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Types of Home Windows

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Types of Home Windows

Here is a round up of the most common types of windows. Each window style serves a different purpose and there are many different windows to choose from.

1. Single Hung Windows

single hung windows

Single Hung Windows Cost: $170 – $360

The major difference between a single hung window and double hung windows are how the different types of window sections move. With single hung windows, the bottom window panel or lower sash moves up and down, and the upper sash remains stationary. This means that when you open the window, the upper sash is covered on the inside. Find more details about single-hung windows here.

2. Double Hung Windows

double hung windows small

A double hung window is similar to the single hung window however both the lower sash as well as the upper sash can move up and down in this common window type. Find more details about double hung windows here.

Double Hung Window Costs: $300 – $850

3. Arched Windows

arched window

Arched Window Costs: $325 – $500

Arched windows have rounded tops that add an architectural design to any home. Most arched windows do not open or close and are often installed above standard windows that provide ventilation. Some arched windows can open the same way a casement window does.

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4. Awning Windows

An awning window opening to the outside

Awning Windows Costs: $420 – $760

Awning windows are ideal for climates with a lot of rain, thanks to the way the window creates a water-resistant awning when opened.

5. Bay Windows


Bay Window Costs: $1150 – $3550

Bay windows protrudes from an exterior wall and create a small shelf in the home. Bay windows rely on flat windows set into an angled frame that are built out of the home. This usually consists of a center window, from which two side windows are angled at 30 to 40 degrees.

6. Bow Windows


Bow Window Costs: $1400 – $3800

Bow windows rely on custom curved windows that create a circular area along the outside of the home. This window style is usually a bit more expensive than it’s similar bay window type counterpart.

7. Casement Windows

casement windows

Casement Windows Costs: $270 – $750

Casement windows swing out to the side or up to open. This allows the window to be constructed of solid glass and offers a less obstructed view overall.

8. Egress Windows

egress windows

Egress Window Costs: $1000 -$5000

Egress windows are designed for safety more than anything else. These types of windows provide an escape route when an emergency such as a fire, for example, prevents you from exiting through a door. Egress windows are typically installed in the basement of your home.

9. Garden Windows

garden windows

Garden Window Costs: $1000 – $4000

Garden windows are essentially mini bay windows that are meant for plants. They’ve earned their name because they act like tiny little greenhouses that protrude from the inside of your home.

10. Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows next to a bed in a bedroom

Glass Block Windows Cost: $400 – $1100

Glass block windows are most often considered accents and added to a section of the home to increase light flow. Most commonly, glass block window types are frosted or adorned with a patterned design, which provides simultaneous light and privacy. They are ideal for use in bathrooms, basements, and other private spaces.

11. Hopper Windows

White hopper windows

Hopper Window Costs: $260 – $720

Hopper windows open from the top and usually crank open to tip down. They make efficient use of compact spaces, which is why they’re commonly found in basements or bathroom. They’re also known for providing excellent insulation, because they seal up against the frame when closed all the way.

12. Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows in a home

Jalousie Windows Costs: $175 – $375

Jalousie windows are a unique window style that splits into many different slats of metal or glass. The windows open like a set of blinds. Simply crank the lever and the slats tilt to the side, which creates a series of gaps for air to flow through.

13. Picture Windows

picture windows

Picture Window Costs: $340 – $800

Whether the view outside your home is a lush green backyard or a mountain range, the best way to fully enjoy your view is with picture windows. Picture windows are large window types that don’t have any breaks or visible frames, resulting in an unobstructed beautiful view.

14. Round Circle Windows

round windows

Round Circle Window Costs: $250 – $750

Round, half round, elliptical, or oval—the round circle windows category encompasses many different shapes that add architectural interest to your home. In particular, round windows give your space a nod to historical decor, such as Victorian or Gothic era structures.

15. Skylight Windows


Skylight Window Costs: $900 – $2130

If you want to add more natural light to your home but have limited options with your exterior walls, a skylight window is an excellent window style option. It’s essentially a window for your roof, and it installs similarly to a roof vent.

16. Sliding Windows

sliding windows

Sliding Window Costs: $320 – $1300

A sliding window has two sections that are usually made from single windows, and one of the sections slides horizontally overtop of the other to open or close.

17. Storm Windows

Two storm windows

Storm Window Costs: $200 – $460

Storm windows are exterior windows that install right in the same frame as your current windows. Storm windows add another layer of blocking out drafts and heat loss perfect for when cold weather rolls in.

18. Transom Windows

transom windows

Transom Window Costs: $ 200 – $575

Transom windows are decorative accent window types that help break up space or add a unique design focal point. They’re the windows that you see installed above doors in upscale homes, or even above other windows in some instances. They’re typically a semicircle shape, but they can be square or rectangular as well.

Custom Windows


When you have a space that you want to fill and standard types of windows aren’t meeting your needs, you can go with a custom window instead. Custom windows are crafted from dimensions that you or a professional measures in your home.

Compare Home Windows

House Window Types:Low CostHigh CostImages:
Average Labor Costs$38per hour.
Single Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are the most common house window type, they are affordable, and have one bottom sash that opens up or down.

$170$360Single Hung Windows
Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are another very common home window where both the upper and lower sash open.
$300$850Double Hung Windows
Arched Windows

Arched windows are a beautiful addition to any living room or room where specialty shaped windows blend seamlessly.
$325$500arched windows
Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged on the top and open outward at the bottom, these house windows offer ventilation and protection from the rain. They are often paired with other windows for extended outside views.
$420$760awning windows
Bay Windows

Bay windows are a combination of three or more windows that angle out beyond the house wall. The middle window is usually a large picture window.
$1,150$3,550bay windows
Casement Windows

These classic kitchen windows crank open and out either to the left or the right depending on installation. When installed side by side they are a beautiful addition to any home.
$270$750casement windows
Circle Windows

Rounded windows make a great piece in any home. You can choose between a full circle window or half circle window.
$250$750Rounded Circle Windows
Egress Windows

Egress windows are usually a new installation window installed by state law, they provide an escape from a home when other exits are blocked.
$1,000$5,000Egress Windows
Garden Windows

Garden windows are perfect for plants and also great for a nice decorative shelf space usually found in a kitchen or living room.
$1,000$4,000Garden Windows
Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows increase lights in rooms and are great accents for the home and offer some privacy for bathroom windows.
$400$1,100Glass Block Windows
Hopper Windows

Hopper windows tip down and outward and are great for compact spaces.
$260$720Hopper Window
Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows are great for increased air flow and light. They create gaps with a lever that cranks slats out like window blinds.
$175$375Jalousie Windows
Picture Windows

Large picture house windows are big fixed rectangle windows that allow for beautiful views and are a gorgeous addition to any home.
$340$800Large Picture Windows
Skylight Windows

Skylight window installations add light to your home and are great for compact upstairs rooms with viewable access to ceilings.
$900$2,130Skylight Windows
Sliding Windows

Sliding windows come in small regular home windows that glide open or can be installed as sliding glass doors for entry into a home from a patio or backyard.
$320$1,300Sliding Glass Windows
Storm Windows

There are interior and exterior storm window styles which offer an affordable home window replacement alternatives that help blocks cold weather and prevents heat loss.
$200$460Storm Windows
Transom Door Windows

These decorative windows are small square or semi-circle accent windows usually installed above an entry doorway.
$200$575Transom Door Windows

Final Thoughts: Window Styles

Because there are so many different window styles and types to choose from, it’s important to specify the criteria that you want from your windows before installation. Once you’ve found the best type of window for your home, you’ll need to find a qualified window replacement contractor.

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