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Each one of our contractor leads is an actual homeowner currently searching for a local contractor in real-time. These are opt-in homeowners that are ready to start their home improvement projects in the near future.
We are the largest private home improvement leads provider in the US, so the sky is the limit for growing your top line for your contractor business.
All of our partners are served by our dedicated Contractor Customer Success Team who will work tirelessly to ensure they're getting the most out of your home improvement leads to help you grow.
Our system of home improvement data feedback loop gives us unmatched insight into thousands of contractor partners to learn how well home improvement leads in your area can & will convert to actual jobs.

What our Partners Are Saying

“Our longstanding partnership with Modernize shows our company's dedication to digital media marketing as a growth channel for the business. Modernize has always worked with us to ensure we are hitting our marketing goals. The consistency in lead generation volume and quality is excellent, and the service level is unsurpassed.”

Anthony Cardillo
Castle Windows

"Modernize has proven themselves to be strong partners with a vested interest in improving performance across every level of our mutual partnership, honing in on areas such as: incoming lead generation quality (both xml and warm transfer), data automation, real-time performance optimization, and even call center consultation.

Modernize doesn’t just sell leads. They understand that their success, and the productivity of their partnerships, depends on their ability to provide quality, revenue-generating opportunities to their clients over the long-term. Doing this requires constant diligence and analytical rigor."

Janice Barbosa
Sears Home Services

"Modernize's flexible and client specific marketing strategies in lead generation services has ensured that we are taking the necessary steps forward to guarantee that we are leading our industry in lead generation.

Not only are Modernize’s marketing innovations top notch and industry leading, but their commitment to our success and growth is unquestionable. Our future growth and plans for expansion and development directly coincide with our partnership with Modernize."

Jamie Dulin
Power Home Remodeling Group

How We Generate Our Home Improvement Leads

How It's Done

Leads Generation for Contractors

The contractor leads generated from our digital marketing channels are homeowners asking to be to be contacted by home improvement contractors about their home improvement or remodeling projects in real-time. We know where each of our contractor leads comes from, what action made them a qualified lead, and when they asked us to help them find a remodeling contractor in your area.
Modernize Lead Generation

How We are Different

We know some lead aggregators can purchase data from others or just sell data taken from the phone lists.

They often aren't aware of where their contractor leads come from, how old they are, or how much intent the homeowner has to start on their home improvement project soon. This is often why contractors have had bad experiences with lead generation companies.

We promise to always put our contractors first and only utilize proven techniques to generate home improvement leads that actually benefit both your home improvement business and the interested homeowner.

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What Sets Modernize Leads Apart

Because of our scale and expertise, we produce high quality leads at a lower cost than most contractors can on their own, reducing your cost per acquisition.

We have the scale and data to know that whether you’re buying 100 leads or 5,000, they will convert at the same rate. This allows for confident long-term planning based on predictable cost and revenue growth.

Regardless of how well you’re producing your own leads, Modernize's leads produce profitable incremental revenue. We will make your top line grow, and grow faster.

By letting Modernize focus on lead generation, you are able to focus your time and effort within your core competencies where that time and effort yields the greatest returns for your business.

Home Improvement Marketing in 2019

These days, homeowners don’t have to choose between one or two roofing companies or window dealers. Instead, they have hundreds of options available to them with just a tap on their phones.

That means your company must be savvier than ever if you hope to attract new clients to your inbox—yet as a busy contractor, you might not have the time or know-how to launch a full-fledged marketing campaign. Enter Modernize’s contractor lead generation services. These businesses are supposed to make your life easier and save you time by providing names and contact information for interested potential home improvement clients.

Finding Quality Lead Generation Services

Unfortunately, getting a return on home improvement leads often means accepting a number of false, weak, or irrelevant contacts before any materialize. Some lead generation services realize that they have the upper hand on hungry contractors eager for home improvement leads, and will sell them almost anything for a buck. Here are a few reasons why, as well as how to find a reputable lead generation service that you can trust.

– Contractor Leads Can Go Cold 

Even in the world of home improvement, where customers are encouraged to accept multiple bids before settling on a home contractor, business overwhelmingly goes to the first responder. Marketing research reveals that a fast response time has the power to convert contractor leads, but many businesses still struggle to get to customers quickly enough.

Many contractor lead generation services don’t help the matter. They often sell home improvement leads that are weeks or even months old, giving them to you long after the homeowner has already finished the home improvement project. Instead of stale contractor leads and dead end calls, you need a company who will serve as the first point of contact and get the necessary information to you with no time wasted in between.

– You’re Not the Only One with Access

Another issue comes with exclusivity. There’s no guarantee that the contractor leads you receive through your home improvement lead generation service aren’t going to one hundred other home contractors at the same time. With competition like that, potential clients might as well be flipping through a phonebook.

When selecting a marketing channel partner, do your research on their process. You need a lead generation service that doesn’t send the same names out to everyone but, instead, vets contractors and contacts to ensure an appropriate fit for all parties involved.

 – The Lead Isn’t Really Relevant

What makes a lead a lead? If you said having a name—any name—and a number, you’re right. For many contractor lead generation services, any information is good information, and contacts don’t get vetted to ensure that they’re actually real.

Some services don’t even do you the favor of checking that the lead is a homeowner before sending it your way, which means you wind up filtering home remodel job leads that you have already paid for. You’d probably waste less time dialing random numbers on your phone! Your lead generation program will only succeed if you hire a service with a robust qualification process—someone who has more than a name and a phone number.

– Homeowners Find Contractors Through Other Means

Residential construction providers and renovators have a huge image problem. Just as you may not be enamored with lead gen companies, homeowners have an overall perception of the industry is that it’s riddled with con men and swindlers. These trust issues are why many homeowners rely on more predictable methods to find a contractor, like asking friends for a trusted recommendation or using a site like Modernize to feel more secure in the big decision they are about to make.

– Lead Services Only Care About Money

As a professional contractor, you know that a successful business is all about relationships. You care about your clients and their needs. Lead generation services, on the other hand, don’t always have that one-on-one relationship with their contacts. Many of them only care about making the most money with the least amount of work, and often they do that by selling the same contractor job leads over and over again.

 You need a home improvement lead generation service provider that has a stake in their client’s business, not someone who just wants to take your money and run. To get the full benefit of lead buying, you want someone who’s willing to put their name on the line; a company who’s trying, like you are, to attract repeat customers and create long-term relationships.

Home Improvement Leads: The Next Generation

Homeowners are doing more and more of their business online—including finding service providers for their home. That means that despite the problems with lead generation, you need a way to direct clients to your company without investing hundreds of hours of your time.

The new paradigm of internet home improvement requires a different means of relating to potential clients. Modernize specializes not in names and phone numbers, but in solid relationships and partnerships between homeowners, ourselves, and your contracting business. We consider ourselves an extension of your sales team and are willing to do the work to vet our contacts for quality, sending only those that suit your business and areas of expertise. We don’t sell contractor job leads, we sell connections.

Types of Leads Offered:

Window Leads

Roofing Leads

HVAC Leads

Solar Leads

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