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Sales Reps: How To Get More Resources For Lead Generation
While day-to-day activities and responsibilities vary from business to business, there is always one common goal for the sales team:…
How To Stay Connected With Past Customers
Just because a project is complete does not mean that your relationship needs to end with your customer. When you…
Increase Homeowner Satisfaction With Better Communication
Home renovations are personal and intensive, which is why homeowners and remodelers must maintain excellent communication through…
Art of The Follow-up: What To Do After the Estimate
Now that you finished the initial meeting with a homeowner, what is your next step to ensure you close the deal? Providing the…
Follow-up Strategies for Contractors: Emailing in 2021
When you are working to improve communication for your home renovation business, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every…
Follow-up Strategies for Contractors: Calling Homeowners
Finding leads in the home improvement industry will always be a significant focus for contractors, but do you have a follow-up strategy…
How To Organically Rank Your Flooring Business on Google
You are ready to position your flooring business for record-breaking growth this year. The question is: what is the most efficient way to…
How Do Homeowners Plan To Spend Their Stimulus Checks in 2021
As the most recent round of stimulus checks hit bank accounts, how are homeowners planning to use the extra money? There is good…