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Window Glass Replacement

Average cost range:

$280 - $325

The national average cost for a window glass replacement as of 2022 is $280 to $325 per window. However, a window pane glass replacement can cost anywhere between $70 and $800 depending on the extent of the damage. Minor window glass repairs can cost under $100, while replacing the entire window can cost $800 or more. Be sure to discuss your window’s damage with a licensed professional window contractor to determine the exact cost of the project.

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There are many reasons why you may be considering replacing or repairing window glass on home windows. The most obvious is because the window glass pane is broken. But it’s not always that black and white. Your window may be leaking, or letting too much air in and out, and costing you more on utility bills. Or perhaps your panes are older and it’s time to upgrade your home’s insulation and energy efficiency.

When you realize it’s time to repair or replace window glass, what should your next steps be? And how much will it cost? Whatever the reasoning is behind your window upgrade, it’s important to assess whether a window repair or replacement is more appropriate, and to know what to expect. That’s where Modernize comes in. Read on to learn everything you need to know about repairing window glass.

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Repairing vs Replacing Window Glass

If you’re unsure if it’s time to repair versus replace your window’s glass, there are several factors you should consider:

window glass repair or replace
Window problemRepair or replace?
Foggy window panes from condensationReplace
Cracked window glassRepair
Small water leakRepair
Major water leakReplace
Structural issuesReplace

It’s not always necessary to replace a window altogether. For instance, if your window is structurally sound but one pane is cracked, a repair may suffice. Consider that the average cost to replace a window is $375 to $800 per window, so you want to make sure the project is worth it. Still, experts caution, ignoring a window issue altogether can cause more issues and larger expenses over time.

Modernize recommends speaking with a professional to determine the cause of the window issue and what the correct solution is. They’ll be able to help you assess and decide how to proceed.

How Much Does Window Glass Replacement Cost?

When you know that a window is damaged and needs an upgrade, your window glass replacement needs will depend on which elements of the window are impacted. The type and extent of damage will also affect the window glass replacement cost.

On average, window glass replacement should cost between $280 and $325 per window, depending on the extent of damage. Minor glass repairs can cost as little as $70, while total window glass replacements can cost as much as $800.

Other factors that can impact window glass replacement costs are:

Below you can find the most common problems that lead to a window glass replacement project, and how much each repair should cost you.

Cracked window pane

A crack in a window’s single pane should not be a complicated issue. Cracked window panes can be repaired by a homeowner or glazier quickly and inexpensively. Repairing a single cracked window pane will cost an average of $70 per window.

Condensation between window panes

Window glass replacements are always recommended when a homeowner spots condensation and fog between window panes on double pane or triple pane windows. This is because moisture indicates that a window’s seal is not working properly. The cost to install a replacement window varies greatly depending on size and type, but typically, the average cost is around $575 per window.

Replacing laminated window glass

Laminated window glass is often praised for its durability, insulation and noise reduction. It is less likely to shatter and will block excess UV rays and air from coming in and out of a home. Replacing laminated window glass can range in price, but will typically cost about $20 per square foot.

Full window glass replacement

An entire window glass replacement is sometimes unavoidable depending on the issue. When that happens, the cost to repair can be upwards of $200 for a single pane window or $600 for a double pane window, but can vary greatly depending on window dimensions.

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Window Glass Replacement Cost by Window Type

As mentioned above, the cost of a window glass repair or replacement can vary depending on the type of window. For example, a small egress window can cost as little as $100 to $300 for a glass pane replacement, while a large bay window can cost as much as $3,000 to have all its panes replaced.

Window size and style matters when it comes to glass replacement cost, but so does the glass type and quality. For example, energy efficient triple pane windows cost the most to replace ($400 to $700 or more), while basic single pane windows cost the least to replace ($100 to $400 on average). SImilarly, low E glass can cost as much as $850 to replace, while tempered glass costs an average of $175 to $600 to replace.

Below you can explore the average cost to replace each type of window glass as of 2022.

window glass replacement cost by type
Type of window glassAverage cost to replace
Single pane glass$100 to $400
Double pane glass$200 to $600
Triple pane glass$400 to $700
Low E glass$350 to $850
Gas-filled glass$375 to $1,000
Laminated glass$275 to $600
Tempered glass$175 to $600
Frosted glass$300 to $700

Other Window Repairs

Maybe it is not the window glass that needs to be repaired or replaced, but a different part of the window. Below you will find other common issues with windows that tend to lead to repair or replacement projects.

Repairing window seals, sashes, tracks

All of these issues relate to how a window opens and closes. These are all repairs a homeowner can typically handle on their own, but it is always wiser and easier to hire an expert when in doubt. A sash cord repair should cost $100 or less per window including labor. Seal and track repairs should cost an average of $200 per window.

Broken Muntins or Mullions

A window’s broken, rotting or splitting muntins and mullions — the mechanism that holds glass in a single pane window — is typically an issue that can be repaired with ease. If the putty has lost its stickiness, it can be replaced and re-secured. This typically costs only about $20.

Poor or breaking window casing and frame

Damaged window casing can typically be repaired. Indicators that it’s time for a repair include if the wood is cracked, missing exterior casing, or rotting. The average cost of window casing materials is about $1.50 per linear foot, while the average cost of labor and materials is about $8.25 per linear foot.

Water leakage

Water leakage is not necessarily a sentence one way or another for repairing or replacing a window. In reality, it depends on the severity of the leak. Minor leaks can warrant a simple repair, while major leaks usually require an entire replacement. Reglazing a window can help reseal a window and improve its insulation. This typically costs $8 per linear foot.

DIY Window Glass Repair

If you are sure your window does not need to be replaced entirely, then repairing a broken glass window should be handled with care to prevent injuries or further damage to the window.

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The process typically entails removing a window’s glass, measuring the window and cutting a new sheet of glass. The difficulty of the process can vary depending on the issue being tended to.

If you opt to do a DIY window glass repair, the replacement glass should cost between $3 and $12 per square foot. The price depends on if it’s single or double-glazed glass.

Still, the DIY route is not always best and hiring a window glass repair contractor can have several benefits. A professional repair can range between $200 and $800 depending on the window’s specs.

Saving Money on Glass Repairs

There are a number of tips homeowners can consider to help save money as they plan future window projects.

Of course, this isn’t always possible when you experience an emergency. Still, it can be helpful to know when a contractor’s peak season occurs in the summer months. Planning window projects by season and aiming to complete a replacement or repair during the winter months may help you save money. Speak to local window contractors about how timing might affect their quote.

To save money, you may also be able to work with a contractor to install a few windows at a time. For example, you could potentially do the work on one side of the house, wait a few months to work with your finances, and then do another side. This requires a good look at your finances and talking with your contractor to find an appropriate solution. Ask a professional for the best options in your case based on your home’s specific needs.

Whatever your situation, the best place to start with a window glass replacement project is contacting three to four local window contractors in your area. Request detailed quotes and compare them to find the best price and pro for the project.