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Windows Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Windows home improvement project.

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When Should You Repair or Replace Your Home Windows?
It finally happened — a crack in your living room window that cannot wait due to safety, energy efficiency, and of course, the risk of…
research and planning
Do My Home Windows Need Screens?
Homeowners often weigh whether or not their home’s windows need screens. Let’s face it, screens are not always the most visually…
research and planning
Choosing the Best Window Frames for Your Home
Finding the best type of window frame can drastically change how your home looks — and functions. Some are more aesthetically pleasing,…
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How to Protect Windows From Storm Damage
Protecting windows from the storm damage caused by flying debris or high winds is an important step homeowners should take to keep their…
cost and budgeting
A Window Replacement Financing Checklist for Homeowners
Replacement windows are a true investment in terms of the value, comfort, and the aesthetics of your home. As with any investment, window…
What Are The Best Garage Windows?
Whether your garage serves as a place to protect your vehicles from the elements, a storage space, or a multipurpose room, it could still…
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The Most Popular Bathroom Windows
When remodeling your bathroom, you’re choosing all sorts of new design elements. It’s easy to get caught up in that gorgeous new vanity…
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Safely Begin Your Window Replacement Today
COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our daily lives and routines. Self-distancing and shelter-in-place measures, nationwide, have…