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Loewen Windows & Doors

Specializing in windows and doors made from coastal Douglas fir and mahogany, Loewen Windows offers a product that is visually competitive with high end manufacturers but somewhat more affordable. They also offer wood windows with metal cladding, in aluminum, copper, and bronze, and have a special knack for products that hold up to low temperatures and are storm & impact resistant. Loewen includes sustainably harvested wood certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council, thus cementing its reputation as a green business. Let Modernize help you find the best price from Loewen window installers in your area.

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Types of Windows Manufactured by Loewen Windows & Doors

Loewen manufactures a wide range of window and door styles, as well as select hardware, finishings, and claddings. They also produce several specialty lines, designed with storm resistance, environmental footprint, or visual impact in mind. Each of their standard windows can also be customized to suit your home’s specific measurements and needs. Here’s a quick guide to help you learn about the specifics of each of their products.

Loewen Casement Windows

Undeniably one of their most popular options, Loewen’s casement windows come in stately Douglas fir frames in a handful of different styles. Choose from basic, mission-style, French push-out, quarter round, or Camber top options. Windows come standard with Low-E glass and ½-inch glazing, and are equipped with a flexible continuous weatherstripping to ensure an airtight seal. Locks and cranks fold back for concealment, and to keep them from interfering with window treatments.

Loewen Awning Windows

Made from quality fir and covered with extruded aluminum cladding, Loewen’s awning windows make a great choice to provide ventilation below a large wall of picture windows. Each window opens outward to improve air circulation and features an optional concealed sash lock that forms a tight, efficient seal around the window. Windows can be purchased with low-E insulated glazing and are available in traditional as well as pull-out styles.

Loewen Single Hung Windows & Double Hung Windows

Traditional and dependable, Loewen’s single hung windows and double-hung windows come in colored aluminum cladding, as well as primed wood or clear fir. The casing is designed to match a variety of different historical profiles, including Adams, Williamsburg, Flat, and Brickmould. All of them feature square frame edges, hidden jamb liners, and sill noses to give your windows a classic look and a smoother operation.

Loewen Picture Windows

Wide panels of picture windows from Loewen are the perfect way to appreciate the view from your home—while adding and distinguished and modern architectural features, too.  Picture window sets can be ganged with awning windows to ventilate homes, and come in a huge range of sizes. Homeowners purchasing picture windows can choose between wood windows with colored aluminum cladding, primed or clear wood, and thermal and reinforced options, like Loewen’s Heat-Smart® Double, Heat-Smart® Triple, Tranquility® and StormForce™ glazings.

loewen windows picture window

Loewen Bow, Bay and Corner Windows

If you’re looking to add architectural space to a home, three-sided bay windows, four-sided bow-windows, and double-sided corner windows are the way to go. Loewen’s offers a variety of cladding options for these windows, which are compatible with a wide range of window styles, including double-hung, picture, casement windows, and more.

Loewen Access Windows

Access windows from Loewen are available with a swing-out or push-out option, and both are perfect examples of the company’s modernist sensibility. Many are large enough that they meet local egress requirements, as well. Access windows come as a double or single sash, which rotates a full 180 degrees outside the window for better ventilation, easier cleaning, and improved outdoor access.

Specialty Windows from Loewen

Speciality windows from Loewen can be fit to match a variety of architectural designs and styles. Their round, chord, gothic, rakehead, and peakhead windows can be combined with complementary transoms to make a real design statement. They also offer ellipse, oval, and full round windows, which can be set by themselves to add visual interest to a home’s exterior. Almost all of the specialty window shapes come with the option of adding a fitted grille to the window—however, customers are welcome to choose clear glazing as well. Both wood and metal clad casings are available, with a variety of different glazing options to help manage weather conditions. Specialty window sizes do vary depending on the type and design, so discuss with a dealer first if you want to purchase a specialty window from Loewen.

Cyprium Collection

For a very distinguished, unique exterior look, Loewen offers casings clad in bronze and copper through its Cyprium Collection. Windows from these collections feature historically authentic details, such as recessed mullion and hand-fitted sill caps. Finishes come not only in natural colors, but also in aged patinas, like verdigris and umbra, that give the frames a very classic feel. The Cyprium collection is available in a wide variety of window shapes and sizes, and with hand-soldered joints, forms a waterproof seal that keeps out colder weather.

Stormforce Series

For homeowners frequently exposed to extreme weather events, like hurricanes, Loewen’s Stormforce series offers protection that meets the most stringent coastal building codes. These double-hung windows feature water-resistant coatings on the wood frames, reinforced aluminum meeting rails at the point where the sashes join, and laminated, impact resistant glazing. The glass features a layer of vinyl and polyester film, capable of withstanding a wind zone 4 high pressure impact. By conforming with the Miami-Dade County building code, these windows definitely make a fine choice for any home located in a high wind zone.

Energy Efficient Windows and Performance

Loewen Energy Efficient Windows have a reputation not only for energy efficient and weather-resistant standards, but also for sustainably harvested wood, and innovative products in the field of passive energy conservation. The majority of Loewen’s standard windows are registered as wind-resistant with Florida State’s registry, and their double-hung models can be used to meet passive house requirements, a rigorous standard for energy efficient homes. Most of their products can also be combined with Loewen’s Heat-Smart® Double or Triple glazings, which have not only Low-E glass, but also argon insulation between the layers and inserted thermal spacer bars.

Loewen Windows Warranty Information

Loewen Windows’ warranty information can be obtained from the dealer at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, this manufacturer does not offer details of their warranty and guarantees online. However, generally, most manufacturers guarantee the integrity of their frames, glazing, and pigments, as long as there are installed according to their listed guidelines. Check with your installer for more information.

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