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cost and budgeting
Understanding the 2021 Solar Tax Credit
As you look around your neighborhood, you might notice that solar panels are becoming a more common sight. Homeowners are increasingly…
research and planning
Understanding Home Warranty vs. Home Insurance
Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial decisions most people will make in their lives. In order to protect that investment, it…
research and planning
Why Homeowners are Choosing Bamboo Floors in 2021
If you are thinking about updating the flooring in your home, bamboo may be the way to go. A recent survey by Modernize found that 33…
maintenance and care
DIY Pest Control Tips for First Time Homeowners
If you are buying or have just bought your first home, it is surely an exciting time. You probably have a lot of things on your mind—…
4 Signs Your Gutters are Clogged
Believe it or not, your home’s gutters are not just there to fill up with leaves. In reality, they serve as one of your first lines of…
Understanding Furnace AFUE Ratings
High energy and utility bills can be tough to stomach. Energy bills typically soar in summer, but homeowners in cold climates can attest…
research and planning
Air Conditioning Options For Homes With No Ductwork
Many people never really think about their home’s HVAC system ductwork. Maybe they live in a newer home, where HVAC ductwork was…
maintenance and care
Heat Pump Maintenance Tips for Homeowners
As temperatures drop throughout most of the country, a working heat pump is going to be more important than ever for homeowners. According…