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research and planning
How to Design a Custom Shower
Building a custom shower can make your spa dreams come true. Imagine stepping into an oasis that was actually built just for you and…
How to Install a Bathroom Vanity
Bathroom renovations continue to top the list of popular home improvements, but what if you don’t want to invest the time or money on a…
research and planning
Kitchen Bay Window Ideas
Bay windows are an excellent way to provide natural lighting in your kitchen as well as adding architectural interest to your home. They…
research and planning
5 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements to Save Money
Plenty of home improvement projects that seem costly can actually save you money in the long run. That’s because groups like the U.S.…
research and planning
Best Non-Slip Flooring Options
If you are aging in place, have young kids at home who are not quite steady on their feet, or are otherwise at a greater risk of falling,…
research and planning
Best Bathroom Paint Colors
The fastest way to take your bathroom from drab to fabulous is a good coat of paint. We’ll go over different color inspirations from…
research and planning
How to Repair a Broken Glass Window
If you have a broken glass window, it’s not only an eyesore. It can cause several problems, from safety issues to making your house…
maintenance and care
How to Extend Gutter Downspouts
Gutters protect a home from flooding and water damage. Adding downspouts helps to assist gutters to direct water away from the home. This…