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We love how the natural stone complements the wood siding on this home, designed by Alan Mascord Design Associates. Best Siding Options to Increase Your Curb Appeal
When it comes to your home, nothing makes a lasting first impression like a striking exterior. While decorations and landscaping definitely help to improve the appearance of your house, the siding you choose to complete your home’s design style is paramount. Here are our top picks for siding options to increase the curb appeal of your home. Vinyl lap siding Continue Reading
shutterstock-Vinyl Siding 16 Can Vinyl Siding Be Painted?
Vinyl siding definitely draws strong opinions from homeowners—those who love it ardently praise its energy efficiency, and especially its painless maintenance. After all, cleaning it with a hose is fairly simple, and there’s no need to repaint it—at least, in most cases. But what if you decide that painting is the right option for your home? Maybe you can’t afford Continue Reading
Color Siding Deciding on the Right Siding Color
The right siding can really make a home pop—one color can dramatically improve the look of a house, while the wrong one can ruin the entire look. That’s why it’s important to make some considerations before you choose your one and only hue. The wrong decision will leave you with a poor looking home with a lower resale value, the right Continue Reading
Seamless Steel Siding Full House Seamless Steel Siding Pros and Cons
As far as home-owner responsibilities, deciding on the siding to cover your home with is a big decision to make. You have to give it considerable thought, since different siding options look and perform differently. You have to know how much you’re willing to spend, and what you want out of your siding. Sure, you could slap some vinyl on your Continue Reading
royal-vinyl-siding Royal Vinyl Siding
Royal Building Products is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of vinyl building products. The company builds its own manufacturing equipment, refines and blends most of the raw materials that it uses in its manufacturing processes, and transports its products to distributors using its own fleet of trucks. Royal invests heavily in high-tech research and development and holds a number of patents. It also invests heavily in Continue Reading
cypress-siding1-1024x697 Cypress Siding
Cypress is an ideal wood to use for siding because, just like redwood and cedar, it’s naturally rot resistant. So even if you don’t take the time to finish the siding and protect it from the elements, it will will last for many years without a problem. The siding is a warm reddish-amber color and often sought after for its natural Continue Reading
gingerbread-house-1024x768 Gingerbread Siding and Trim
When most people think of “gingerbread” they imagine ornately detailed lattice work. However, there’s another version of gingerbread that includes the exterior siding. Wavy-edge siding, or gingerbread bevel, is siding that is sawn and textured with wavy (non linear) edges, giving the overall appearance of a Hansel and Gretel cottage. Wavy-edge bevel will give a cabin a rustic appeal. The Continue Reading
Fiber Cement Siding Comparing the Quality and Costs of Siding
You may be itching to swap out your home’s tired vinyl siding for a classic red brick, or even a sleek aluminum—anything to give your home’s face a fresh new look. But choosing your siding is a decision that will last for years, so it’s important to give it some careful consideration first. After all, siding is the protective barrier that shields Continue Reading
Repair-Vinyl Siding 15 How to Repair Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding is known for being affordable and attractive, which makes it one of the most popular types of siding among homeowners. It’s available in an assortment of colors, and it makes customizing your home exactly how you want it a cinch. Unfortunately, siding won’t last forever without taking at least a few bumps and bruises along the way. The Continue Reading
Broken clapboard siding - Image Source How to Repair Split Clapboard Siding
When you think of clapboard siding, it’s easy to envision postcard images of historic New England homes in a fiery-colored autumn. It’s been a mainstay in the architecture of American homes since colonial times, and it’s used in other parts of the world today as well. Also known as bevel, lap, or weatherboard siding, clapboard siding consists of overlapping wood planks, Continue Reading

Up your home’s curb appeal with new siding

There are very few home improvement projects that can have as large of an impact on curb appeal as new siding. Ever see old, rotted siding? Not such a pretty sight. There are a variety of types of siding available. Included in these are:

Wood siding: The advantages of wood siding are beauty, dependability and charm. The disadvantages are high maintenance and bug and animal infestations.

Aluminum siding: Aluminum siding is very low maintenance and comes in a wide range of designs and colors. It is designed to be weatherproof. Aluminum lacks the aesthetic beauty of wood siding. Some pre-finished painted siding has been known to fade, and denting is a common problem.

Vinyl siding: Vinyl siding is a low cost, low maintenance option. Vinyl siding comes in strips and can be sold in a wide array of styles and colors. Certain styles can mimic the appearance of wood shingles. Vinyl siding has been known to crack in cold weather or after receiving a strong impact. If it’s not properly installed, it could warp or buckle.

Cement fiber siding: This is the most recent development in residential siding. It is extremely durable, inexpensive and made from recyclable material. Being virtually maintenance free, it often has a warranty for up to 50 years. The drawback of cement fiber siding is that it is more expensive than the other siding options.

In years past, asbestos siding and fiberglass siding were popular. But these options have been replaced with the above mentioned home siding styles. When properly installed and well-maintained, siding not only improves the appearance of the home, but it also offers protection from damage for years to come.

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