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Homeowner Resources:
Air Conditioning & Heating

Use our homeowner resource center to help you start your air conditioner and heating installation project. We equip you with the knowledge to confidently speak with an HVAC contractor about your home's AC system needs. Learn about the different types of air conditioners and heaters, the average costs to install, which brands are the best, and how to find a reliable local contractor today!

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Air Conditioner
Replacement Options

A home's central air system works hard to keep temperatures comfortable year round. It's important to pick the right type of air conditioner for your HVAC replacement. We break down the different available HVAC system types, air conditioner replacement costs, and more.

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Furnace Replacement & Repair

A furnace is the most common home heating unit used today. A furnace works by forcing heat through vents and ducts in your home and is often paired with a central air conditioner to maintain your home's temperature year round. Learn about furnace replacement, repair, and installation costs associated with each type of furnace.

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Heat Pump Installations & Repair

Learn about the three main types of heat pumps and decide which one is best for your home. Heat pumps are a great HVAC installation option for mild climates and can help you save up to 50% on energy bills. Heat pumps can be paired with your current forced air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable throughout the seasons at a much more energy efficient rate.

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Boiler Replacement & Installation

Boiler home heaters are used to provide your home with heat by boiling water through means of natural gas, oil, or electricity. Once the water is heated it dispersed through an electric pump that carries heat to radiators installed throughout the home to keep you warm.

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Radiator Heaters

Many homes are equipped with a forced-air furnace, other homes, such as older, vintage and historic homes, may be using a radiator and boiler combination to heat. That’s not to say newer homes aren’t also taking advantage of energy efficient radiator systems, because they are. Regardless of whether or not you’re dealing with an older radiator or a new model, repairing a leaking radiator and/or installing a new boiler - Modernize can help!

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