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All about Andersen Windows & Doors

Producing high quality windows and doors, Andersen Windows is one of five brands under the umbrella of Andersen Corporation. In the one hundred plus years since Andersen was first founded, the company has grown into the largest manufacturer of windows and doors in North America. Beyond North America, their products are distributed in South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Founded in the year 1903 by Danish immigrant Hans Andersen, the Andersen factory was originally located in Hudson, Wisconsin. The company grew quickly, largely due to the incredible success of the “10 Minute Window,” a moniker earned for the streamlined method Andersen created to assemble a window in under ten minutes on a construction site. By the year 1913, the company had grown beyond what their Hudson plant could accommodate and a new factory was built in South Stillwater, Minnesota. Today, this town is known as Bayport, and is the location of the 2.8-million-square-foot headquarters of Andersen Corporation.

Since their founding, Andersen Corporation has established themselves as an industry leader, continually designing and producing products which changed the course of the window and door industry. With each decade, came a new and innovative product unlike anything previously seen including: the first completely assembled window unit in the 1930’s, the Victory Window—made with 97 percent less metal—in the 1940s,and a new frost and condensation resistant glass in the 1950’s.

Together with the other Andersen brands—Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement Services, Silver Line Windows & Doors, American Craftsman Windows & Doors, and Andersen Storm Doors—Andersen Windows & Doors continues the legacy created by founder Hans Andersen. Their vision, as stated by the Andersen Corporation website, is:

“To lead the window and door industry by creating products and services that are different and better, as measured by our customers.”

This is accomplished through a precise focus on their five guiding principles: integrity, innovation, partnership, excellence, and corporate citizenship.

Along with being excellent at what they do, Andersen has created a reputation for being a company that is also committed to enhancing the communities in which they operate. In celebration of the 100th anniversary, Andersen announced their 100 years/100 homes project, committing to building 100 homes in partnership with Habitat for Humanity over the course of five years. Andersen also practices business in an environmentally conscious manner, embracing new sustainability practices whenever possible.

Today, through the expansion of the original Andersen Corporation and the acquisition of several companies, including Silver Line Building Products LLC and Eagle Window & Door, Inc., Andersen has grown to 20 locations throughout North America with 9,000 people employed by their five brands.

Anderson windows offering a view to a lush, green backyard

Types of Windows Manufactured by Andersen Windows & Doors

Andersen’s current line of products includes 35 windows, which were created with the unique needs of both residential and commercial customers in mind. These windows can be easily chosen to suit the specific requirements of a project, with multiple operational styles, color options, wood species, shapes, and features available. Continue reading for a brief overview of each window type currently available through Andersen Windows & Doors.

Double-Hung Windows from Andersen

One of the most common styles of windows on the market, the double-hung window has two window sashes in a single frame. Both sashes slide up and down to open and a single sash tilts for easy cleaning. Variations of this window exist within each series available at Andersen:

  • Single-Hung Window: A part of the 100 Series, this variation on the double-hung window has a single sliding sash to open.
  • Double-Hung Window: Perhaps the most basic version of the Andersen Double-Hung Windows, this design is a part of both the 200 and A-Series. Both sashes slide to open and a single sash tilts for cleaning.
  • Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Window: A member of the 400 Series, this specific design is customizable with seven available exterior colors and the choice of natural pine or white interiors.
  • Woodwright Double-Hung Window: A member of the 400 series, this window is identical to the Tilt-Wash Double-Hung Window in all ways except one. This window provides the choice of natural oak, pine, or maple interiors.

Casement Window from Andersen

This single panel window provides an obstruction free view and ventilation from the top to the bottom of the window. With hinges along a single side, this tall and narrow window swings open from left or right. Single casement windows are available in the 100, 400 and A-Series. Additionally, Complementary Casement Windows, side-by-side casement windows with single handles used to open or close and lock with a single motion, are available in both the 400 and A-Series.

Bay and Bow Windows from Andersen

Bay and bow windows project out from the home, expanding the view the window provides. Part of the 400 Series, each window can be customized with one of seven exterior colors and the choice of natural pine or white interiors. Additionally, the window structure itself can be constructed from casement windows, tilt-wash double-hung windows, or the Woodwright double-hung windows.

Picture Windows from Andersen

A single, stationary panel within a frame offers a maximally unobstructed view and brings extra light into any room. Variations on the basic design exist within the 100, 200, 400, and A-Series.

Awning Windows from Andersen

Providing ventilation from side-to-side, awning windows have hinges along the top and the entire sash opens outward which provides a maximally unobstructed view. Available in the 100, 400, and A-Series.

Gliding Windows from Andersen

These windows, which are typically wider than they are tall, have two sashes which slide horizontally. They are available in the 100 and 200 Series with one operating sash and one stationary, and with two operating sashes in the 400 Series.

Anderson windows

Specialty Windows from Andersen

Andersen produces a variety of stationary, specialty windows providing numerous choices for shape and design to fit any project. Variations on shape and style exist within the 100, 200, 400, and A-Series, including:

  • Curved Specialty Window: Stationary windows with a curved shape. Available in the 100, 200, 400, and A-Series
  • Flexiframe Polygon Specialty Window: A stationary window available in several special shapes which are remarkable for their dramatic angles. Available in the 400 Series.
  • Circle or Oval Specialty Window: Stationary windows available in variations of a circle or oval, the perfect choice for an accent window which can help maximize natural light in any room. Available in the 400 and A-Series.
  • Polygon Specialty Window: Stationary windows available in various shapes with dramatic angles. Available in the 400 and A-Series.

About the Andersen Series

Andersen Windows & Doors offer five different lines of windows. These lines (or series) each lend their own unique look and functional characteristic to a home or project. With a thorough understanding of what each line offers, the right Andersen window can be selected to meet the consumer’s specific needs.

Andersen A-Series

This series includes windows from the Andersen Architectural Series. The allure of this particular series is that, with the help of leading architects in the industry, Andersen designed these windows to be easily customized to fit authentically with the architectural look of any home. Along with various structural options, the windows in this series are available in hundreds of combinations of eleven exterior colors and natural pine, maple, or oak interiors which can be finished in multiple ways. The windows in the A-Series are designed with energy efficiency in mind and are available with a triple-pane glass which increases the energy efficiency and weather resistance of the window.

Andersen E-Series

Also known as the Eagle Series, this is Andersen’s custom-crafted window line. Working with the professionals at Andersen, builders and homeowners can create virtually any window to fit the architectural needs of their project. All windows built within this series include VeriLock® integrated security sensors, a security feature unique to this series.

Andersen 400 Series

The 400 Series is a traditionally designed line of windows built with Perma-Shield® exteriors, which are incredibly durable and never need to be repainted. With seven exterior colors, natural pine or white interiors, and a diverse line of structural designs to choose from, this line of windows has become a favorite among builders and remodelers.

Anderson 200 Series

This series was created by Andersen with the quality standards of every window they produce, however they have made the windows in this product line available at an uncommon value. Durable Perma-Shield® exteriors never require paint. The low maintenance natural pine and white interiors characterize this long-lasting line of windows. The 200 Series of windows has become the best seller at Andersen Windows & Doors.

Anderson 100 Series

Windows in the 100 Series are built with Fibrex composite material, an alternative to vinyl which has shown to be twice as strong and rigid, never needs painting, and are very energy efficient. All 100 Series windows are budget-friendly option for homeowners looking to increase the value of their home with durable and beautiful windows.

Warranty Information

Unlike other competitors in the window and door industry, Andersen Windows & Doors provides a warranty which doesn’t end when a house is sold. Their Owner-to-Owner® limited warranty applies for 20 years to glass and 10 years to non-glass items and is transferrable to new owners when a home is sold.

Under this warranty, glass is replaced for up to 20 years if damage occurs as the result of poor manufacturing, materials, or installation. The warranty on glass does not include labor if the owner chooses to obtain replacement glass through a local retailer or dealer. However, if the owner allows for a factory repair, there will be no cost to them. Andersen’s warranties do not cover any damage which occurs at the fault of the owner or as the result of inclement weather or fire.

All non-glass items will be replaced for up to 10 years if damage occurs as the result of poor manufacturing, materials, or installation. Similarly to the warranty available on glass, there will be no cost to the owner if they choose a factory repair. However, if the owner chooses to obtain replacement parts at a local retailer or dealer, the cost of labor will not be covered.

As with any warranty, it is important to understand there are always special exclusions and circumstances which apply. Before purchasing any Andersen Products, carefully review the individual warranties which are outlined on their website.

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