Building a Lead Generation Marketing Strategy That Works Pt 1: Lead Generation for Today’s Residential Contractors

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Mobile Apps Every Contractor Needs in Their Arsenal
If you’re a contractor, you probably don’t spend all that much time at your desk. In fact, you probably have to handle your office work…
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Why Digital Marketing and Lead Generation is Essential for Contractors
In the past 100 years, advertising and marketing has rapidly changed. With the increasing influence of digital marketing, home improvement…
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How to Pinpoint Profitable Lead Sources with the Modernize Data Feedback Loop
Like most contractors, you probably know that marketing and advertising are crucial to your top line, but do you understand the entire…
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Client Success Video: American Exteriors
We sat down with Lance Kaiser, President and CEO of American Exteriors. Historically, American Exteriors would use canvassing as their…
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Client Success Video: 1-800-Hansons
Brian Elias, President of 1-800-Hansons, recently spoke about the success he has found in his partnership with Modernize. Hansons is the…
The Best Apps and Tools to Remind You of Your Appointments
Contractors who run their own business know that keeping track of all the day-to-day aspects of their company involves lots of juggling.…
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Infographic: How to Find a Lead Gen Company You Can Trust
It’s not always easy to find a lead generation company that you can trust in the home improvement space. View our infographic to hear…
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Infographic: Fall in Love with Calling Leads
Calling leads may not always make you swoon, but by following these simple steps you can turn more of your leads into completed…
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Infographic: Homeowner Consumer Trends Report 2018
  With over 1.5 Million homeowners that find their contractor through Modernize each year, we’ve got the skinny on homeowner…

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