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Modernize is your go-to, trusted resource for home improvement project costs

At Modernize, we know that cost can be one of the most stressful parts of any home improvement journey. With so much information available online, finding a reliable cost estimate for your project can be confusing. Our goal is to help homeowners start their home projects with knowledge and confidence. When it comes to cost information, Modernize products are designed with accuracy and transparency first. Our team of experts works daily to ensure all costs listed on Modernize.com come from the most reliable sources, so there are no surprises as you dive into your project.

How does Modernize calculate project costs?

Modernize partners with RSMeans data, a cost database used by thousands of construction professionals across the United States, as well as performs comprehensive market research regularly, in order to validate material, equipment, and labor costs for home improvement projects. Our cost information comes from real projects completed by homeowners like you in thousands of U.S. zip codes.

Because project costs can vary by geographical location, RSMeans and Modernize calculate typical project costs by averaging the highest and lowest prices for materials and labor in various zip codes. As a result, the average project costs you see on modernize.com are true national averages. To get a closer estimate based on your specific home location, you can use our Cost Calculator tools, which provide average cost estimates based on your zip code.

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Modernize’s Cost Calculator tools are designed to help homeowners better estimate the cost of upcoming projects based on their home size, project plans, and zip code. Click on your project to start calculating costs:

Is Modernize cost information trustworthy?

When it comes time to start your home project, we know that finding trustworthy cost and budgeting information is crucial. The experts at Modernize are focused on ensuring homeowners are receiving the most accurate cost information from Modernize.com. The Modernize experts update cost information across the website on a daily, monthly, and annual basis, using the most up-to-date cost data pulled from the latest completed homeowner projects across the United States.

Estimates are intended as starting points for your project. Please note that labor costs vary by contractor. The price of materials can fluctuate by season, and selection of premium brands can impact your contractor’s final bid. Modernize always recommends requesting three to four quotes from local contractors to get the most accurate local pricing as a best practice. Then, compare those quotes to find the price and professional that best fits your needs.