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Man installing siding Siding Removal Process: Is it Necessary to Remove All Old Siding?
Sometimes it’s obvious that your whole home needs a siding update. If your siding is aging, cracking, or falling down, it’s time to get out the siding brochures, because you typically need to spring for a complete replacement. But let’s say your siding is only a year or two old, and seems to be in great condition beyond a few boards. Continue Reading
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When it comes to home improvement, caulk is one of the best secret weapons a homeowner can possess. Used throughout the interior and exterior of homes to fill gaps or cracks, caulk is an incredible, flexible acrylic that can prevent air or moisture from getting in just about anywhere. Using caulk on exterior siding is a relatively straightforward process, but there Continue Reading
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One of the most stressful things about owning a home is uncovering potentially hazardous materials in your home. Asbestos ranks high on the list of dangerous substances because of its toxic and carcinogenic properties when airborne. While older homes will likely contain asbestos in roofing, insulation, and tiles, it can also be present in exterior siding. If you suspect that your siding may Continue Reading
old-siding Types of Siding That Need to be Painted
While everyone knows that home ownership and renovation projects go hand in hand, keeping track of all your home improvement needs can be stressful and overwhelming. Caring for and maintaining the exterior of your home is one of the largest jobs—and arguably most important—for homeowners to keep up with. Depending on your siding type, regular maintenance jobs like cleaning, painting, and refinishing Continue Reading
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Vinyl siding is one of the most popular exterior coverings for homes. While this is partially because of its affordability, many homeowners opt for vinyl siding instead of brick or wood because it is relatively easily to maintain. Generally speaking, if you have a power washer or hose and a few household cleaning products, you can easily make your vinyl siding Continue Reading
wet house through lens Does Siding Installation Affect the Interior of the Home?
Your siding is an under-celebrated hero. Not only does it perform a critical role in your home’s exterior aesthetic, it also literally keeps the wind and rain off your back. Along with your roof and drainage system, siding is part of a home trifecta that keeps excess moisture safely outside, where it belongs. However, siding can also affect the amount Continue Reading
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After you’ve finished installing new siding on your home—and taken the time to gaze admiringly at your beautiful new exterior—you may be ready to start a new project. Don’t put away your circular saw just yet, because we have a few ideas about what to do with the leftover siding. We promise these fun DIY projects won’t be as labor Continue Reading
colorful-siding-home-exterior Does Siding Color Matter?
Whether you’re building a new house or just renovating your current home, there are countless choices to make. One of the decisions that will have a big visual impact is the color of siding you install on your home. Your personal preference, as well as the architecture or style of your home and any Home Owner Association (HOA) requirements, may Continue Reading

Up your home’s curb appeal with new siding

There are very few home improvement projects that can have as large of an impact on curb appeal as new siding. Ever see old, rotted siding? Not such a pretty sight. There are a variety of types of siding available. Included in these are:

Wood siding: The advantages of wood siding are beauty, dependability and charm. The disadvantages are high maintenance and bug and animal infestations.

Aluminum siding: Aluminum siding is very low maintenance and comes in a wide range of designs and colors. It is designed to be weatherproof. Aluminum lacks the aesthetic beauty of wood siding. Some pre-finished painted siding has been known to fade, and denting is a common problem.

Vinyl siding: Vinyl siding is a low cost, low maintenance option. Vinyl siding comes in strips and can be sold in a wide array of styles and colors. Certain styles can mimic the appearance of wood shingles. Vinyl siding has been known to crack in cold weather or after receiving a strong impact. If it’s not properly installed, it could warp or buckle.

Cement fiber siding: This is the most recent development in residential siding. It is extremely durable, inexpensive and made from recyclable material. Being virtually maintenance free, it often has a warranty for up to 50 years. The drawback of cement fiber siding is that it is more expensive than the other siding options.

In years past, asbestos siding and fiberglass siding were popular. But these options have been replaced with the above mentioned home siding styles. When properly installed and well-maintained, siding not only improves the appearance of the home, but it also offers protection from damage for years to come.

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