro tip: Successful relationships are easier when you are consistent about maintaining a follow-up plan. The conversation does not end when you close the deal. So stay consistent with communication before, during, and after the project. For more information about an effective follow-up strategy, check out our latest Modernize webinar, “The Art Of The Follow Up.” 

HVAC Material Costs Rising

Another notable factor affecting HVAC demand is the increasing cost of materials. Currently, there is a supply-and-demand issueThe increase in homeowner demand results in more HVAC projects needing to be completed, suggesting that the HVAC industry supply shortage makes it hard to keep up with the demand. The struggle in keeping up with the demand results in a potential increase in material costssuch as stainless steel, galvanized steel, and copper. 

Personalized Installations with Smart Home Technology

The final trend affecting the HVAC homeowner demand is the desire to upgrade with smart technology in the home. Consumers’ expectations are changing, which is why relationship management is so important to close the deal. 

At the same time, the younger generation is thinking about climate change and its impact on the environment. As a result, homeowners want to invest in smart technology to minimize their carbon footprint. 

Many homeowners are also shifting to HVAC systems that reduce energy usages, such as geothermal heat pumps, temperature zoning, and temperature sensors to adjust the HVAC system throughout the day. 

HVAC Leads in 2021

You have an excellent opportunity to grow your company through the end of the year. Take advantage of the increase in HVAC leads by partnering with a lead generation company. At Modernize, we are here to help you stay ahead of the trends and connect with homeowners who need your services. 

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