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Windows Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Windows home improvement project.

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Kitchen Bay Window Ideas
Bay windows are an excellent way to provide natural lighting in your kitchen as well as adding architectural interest to your home. They…
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5 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements to Save Money
Plenty of home improvement projects that seem costly can actually save you money in the long run. That’s because groups like the U.S.…
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How to Repair a Broken Glass Window
If you have a broken glass window, it’s not only an eyesore. It can cause several problems, from safety issues to making your house…
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How to Prepare Your Home For a Blizzard
When the winter weather outside is frightful, dealing with the aftermath of a blizzard is certainly not delightful. Harsh winter weather…
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Types and Advantages of Window Screens
Whether you want to keep bugs out of your home or maintain some privacy, window screens are an easy way to increase comfort without taking…
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Most Popular Types of Kitchen Windows
Kitchen renovations are some of the most popular changes homeowners make when trying to update the look of their home and raise its value.…
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Most Popular Types of Living Room Windows
Whether you’re upgrading the aesthetic of an older home or committing to a more energy-efficient lifestyle, when you’re choosing new…
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What Are Different Window Ratings And What They mean
When it comes time for a window replacement, there’s a lot to think about and a lot of decisions to be made as far as materials go —…