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Window Type Gallery

Which type of window do I need?

  • Single Hung Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $170-$360/window

    Single Hung Windows are one of the most common window types, a single hung window offers a bottom window sash that is able to be opened in an up and down motion.

  • Double Hung Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $450-$600/window

    Double hung windows are the most common type of window homeowners install. It is very similar in looks to a single hung window, except both the bottom and top window sash are operable to make for better air flow and ability to easily clean.

  • Arched Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $325-$500/window

    An arched window is a beautiful rounded top window that is often added to other window types for added design and aesthetics.

  • Awning Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $420-$760/window

    An awning window opens by being pushed outward from the bottom. They are perfect for rainy days and allow for the window to be open for air circulation without letting water into the home.

  • Bay Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $1,150-$3,550/window

    Bay windows are a beautiful addition to living room or kitchens offering a beautiful view to your outside area. A bay window is usually built with a middle large picture window and then two angled side windows.

  • Bow Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $1,400-$3,800/window

    Bow windows are very similar to a bay window installation, it utilizes multiple windows of your choice to create a circular curve on the outside of the home and giving you extended views of your front or backyard area.

  • Casement Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $270-$750/window

    Casement windows are a very popular replacement window type. They are often a single pane of glass that can be cranked open and out from the side. Many homeowners put double casement windows next to each other opening up on each side.

  • Egress Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $1,000-$5,000/window

    Egress windows are often required in many states as an escape route from a basement area of a home. They must be a certain size, so that it creates an easy exit in case of an emergency.

  • Garden Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $1,000-$4,000/window

    Garden windows are designed as mini protruding windows that act as shelves that can house plants and flowers so that they can be seen from the outside all while getting sunlight while inside the home.

  • Glass Block Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $365-$785/window

    Glass block windows are often popular for as replacement windows for bathrooms or basements. They are perfect for rooms that need light, but also offer a little more privacy as they are not transparent and often can be frosted.

  • Hopper Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $265-$720/window

    Hopper windows are a great window for any room with limited wall space for a new window. They are known for providing quality insulation while allowing light into a room. They open from the top and fold inward into the home.

  • Jalousie Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $175-$375/window

    Jalousie windows are often popular in coastal areas and are great for allowing in a nice breeze on a cool day. These windows have slats of metal or glass that can be opened or closed from the inside.

  • Picture Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $245-$850/window

    Picture windows are beautiful often large single pane windows that can make any living space brighter and make the room seem larger. They are fixed windows that cannot be opened, but are often paired with other windows for design and flexible functionality.

  • Round Circle Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $250-$750/window

    Circle or rounded windows can bring a unique aesthetic to any room. They can come in half round, oval, or elliptical styles.

  • Skylight Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $900-$2,130/window

    If you have limited wall space for installing windows for natural light, skylights are often a great choice. Skylight windows are installed directly into the ceiling and offer natural lighting all day.

  • Sliding Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $320-$1,300/window

    Sliding windows are a great option for elongated wall space. They have two window sashes that slide horizontally across each other when opening and closing. They also can make a small room look larger in some cases.

  • Storm Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $200-$460/window

    Storm windows are a type of window that you can often install on your own. They are popular in areas with heavy storms and coastal regions prone to hurricanes. They give your current window a little added protection and are much more affordable to replace.

  • Transom Windows

    Avg. Cost: Average Cost: $200-$575/window

    Transom windows are a type of accent window that are often paired with a beautiful front door entrance. They can also be used to accentuate other window types and create unique designs by being installed around them.