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John P.
Chicago, IL
Solar Panel Installation
Going solar was a lot easier than I thought! Once I saw the options for solar panel installation, the investment was clear and simple.
Mary O.
Austin, TX
HVAC Replacement
I'm so happy with my new AC installation. It was easy and just in time for the heat of the summer in Texas - a life saver.
Matthew M.
Boston, MA
Roof Replacement
Thanks for taking the time and explaining the options for my roof replacement. We feel confident this is the last roof we'll have on our home.

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“So far, in 2019 we have sold over $2 million in net business from our Modernize product.”
[So far, in] 2019 we have sold over $2 million in net business from our Modernize leads. Of the several services we use in this category, we spend the most with Modernize due to the consistent quality and quantity of Internet leads they produce for us.

For HANSONS, internet leads close at a higher rate and are the most desirable as they deliver a more educated consumer that is further along in the buying cycle.
Amy Zimmerman
VP of Marketing
Hansons Windows
“Modernize is more efficient, less clunky, and always available to tackle problems in a one-on-one manner.”
Tyler Wells
Roof Right Now
“We have experienced tremendous growth in our solar sales, almost doubling our average sales per month.”
Denita Coker
Call Center Manager
Solar Solutions, LLC.
“Modernize has met and exceeded my expectations.”
Jack Redus
Window Depot of Amarillo
“Modernize has proven their channel, platform and overall team can deliver.”
Ruben Ugarte
Business Dev. Director
Horizon Solar Power
“Points out avenues we might not have thought of, and keeps us focused on the big picture.”
Keith Kittrell
Vice President
Parker and Sons

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