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How Much Do Vinyl Windows Cost to Install?

Average cost: $300 - $850

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Vinyl window installation is usually the most affordable option for new windows. The cost to install a double paned vinyl replacement window could range anywhere from $375 to $685. The factors that will affect the total cost for your vinyl window replacement will be the window brand you choose, type of window installed, and average labor rates in your area (usually $38 per hour or more.) See what factors affect window replacement costs here, or use our cost calculator below.

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Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacement windows are the most common type of replacement window frame type installed in homes today. Vinyl windows are composed of PVC or polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). The window materials are mixed with a range of chemicals and pigments, which give it the color of your choice and also allow it to stand up to direct sunlight and weather. Replacement vinyl windows will not peel, crack, bend, or warp. They are incredibly durable and offer a highly energy efficient window installation option.

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Benefits of Vinyl Windows

  • Vinyl windows offer many choices as far as design and style. No matter what style of window you’re envisioning when deciding to replace windows, it can likely be made with a vinyl window frame. Casement windows, picture windows, architectural, double-hung, and single hung windows can all be produced with a vinyl framing. Well constructed vinyl frames can be as energy efficient as wood, particularly if their hollow pockets are filled with additional insulation.
  • Vinyl window maintenance and up-keep is almost non-existent. Other than cleaning your new windows from time to time, you will not have to worry about painting them later on.

Thing to Consider Before Vinyl Window Installation

  • Vinyl windows are affordable, but generally the least durable option. The frames are easiest to break, and the PVC they are made from is known for fading over time, even though the chemicals used during construction today preserve the look and form of the windows for much longer than they used to. It may be better to install a clad wood window that has vinyl materials as well.
  • In general, a vinyl window frame still has a significantly shorter lifespan than aluminum or replacement wooden windows. There are some paint products available today that can be used on vinyl windows, but they are difficult to apply and aren’t offered in many colors. Most homeowners choose to replace vinyl windows every 10 to 20 years, rather than try to repaint them.

Window Frames Comparison Chart

Vinyl Window Prices by Brand

All of the best window manufacturers sell vinyl replacement windows as they are a very popular option amongst homeowners. The average price for a standard size vinyl window can range from as low as $125 to $386 per window, without installation.

Learning how to pick a window brand is an important part of your window buying project. Choosing a great brand will offer you quality options when it comes to window framing materials, the best warranties, and stylish vinyl window designs that can’t be found elsewhere. One of the biggest variances in brands will be the prices of vinyl windows.

What are the Best Replacement Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl replacement windows aren’t all the same quality, and it’s important to consider these tips on how to recognize quality vinyl windows when shopping for replacements. One of the best ways to determine if you’re looking at quality vinyl windows is to take a look at the cross-section of the frame. Make sure to count the chambers and note how large they are. Vinyl windows are not solid on the inside and each window comes with a different number of chambers. The quality products have more chambers that are smaller in size. This makes the windows more durable and weather resistant over time. Some vinyl window frames are fastened together using screws and caulk, while others are welded. The welded windows are more reliable during installation and longer lasting.

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Vinyl Window Warranty

When shopping for vinyl replacement windows, some of the best options available will have what is known as a “double lifetime” warranty. These are excellent to have if you ever plan on selling your home. These types of window warranties will cover the windows against possible issues and will even cover another homeowner if you decide to sell your home later on.

Quality Window Manufacturers

Look for manufacturers that are known for producing high-quality vinyl windows, like Simonton or Harvey, and compare some of their products to those of their competitors. Look at the cross-sections and the frame construction to see that they have superior construction overall or a better warranty to rely on.

Quality Window Glass Panes

Pay attention to the glass panes of the vinyl windows that you select to make sure they are double or triple pane windows and that it’s treated with a coating to be as efficient as possible. For high-traffic locations, you can also look into impact-resistant glass to help keep your home safe.

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