Homeowner Survey Index: Q4 2018

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Top 5 Marketing Tips to Get Ahead in 2019
Marketing is changing. Traditional promotional methods are not as successful as they used to be. How can you make sure that your content…
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Homeowner Survey Index: Q4 2018
Through our process of matching homeowners with quality contractors across the country, we survey thousands of homeowners each quarter. In…
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The Evolution of Solar Lead Generation
The solar industry has changed drastically in the past 10 years – even the past 5 years! With rising demand comes the evolution of…
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Increase Your Market Share: How to Woo Homeowners That Have Yet to be Influenced
More than 80% of homeowners request quotes before they know who they want to work with or the product brand they prefer. If you’re…
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Attract and Retain Rockstar Talent Within the Solar Industry
Good talent is hard to find, but with the worker shortage within the home improvement industry it can feel downright impossible to attract…
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How The Top Construction Companies are Attracting and Retaining Talent in the Midst of a Worker Shortage
If you work in construction, then news about the current labor shortage won’t come as any surprise. Construction professionals have…
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Creating a Healthy Sales & Marketing Relationship
If you’re an owner of a construction company, you may find the world of marketing a bit intimidating. With more than 85% of all home…
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How to Convert Calls Into Actual Appointments
When you receive a business call from a potential client, it can be difficult to know exactly what to say. Telephone jitters are a…
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Client Success Video: Zoi Solar
Centrally located in Austin, Zoi Solar designs, builds, and installs residential solar panels in the greater Texas area as well as other…

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