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Small Bathroom Layout Ideas
If you’re annoyed with your small bathroom layout, this article is for you. We will review small bathroom layout ideas and the general…
research and planning
Aging in Place vs. Assisted Living: Which is Best For Your Loved One?
As we get older, the thought of going into an assisted living facility might cross your mind – but for most people, it’s something they…
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Walk-in Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms
When you look at your small bathroom, do you feel like you’re walking into a spa or an out-of-date mess?  Whether you’re looking to…
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Best Home Improvement Ideas That Add Value in 2022
U.S. remodeling and home improvement expenditures are forecasted to hit 431 billion dollars by the end of 2022. It is safe to say we are in…
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Designing a Bathroom for a Couple
We’ve all been there before — waiting our turn at the bathroom door for our partner to finish their morning routine, or tripping over…
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What’s the Difference Between Laminated Glass and Tempered Glass?
Are you shopping for security glass for your home and have questions? We have answers. Learn all about tempered glass and laminated glass,…
How to Remodel a Small Bathroom on a Budget
When you have a tiny bathroom, the bad news is… well, it’s tiny. But the good news is that a small bathroom remodel on a budget is…
What Are French Drains?
Gutters and downspouts are an essential part of protecting your home because they run water away from the house during heavy rains, as well…