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How to Increase Referrals with Effective Communication
While one-off projects can add to the bottom line in your renovation business, the secret to success lies in the relationships you build…
How To Overcome Permit Delays
Even with careful, proactive planning, schedule delays are common in construction. Contractors must become skilled at navigating unexpected…
Homeowner Project Timelines During COVID-19
COVID-19 news and updates change quickly and frequently. Some of the information in this article may soon be out of date. We will do our…
When Your Customer Refuses to Pay: 5 Tips for Damage Control
Maintaining financial stability in any business can be tricky, and many professionals in the home improvement industry struggle to stay…
Worker Shortage?
Here’s How to Handle It
For nearly a decade now, the construction industry has experienced a significant shortage in its workforce. After the housing bust in the…
Job Management Software: Tips for Choosing the Best for Your Business
Business ownership is all about finding the balance between craftsmanship and technology. The construction industry is no different—many…
Winter Worksite Safety Tips
As a contractor, you know all too well that keeping the construction site safe is a complicated process at the best of times. When Mother…
6 Simple Steps to a More Profitable Estimate
As a home improvement professional, you know that keeping track of your finances is one of the most important parts of owning your own…