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Jalousie Window Replacement

Average cost range:

$175 - $375

Replacement jalousie windows cost on average between $175 and $375 per window to have installed. These windows are considered to be on the lower end of the pricing spectrum for home replacement windows. Speak to a reputable local contractor get to get exact cost for your specific project.

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What are Jalousie Windows?

Jalousie windows are a common type of window found in older homes. They have split horizontal slats made of plastic, wood, glass or metal, which open and close at an angle. In this way, the slats on jalousie windows are similar to blinds. While they are not as popular today as they used to be, these jalousie windows are effective at ventilating a home, offering benefits that modern homeowners in warmer climates will appreciate.

Jalousie window

How Much do Jalousie Windows Cost to Install?

The average cost to replace jalousie windows in 2022 is $175 to $375 per window. You will want to add local labor costs to your budget, which can average around $38 per hour depending on replacement window prices in your area. Speak to a window contractor near you today to get exact local prices for your home.

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How Do Jalousie Windows Work?

Jalousie windows’ horizontal slats are layered on top of one another, similar to shingles or siding. The top of the bottom slat is covered by the bottom of the slat above it and the cycle continues all the way up. A crank opens the slats. As the crank is turned, the bottom of the hinged slats tip up and out creating an opening. Most can become fully horizontal creating a nearly unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Most of these window types make use of glass panels, especially the modern options, but some use aluminum panes, or other solid materials to create a more durable window. These solid panes can still both ventilate and create a view because of how they open.

Jalousie windows in a home

Benefits of Jalousie Windows

If you like to keep your windows open during a storm, you will enjoy having jalousie windows. Like an awning window, their slats help repel rain and keep the weather out, allowing you to to bring in the storm’s cool air without soaking the floors and other surfaces around the windows. You will want to talk to a local contractor to find out which of the top replacement window brands still offer jalousie windows.

Enhanced Airflow

Compared to double-hung or single-hung windows, you can get more airflow through jalousie windows by making use of the entire opening. With single or double hung windows you can only have half the space open at one time. However, Jalousie windows will not hold out the rain, snow and wind like these solid windows do.

Simple Repairs

Jalousie window slats are easy to repair and cost effective because you only have to replace the damaged slat. Traditional windows usually require full pane replacement, which is more costly. When a section of your jalousie window breaks, you unhook that section and put a new one in. This easy maintenance is one of the main reasons people favored these windows decades ago when glass was less durable and more prone to breaking.

Versatile Decorating Options

Yet another benefit of jalousie windows is that the slats are replaceable with different types of glass and even non-glass materials, like aluminum or wood. If you decide that you want to transform your window into a shutter, or a stylish frosted privacy window you can do so easily. Simply unhook the sections and slide out the current glass slats to replace them with same-size replacements. It is much easier to change the look and function of this type of window than a full-pane type of window.

Before Choosing Jalousie Windows

Jalousie windows are not ideal for homes in northern climates because they lack the insulating properties of other windows. Due to their numerous sections, they have too many gaps be able to effectively seal. If you are trying to keep your home nice and warm, and you live in a cold climate, only make use of these windows in sun rooms.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance window that lets you ventilate your home during a rainstorm, consider jalousie windows. However, they do have limitations if you live in a cold climate, or you want a window offering better insulation for your home, you should consider awning windows which offer many of the benefits of jalousie windows without the drawbacks. Find a reliable window replacement contractor to install your new jalousie windows.