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Bay Window Installation Cost

Average cost range:

$1,215 - $2,595

The average cost to install a bay window is $1,215 to $2,595 per window as of 2022, which includes the cost of bay window materials ($1,160 to $2,475 per window) plus labor and installation by a local contractor ($55 to $120 per window). Be sure to talk to a local contractor to get a quote fitted to your home and needs.

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Replacement Bay Window

A bay window replacement is a wildly popular option for homeowners looking to upgrade the look and feel of their home. Bay windows are known for providing beautiful outside views and giving your home more access to natural sunlight. They are popular in the kitchen, dining area, as well as the living room. While most windows are fixed in the walls of a home, bay windows stretch out and around those boundaries. You will be able to see more of your outside space and bring a ton of natural light into your home. On this page, will guide you through everything you need to know about installing a beautiful new bay window in your home.

Bay vs. Bow Windows

bay window has a set of three windows, which are angled out and away from the house. The center of the window is typically a large fixed picture window with smaller windows on either side, often double hung windows or casement windows installation (also known as flankers).

A similar window style is the bow window, which typically has four or five windows that curve to create a rounded structure from the exterior of your home.

How Much Do Bay Windows Cost?

The average cost for a vinyl, medium sized, 3 panel replacement bay window is $1,215 to $2,595, which includes the cost of materials plus installation. Bay window materials, such as the window glass and frames, should cost an average of $1,160 to $2,475 per window. For each bay window, labor and installation costs an average of $55 to $120.

Bay Windows

Average Installation Cost $1,215 - $2,595

Cost Breakdown

  • Materials 95.4%
  • Labor 4.6%

Keep in mind that prices will depend on the type of bay window you want and standard local installation prices. The cost of replacing a window can vary by region, brand, window frame type, window size, and more.

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Bay Window Prices by Brand

Typical bay windows come in vinyl, wood, wood-clad, and a few other frame options. The total cost will depend on the size of the bay window and if extra labor will be needed for a new rough cut opening to install. The best window brands will offer bay windows with different frame types to choose from, which will determine total installation costs.

A premium bay window by Pella or Andersen Windows from their 400 series will cost around $2,100 for the window and $2,882 in total with labor and installation costs. If you are looking for a more affordable bay window, you could install a Simonton Bay Window from their Prism series for around $1,387 in installation costs. See average bay window prices by brand in the chart below, costs will vary depending on many factors, so use the chart only as a general guide:

Bay & Bow Window Price by Brand
Bay Window BrandsPrice per windowInstallation Costs
Alside Bay Window$1,525 $1,989
Andersen 400 Bay Window$2,045 $2,582
Atrium Bay Window$1,756 $2,045
CertainTeed Bay Windows$988$1,300
Harvey Bay Windows$1,050 $1,289
Jeld Wen Bay Windows$1,692 $2,093
Loewen Wood Bay Windows$1,985 $2,208
Marvin Bay Window$1,567 $1,843
Milgard Bay Windows$1,299 $1,567
Pella Bay Windows$1,800 $2,245
Ply Gem Bay Windows$1,389 $1,625
Simonton Prism Bay Window$1,100 $1,387
Simonton Prism Bow Window$995$1,399

Bay Window Sizes

Bay windows can be as small or as large as you want. A small bay window size is usually about 3’6″in width x 3′ in height, and a large bay window size can take up the better part of a wall at 10’6″ wide x 6’6″ high.

When deciding on the size of a replacement bay window, it is important to consider what the window will be used for, and the size of the room that it is going in.

Due to the size of many bay windows, not every room in your home will work for a bay or bow window installation. Some sections of the wall may need to be reinforced more than others, because they bear more weight from the house.

A large bay window often increases your home’s value quite a bit, making it a great window installation project. See a list of standard sized windows to understand how a bay window compares in stature for a room.

Types of Bay Windows

Angled Bay Windows

A standard angled bay window is the most common new bay window type installed. It juts out from the exterior wall at a 30 to 45 degree angle and can even offer you a comfy bay window sitting area or bench area in the room installed.

Boxed Bay Windows

A box bay window or sometimes called a greenhouse garden bay window is squared like a garden window and protrudes from the homes exterior wall at a 90 degree angle. These windows are great for display area or to use as a large indoor gardening area for house plants.

Energy Efficient Bay Windows

A window’s energy efficiency will depend on the type of glass installed and any other specialty features added from your bay window manufacturer. Bay windows can be one of the best energy efficient window options when you install a fixed picture window with energy efficient casement windows (flankers) on each side.

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Choosing Bay Windows

An Enhanced View

Bay windows are known for making the most of a beautiful view. While most windows are stuck inside the walls of a home, bay windows stretch out and around those boundaries. This means that you can take a look at the view out and around the sides of your home. You will be able to see in more directions and bring a lot of natural light into your space.

Increased Floor Space

When you have a compact home and you’re looking for ways to increase the floor space, bay windows are one of the options you have available to you. Most bay windows will create a shelf that you can use for added storage, but some are designed to go right down to the floor of the room. These windows actually increase the floor space that you have in the room. They can add ten or more square feet to a room, and if you are dealing with tight living arrangements, the added space can make a big difference.

More Natural Light

Bay windows are known for bringing in a healthy dose of sunlight. By opening up the space with a bay window, you allow natural light to enter your home from several different directions at the same time. However, you will want to invest in higher efficiency windows to reduce the solar heat gain, which can ultimately increase costs.

Not Suitable For Every Room

Due to the size of many bay windows, not every room in your home will work for an installation. When installing a bay window, some sections of the wall have to be reinforced more than others, because they bear more weight from the house. If you’re planning on having a bay window installed in your home, you should make sure that a window professional takes a look at your home and chooses a section that will require any significant reinforcement when the window is installed.

They can also block narrow walkways and patios as they extend outwards. Always consider how far out the window is going to extend from the house, and think about any problems the window will cause as a result.

Bay Window Repairs

A new bay window should have quite a long life-span especially if taken care of properly. If you need to do some repairs, it may be a more cost efficient option than window replacement. Some of the most common bay window repair projects you will run into will be:

  • Bay window glass repair
  • Bay window glass replacement
  • Repairing a bay window sill
  • Repairing an air/water leak in your bay window
  • Rotting bay window frame repair

Some of these projects may be able to be completed as a DIY repair project; however, it may be best to reach out to a professional to get help so that you do not run into future issues from not having an expert resolve the problem early on.