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Shifting Trends in the Aging in Place Industry: Walk-in Tubs
When choosing between moving to a retirement community or staying home, most retirees choose to stay at home.  At Modernize, we are…
Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full During the Slow Season Part 1
The off-season is approaching, which means businesses in the home improvement industry will slow down as demand decreases.   When…
How to Handle These 3 Homeowner Objections
There are many skills home improvement professionals need on the job to ensure quality results. While there are skills of…
Decrease Your Marketing Cost While Increasing Your Revenue
The simplest way to assess the success of your business is by looking at the money you bring in vs. the cash you are spending to keep…
3 Ways to Show Homeowners You Appreciate Their Business
As the year comes to a close, many home improvement contractors are moving into their slow season. Because of this, you might be…
5 Steps: Close More Deals with This Call Back Strategy
First impressions matter – especially when you are connecting with a potential customer. As a home improvement contractor, your initial…
3 Ways to Grow Revenue in Your Flooring Business
The home improvement industry is booming right now, with many families investing in projects to upgrade and improve their homes. As a…
Built Better Podcast
Diversifying Marketing Strategies with The Original Roofing Co.
On this episode of the Built Better podcast, we’re welcoming Mike Coddington, Chief Operating Officer from The Original Roofing Company.…