Triple Pane Windows

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What Are Triple Pane Windows?

Triple pane windows are made with three different panes of glass. As with double pane windows, each of the panes has a spacer around all the edges to help give them a uniform space between the layers. There is a seal in between the glass layers to make them air-tight, allowing pockets for gas to be inserted to improve insulation.

The Benefits of Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane windows are some of the most advanced windows on the market today and many people are deciding to upgrade to them over single or double pane windows.

They’re More Efficient

Triple pane windows are better insulators than either single or double pane windows. There are more panes of glass between you and the outdoors, and there are two insulating pockets for gas or air. That means you’ll spend less money heating and cooling your home.

triple pane window diagram

More Sound Proof

Triple pane windows are more effective at keeping sound out than single or double pane windows. This particularly beneficial if you live in a city, or some other noisy environment. For some, this advantage can be worth the extra cost of the windows on its own. Check out some of the best sound proof windows.

Better Insulation

Because of their advanced insulating properties, triple pane windows are more comfortable to sit by in the winter than double pane windows are. If you like to sit by the windows of your home but you get chilly, consider upgrading to triple pane windows for the added comfort.

Triple Versus Double Pane Windows

There are two things to consider when deciding on double or triple pane windows. First, the potential insulation improvements that the triple pane option offers over the double pane. Second, the cost difference between the two. Triple pane windows offer a noticeable insulation improvement. Just take a look at double and triple pane windows for yourself and you’ll see that the U-factor (rate of heat loss) is better in the triple pane option. Also, triple pane windows usually aren’t prohibitively more expensive than double pane windows because the amount of insulation improvement that you get versus the cost can more than pay for itself over time.

Choosing a Quality Spacer

Though the gas pockets between the panes provides excellent insulation, heat also moved through the spacers limiting the windows potential energy efficiency. When buying triple pane windows make sure you get a “warm edge spacer”. This spacer is more effective at slowing heat down and making the windows more efficient.

Getting an Upgraded Gas

Simply switching from the air you breathe to another gas with a higher insulating factor like argon or krypton can make a noticeable difference. Argon gas is the most common insulating gas used because it’s clear, non-toxic and doesn’t have an odor. Krypton has those same qualities, but provides an even higher level of insulation. Triple pane windows provide two pockets for gas, so you can have them both filled with whatever gas you choose to use for the biggest benefit.

Triple pane windows in a living room

More Protective Coatings

If you’re shopping for windows, you may hear about low-e coatings, which are special coatings designed to reflect heat back into the home when it tries to escape. Since only one coating can be put on per section of glass, triple pane windows offer more potential layers to coat and enhanced layers of protection if you wish to have them.

Triple pane windows are modern upgrades to double pane windows. Both options offer marked improvements over single pane windows, and almost every style of window today comes with double or triple pane glass depending on what your preferences are.