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Window Replacement Cost Calculator

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

Window replacement costs on average $150 to $750 per window. High end window types such as a new wooden bay window can cost up to $2,550 to install. Installation costs will vary based on brand of window, frames, size, glass type, and local labor rates.

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Some window replacement costs can be negotiated with bigger projects or discounted with specials being run in your area by window installers Use our local window cost calculator above to break down your exact project estimate by window type. If you are unsure about the specifics of your window replacement project it may be more beneficial to speak directly to a contractor instead.

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Factors Affecting Replacement Window Costs

Window Frames

  •  There are a few options for new windows and the window frames you choose. Homeowners can choose from vinyl replacement windows, wood windows, clad-wood windows, aluminum window frames, and fiberglass windows. The cheapest average cost for a vinyl window would price out at around $650, a standard wood window would be around $750, and a 48 inch standard fiberglass window would cost about 15 – 25% more than vinyl at $850.

Window Styles 

  • There are 18 different window types that homeowners can choose from for new window installations. The most popular window types are double hung windows, bay windows, casement windows, and picture windows. Each type of window has a different average cost which is discussed later in the article.

Number of Windows Replaced 

  • Total installation cost for new windows will vary depending on how big of a project you are planning. If you were to replace a single window vs. replacing all windows in your home it will effect the final price, you most likely will be able to negotiate costs with your windows contractor on a larger installation project.

Energy Efficient Upgrades 

  • There are actually quite a few energy efficient features for new home windows including double paned or triple paned glass, high energy star ratings, argon gas fills, low-e coatings, sound proofing, and much more. All of these custom option will help build up your windows’ energy efficiency rating and save you money on future utility bills.

Window Warranties 

All of the best window brands will come with a quality window warranty that comes standard with any new window options.  A great warranty will help protect your overall investment and should always be considered when purchasing new windows.

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Window Brand Costs

When you are looking at price per window you can expect to pay more for high quality window brands such as Simonton, Milgard, Marvin, or Pella windows. See our list of the best window brands here for more in-depth pricing for all window types offered. To give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for each window brand we took a standard size vinyl double hung window from each of the brands to create the price chart below for comparison. Each window brand offers different price tiers for upgraded features, better frame types, longer warranties, etc.

Window BrandsPrice Per WindowCost to Install
Pella Double Hung Windows$185$295
Andersen Double Hung Window$235$381
Harvey Double Hung Window$275$368
Certainteed Double Hung Windows$285$392
Milgard Double Hung Windows$287$425
Marvin Double Hung Windows$300$415
Atrium Double Hung Window$312$415
Simonton Double Hung Windows$375$495

The only way to get an accurate price for a certain window brand is to get in touch with a reliable contractor in your area as window brand prices change by location, installer, and possible tax credits, rebates, or special offers exclusive to your area. Reach out to our reliable contractors today to get a price quote.

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New Window Costs by Frame Type

When choosing replacement windows you will have the option of different window frame types each boasting different benefits and price levels. Usually an aluminum window or vinyl window offers an affordable replacement window costing an average of $375 per window. More luxurious looking windows are usually installed with a wood, composite, or fiberglass window frames which can cost from $600 to $850 per window depending on the type of window, brand, and other cost factors mentioned throughout the article.

window frame comparison chart

Window Frame Installation CostPrice Per Window
Aluminum Windows$100 to $450
Vinyl Windows$150 to $875
Wood Windows$200 to $1,450
Composite Windows$295 to $1,325
Fiberglass Windows$475 to $1,575

Installation Costs by Window Type

If you are deciding which new home window styles you are wanting to have installed, you may want to look at the different costs of each window style beforehand. While a standard size double hung window would be more affordable and cost $350 to install, a large picture window could cost up to $765 or more to install. Window types that require a higher skill level to install can also requires more labor time which is factored into the overall cost.

Window Replacement Labor Costs

Labor costs for window replacement average around $38 per hour in most cases. Windows which require a higher skill level or multiple installers to complete such as a bay window or palladium window installation will also cost more. Depending on local labor rates it could be as cheap as $30 per hours or as high as $75 per hour. Areas with higher costs of living such as Austin or high-end areas of California will usually have a higher labor rate than a more rural area where service needs aren’t as demanding.

How to Save Money on New Home Windows

You might be surprised by all of the available local window rebates and credits that will help you get money back on your window replacement. To find out if there are window rebates in your area, get in touch with your local utility company. Many are offering rebates to customers who have Energy Star or energy efficient windows professionally installed in their homes. You might find out that you qualify for $200 per window or more in rebates. Many times these companies will provide a per window rebate up to a specific amount.

In addition to local utility rebates, there are also plenty of government incentives for homeowners who make energy efficient home improvements. According to Energystar.gov, Energy Star windows reduce utility monthly utility bills by a national average of 12%. You can check out the DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency) to search for energy-efficient incentives in your state.

Financing New Home Windows

If you’re planning to have many windows replaced at once, you’ll probably need to finance to account for your window replacement costs. Many of the contractors we work with work directly with financing companies to help you easily get local financing rates for your project. Here are some popular window financing options to help you offset the average cost of window replacement:

Home Improvement and Home Equity Loans

Many home improvement loans are available for purchases like new replacement windows, flooring, roofing, or other projects that will improve the value of your home. Talk to your local bank or credit union to find out if you qualify. If you’ve been paying off your home for a long time and you have some serious equity in it—usually between 40 and 60 percent at a minimum—you might be able to take out a second loan relying on the equity that you already have.

Mortgage Increase

In some instances you can get a higher mortgage amount than what you need to buy the home itself, and that amount can be used to make improvements to the home. If you have a significant down payment, as well as some window contractor bids and before-and-after appraisals for your project, you might get the bump up that you need to cover at least part of the home improvement from your mortgage.

Once you’ve added the cost of the new windows, labor and disposal fee, simply subtract any tax breaks or rebates. Then you’ll be able to determine exactly what it will cost for your vhome’s new windows, and you’ll be a better informed homeowner, too.

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