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Contractor cleaning algae and mold from vinyl siding of a customers home. How to Refresh Fading Siding
Do you really need new siding, or do you just need brighter siding? If you’re counting your pennies this year, a new siding project can feel like a lot to swallow—particularly if your update is purely aesthetic. Often, siding that’s perfectly functional gets tossed due to its outward appearance. Take, for instance, aluminum siding. Rot-resistant, durable, and corrosion-proof, it’s one of Continue Reading
red-siding Choosing Between Vertical and Horizontal Siding
Like it or not, first impressions count. This is especially true for your home, which is judged based on its exterior. That’s why, when it comes to siding for your home’s exterior, there are plenty of elements to consider. In addition to the basics of home renovation—including cost, installation, and maintenance—there’s also the choice of the orientation of your siding panels. Continue Reading
cleaning gutters Home Improvement Projects that Will Extend the Life of Your Siding and Roof
Your roof and your siding—they’re your home’s literal first defense against the elements, so you want to make them last as long as possible. Unfortunately, those same elements can take an eventual toll on your home’s exteriors, particularly if you don’t put much maintenance into them. Like most things in life, when it comes to the lifespan of your home’s Continue Reading
bright siding on a row of houses What is a Hunter Unit and Why is it Important?
Did you read the fine print on your siding’s warranty? If you’ve really drilled down into the details, you may have seen mention of a Hunter unit, particularly if you’re scanning the section about fading. The Hunter’s scale is way of measuring small—almost infinitesimal—differences in pigment to tell whether or not a surface is faded. It’s used by the siding Continue Reading
Man installing siding Should You Install a Housewrap Before Siding?
Housewrap stirs up a lot of confusion. Does it prevent moisture? Inhibit mold? Help prevent drafts? Actually, it does all three. Depending on how it’s hung, housewrap can either act as a moisture or wind barrier. When used to slow winds, its job is to seal gaps and leaks in the OSB panels or plywood sheathing that makes up your home’s Continue Reading
burned siding What Siding Is the Most Fire-Resistant?
Most of us prefer not to think of our homes as piles of kindling. But accidents do happen—and experts believe that wildfires may be on the rise. In fact, studies have confirmed that the western states are indeed experiencing a new age of fire outbreaks, mainly due to deforestation and climate change. While you certainly can’t prevent every hazard to Continue Reading
woodpecker drilling holes in siding Pests That Can Create Problems for Your Siding and What to Do About Them
Tap, tap, tap. That’s the sound of your siding being destroyed. Woodpeckers and insects can create massive issues in a home with wood siding—ranging all the way from aesthetic flaws and defects to huge structural problems that threaten the safety of your home. However, you don’t have to passively accept whatever damage these invaders wreak on your home. There are Continue Reading
a house in winter Can Vinyl Siding Stand Up to Frigid Temperatures
Brrr…it’s cold outside. But when winter winds blow, it doesn’t just make you shiver. Low temperatures and freezing precipitation have an effect on your home’s exterior, too—particularly if you have vinyl siding on your home. Due to its chemical makeup, vinyl is notoriously sensitive to temperature changes. While it’s usually tough enough to stand up to cold weather, you could Continue Reading
window capping How Does Window Capping Affect My Siding?
Are your wooden window frames looking a little lackluster? Tired of paying a professional painter to have your home’s soffit touched up? Want to protect your fascia from the effects of rain and moisture? Capping your home’s exterior trim gives you a chance to improve the look and durability of wooden pieces, without opting for a total replacement. In particular, Continue Reading
Man installing siding Siding Removal Process: Is it Necessary to Remove All Old Siding?
Sometimes it’s obvious that your whole home needs a siding update. If your siding is aging, cracking, or falling down, it’s time to get out the siding brochures, because you typically need to spring for a complete replacement. But let’s say your siding is only a year or two old, and seems to be in great condition beyond a few boards. Continue Reading

Up your home’s curb appeal with new siding

There are very few home improvement projects that can have as large of an impact on curb appeal as new siding. Ever see old, rotted siding? Not such a pretty sight. There are a variety of types of siding available. Included in these are:

Wood siding: The advantages of wood siding are beauty, dependability and charm. The disadvantages are high maintenance and bug and animal infestations.

Aluminum siding: Aluminum siding is very low maintenance and comes in a wide range of designs and colors. It is designed to be weatherproof. Aluminum lacks the aesthetic beauty of wood siding. Some pre-finished painted siding has been known to fade, and denting is a common problem.

Vinyl siding: Vinyl siding is a low cost, low maintenance option. Vinyl siding comes in strips and can be sold in a wide array of styles and colors. Certain styles can mimic the appearance of wood shingles. Vinyl siding has been known to crack in cold weather or after receiving a strong impact. If it’s not properly installed, it could warp or buckle.

Cement fiber siding: This is the most recent development in residential siding. It is extremely durable, inexpensive and made from recyclable material. Being virtually maintenance free, it often has a warranty for up to 50 years. The drawback of cement fiber siding is that it is more expensive than the other siding options.

In years past, asbestos siding and fiberglass siding were popular. But these options have been replaced with the above mentioned home siding styles. When properly installed and well-maintained, siding not only improves the appearance of the home, but it also offers protection from damage for years to come.

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