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Built Better Podcast
Exploring the explosive growth of Shugarman’s Bath in under 2 years
On today’s episode of the Built Better podcast, we are welcoming Chase Shugarman, owner at Shugarman’s Bath. We are going to dive into…
Built Better Podcast
Diversifying Marketing Strategies with The Original Roofing Co.
On this episode of the Built Better podcast, we’re welcoming Mike Coddington, Chief Operating Officer from The Original Roofing Company.…
Built Better Podcast
Entering the New Age of Contractor Marketing with Spencer Powell
On this episode of the Built Better podcast,  we’re welcoming Spencer Powell, CEO of Builder Funnel. Spencer Powell has been the leading…
Built Better Podcast
How to Rise to Success Within a Franchise with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
On this episode of the Built Better podcast, we’re welcoming General Manager of Benjamín Franklin Plumbing, Kory Kreutzberger, to take a…
Built Better Podcast
Establishing Leadership During the Pandemic with Springtree Restoration
In today’s episode, we talk with AJ Huckaby, President of Springtree restoration, and how he has changed and adapted his leadership style…
Built Better Podcast
Overcoming Hurdles and Conquering Achievements with RJ Construction
On this episode of the Built Better podcast, we’re welcoming Robert Jordan, Board Member of RCAT and Founder of RJ Construction, to take…
Built Better Podcast
Surviving the Supply Shortage with Brettco Roofing
Today’s episode is featuring Holly Green, President of Brettco Roofing, at the Texas Roofing Conference. We talk with Holly about how she…
Built Better Podcast
Finding Success During COVID-19 with Kincaid Roofing
Live at the Texas Roofing Conference; we talk with Chris Kincaid, owner of Kincaid Roofing, about successes and challenges during the…