Like most contractors, you probably know that marketing and advertising are crucial to your top line, but do you understand the entire journey homeowners take to become your customer? Modernize unveils what no other company can – comprehensive data tracking throughout the entire journey from homeowner interest to a completed project.

The Modernize Data Feedback Loop® gives us data points on how homeowners got to you, how they faired at each stage of your sales process, and ultimately, whether they purchased.

Modernize’s Account Management team can analyze that data and optimize your windows, roofing, HVAC and solar leads generation program by feeding you the sources that drive the most revenue for you and turning off the ones that are lacking.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We find homeowners for you.
    • Our expert marketing team targets homeowners seeking your expertise in your service area, and prepares them for their upcoming project.
  2. A homeowner is matched with you.
    • Once the homeowner has submitted a form, we send their information into your CRM or inbox in real time.
  3. Business as usual.
    • You receive your homeowner leads, and work your them as you normally would.
  4. Record results in your CRM
    • Select a disposition once you have finished working a lead. Example: Project Complete! or Appointment Scheduled.
  5. The Modernize Magic occurs.
    • We unveil what no other company can – A complete data feedback loop that tracks the entire journey from homeowner interest to a completed project. By tracking the sources that work for you, we continue to fuel the positive results, and turn off sources that lack results.
  6. Customized campaign tailoring.
    • Our dedicated Account Management team works with you to optimize your campaigns based on the results you’re seeing from your Modernize leads. Each one of our clients have a unique profile, and no two lead generation programs look alike. 
  7. Why is this important?
    • Unlike other lead generation companies, at Modernize, we integrate with your business to understand, not only your short-term goals, but to create a strategy to achieve your long-term goals. We don’t just send you prospects and watch you succeed, we create a unique, ever-evolving marketing channel with the ability to scale with your business.
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