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Built Better Podcast
The Hassle Free Way to Grow Your Business
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO3XVS-iyws Megan Wolfe, Director of Enterprise Accounts at Modernize, and Lori Boyer, the Director of…
How to Sell to Stressed Out Homeowners
As prices surge and fears of a recession continue, homeowners are feeling more stressed. Home improvement projects tend to be a lower…
Customer Testimonials
This Window Company Grew Sales by 30% in 6 Months
Industry: Windows & Doors Company size: 11 employees, $6.8MM Location: Florida Products used: Modernize and Hatch Introduction Before…
2022 Modernize Annual Homeowner Sentiment Report
Each year, Modernize Home Services surveys thousands of U.S. homeowners to better understand their project preferences and pain points. Our…
Social Media Strategy for 2022
Social media is integrated into every part of our modern world. Not only do people use social media platforms to stay connected with…
Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams
We know every business owner like you wants to boost their bottom line. The process starts by closely examining your sales and marketing…
Get the Most from Your Leads In Economic Uncertainty
A glance at the news headlines makes it easy to see why so many people are slowing their spending: economic uncertainty and rising costs…
Built Better Podcast
Inflation: What Contractors Should Know
We talk to Nikolas Scoolis, Manager of Housing Economics at Zonda Research, about the current state of the economy, inflation, and how it…