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10 Best Window Brands of 2022

What is the best window brand for your home?
Here are our picks for the best window brands today

A home window installation is usually a big project for homeowners, no matter whether it is replacement or new construction windows. The window industry has evolved in recent years and brands are revamping and upgrading their products to provide unique solutions to your home needs.

Finding the best replacement window brands for your home will depend on what you value the most when installing new windows. The Modernize experts evaluated new aesthetic designs, affordability, weather conditions, energy efficiency, and more important window qualities to help you decide which brand would be best for your specific needs and preferences. Find the best window brand for your next project by exploring your options below.

Top Window Brands

Our home improvement experts at Modernize performed extensive research to identify top 10 window brands based on multiple parameters - material and quality, costs, custom styles and sizes, durability, energy efficiency and warranties on windows, along with how up-to-date the brands are with current personal and environmental needs of homeowners.
Here is a full list of the 10 best window brands on the market today:
  • Energy efficient
  • Smart home security
  • Upto 20 years warranty
Best Window Collection Andersen 400 series
Best Selling Window Awning Vinyl Windows

Andersen Windows

Andersen Windows are one of the leading window brands in the industry, known for being made from top-quality materials. Andersen has tiers of window quality starting at the most affordable 100 series, a mid tier price point at 200 series, high priced but beautiful Architectural Series and a premium E-series with Verilock sensor technology. Andersen offers 35 different windows types with multiple operational styles, color options, wood frame types, shapes, and custom made windows that come with advanced security features.

The cost of a Double Hung Vinyl Andersen 400 Series window would be around $280 per window, which averages around $350 total to install.

Andersen Windows offer a comprehensive Owner-to-Owner® limited warranty that applies for 20 years to glass and 10 years to non-glass items and is transferable to new owners when a home is sold. Their replacement windows last longer than windows offered by cheaper brands; therefore, they are able to offer more comprehensive warranties.

  • Energy efficient
  • Strongest fiberglass windows
  • Upto 20 years warranty
Best Window Collection Pella Reserve Series
Best Selling Window Casement Lite Wood Windows

Pella Windows

Pella Windows are aesthetically pleasing and a well built option when having new windows installed. They are most well known for their highly detailed, customised and durable wood line which is included in their Architect, Reserve series, and Lifestyle series. Pella also offers durable vinyl windows in the Encompass and 250 series, and a line of fiberglass windows, some of their most durable products available in the Impervia series. Pella windows are available in energy efficient double or triple pane glass. Their HurricaneImpact® glass is exceptionally resistant to weather, noise, and intruders.

The cost to install Pella windows will depend on the series you choose. A double hung vinyl pella window of the 250 series would cost around $450 to $500 with average installation cost $250.

Pella’s wood windows have 20-year coverage on glass and 10-year coverage on non-glass products which is transferable. However, labor costs are only covered for up to two years after the purchase of a window directly from Pella or a certified Pella dealer.

  • Energy efficient
  • Low E and clean profile glass
  • Limited lifetime, variable warranty
Best Window Collection Jeld Wen Premium Vinyl (V-4500)
Best Selling Window Casement Vinyl windows

Jeld Wen Windows

The company Jeld Wen is based in North Carolina. Their replacement windows are offered in wood, vinyl, and aluminum window types. They offer all different types of windows from the standard double-hung window to beautiful bay windows and bow windows available in Builders, Premium and the company’s signature EpicVue window series.

Jeld-Wen windows can be found at local retailers such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. A new V-2500 series Jeld-wen vinyl double hung window would cost around $400 per window. You can expect to pay around $300 including labor and materials in total installation costs.

The company’s limited lifetime warranty varies from product to product. Jeld Wen has specific ratings and standards set for their windows and doors, and offers repairs and refunds after examining defects in specific time periods from purchase.

  • Strongest fiberglass
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Limited warranty
Best Window Collection Infinity from Marvin
Best Selling Window Awning Fiberglass Windows

Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows, originated from Minnesota, has 8 factory locations in the US. They offer a good range of windows from the most common double hung and casement windows to skylight window installations with high customization options for each. Marvin windows are available in wood, fiberglass and extruded aluminium materials. Their exclusive Coastal Collection windows can operate in extreme storm and hurricane season in the Southeast coastal regions. Their windows and doors are sold through independent local retail partners only.

A double hung window installation from Marvin Ultimate series would cost $350 to $900 based on the size and material of the window which is the national average for the brand.

Marvin provides a limited warranty of 10 years for damages due to manufacturing defects and a 20 year warranty for window glass. These can also differ for the different collections by the brand.

  • Premium vinyl frames
  • Energy efficient
  • Lifetime warranty
Best Window Collection Milgard Trinsic Series
Best Selling Window Sliding Vinyl Window

Milgard Windows

Milgard Windows is a manufacturer known for its variety of affordable replacement vinyl windows. They manufacture windows and doors from start to finish in a Milgard factory to maintain product quality. Their aluminum windows have a modern look with thin frames and minimalist styling. Their wood-clad fiberglass window line is built to withstand heavy weathering while maintaining a traditional wooden window appearance. From lowest to highest in price, Milgard windows offers five main tiers of quality: Trinsic, Tuscany and Style Line vinyl windows, Ultra fiberglass windows, and the Thermally Improved Aluminium windows.

Milgard window costs for a standard vinyl single hung window would price out at around $225 to $250 per window or around $400 in total installation costs.

Milgard offers a full lifetime warranty which lasts for as long as you own your home.If at any point during the time that you own your home damage occurs as the result of a mistake made during installation or defective materials, Milgard will cover the full cost of replacing or repairing the window—labor included.

  • Storm resistant windows
  • Energy efficient
  • Double lifetime warranty
Best Window Collection Impression Series
Best Selling Window Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Simonton Windows

Simonton Windows is another leading window manufacturer if you are looking for a vinyl window specifically. They offer 11 different collections in window quality and price tiers with most popular being the Impression series, Reflection, StormBreaker and Prism series. Their windows are Energy Star compliant along with full impact-resistant StormBreaker windows especially designed for coastal and hurricane applications. The company offers a selection of glass types like the ProSolar® Low E glass with treatments against UV and infrared light to help regulate your home and keep out unwanted heat or damaging rays.

A standard Simonton window price for double hung vinyl framed windows from the Madeira Series would cost around $195 per window and $300 to install.

Simonton offers a double lifetime limited warranty for residential and a 10 year limited warranty for commercial/multi-residential buildings applicable only with genuine Simonton window parts.

  • Triple glazing glass
  • Energy efficient
  • 20 years warranty
Best Window Collection Tribute Series
Best Selling Window Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Harvey Windows

Harvey replacement windows are offered in vinyl and wood options. They are a wholesale distributor and do not sell to retail consumers. The company offers five unique collections along with custom window and designer options available in radius, octagon and other custom shapes. They supply quality casement and double hung windows in wood, and a wide variety of vinyl types. Their Classic Vinyl collection comes with five BetterGrain® interior finishes which mimic the look of natural wood windows.

The average Harvey window installation costs for a Classic Double Hung Vinyl window would be $465 including the labor and per window cost of $350.

Harvey Windows warranty is up to 20 years on hardware, screening, and mechanical, and vinyl parts are covered as long as the original purchaser owns and lives in the home. The warranty can only be transferred one time if you sell the house.

  • Fusion-welded frames
  • Energy efficient
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Best Window Collection Sheffield® Fusion-Welded Window
Best Selling Window Sliding Vinyl Windows

Alside Windows

Alside Vinyl windows are offered in replacement window and new construction window styles, built and sold separately for the eastern and western regions of the US. The Fusion product line offers increased insulation, Sheffield windows are known for their durability, and the energy-efficient Mezzo series meets the strict requirements of ENERGY STAR, with thermal-efficient features like low-E glass, dual-pane insulated glass, argon gas, and enhanced spacers. The new construction series include the 1700, 1900 and the Fairfield series built for strength and durability with custom design options.

Alside Vinyl Window costs are affordable and of high quality. The range of model options and window types cater to most needs. An Alside double hung window from the Mezzo line would cost around $600 in total installation cost.

The Alside warranty covers manufacturing defects and damages for up to 10 years at no cost to the owner and is transferable to new owners upon purchase. After this time period the warranty varies from product to product with certain exclusions on different window elements.

  • Foam-filled vinyl frames
  • Energy efficient
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Best Window Collection Pro Series 200 Windows
Best Selling Window Casement Vinyl Windows

Ply Gem Windows

Ply Gem Windows are a reliable vinyl window brand, known for foam-filled vinyl windows. The upper level windows come packed with foam for enhanced insulation and can be fitted with double or triple pane glass filled with argon gas for boosted insulation. Ply Gem offers 18 window collections in replacement and new construction windows that are highly customizable, with glass and upgrade options designed specifically for certain regions of the country which might not be available in all regions.

Ply Gem replacement windows are in the mid tier price range costing around $600 for a double hung vinyl window installation from their Pro Series 200.

Play Gem offers a limited lifetime warranty which differs for each collection, window style and the glass type used.

  • StormForce windows
  • Energy efficient
  • Variable warranty
Best Window Collection Stormforce Series
Best Selling Window Double Hung Wood Clad Windows

Loewen Windows

Loewen replacement windows, a long-established top-tier Canadian manufacturer, offers gorgeous wood windows in the US with optional metallic claddings in aluminum, bronze, and copper. Loewen is known for its ability to withstand inclement weather like heavy winds, storms, and cold, offering argon-insulated panes and storm-resistant glazings, as well as energy-efficient low-E glass and thermal spacer bars. Loewen wood windows are in the top tier price range as they are widely regarded as a luxury window.

You could expect to pay around $985 in installation costs for a Loewen Wood clad Double Hung Window.

Loewen products are made to last a lifetime when provided basic care and maintenance. The brand does not enclose its warranty information which varies from product to product.

Window Replacement Cost Calculator

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Finding Local Window Installers

Even the best replacement window brands will not be a great return on investment if they are not installed properly by a reliable window replacement contractor. Take a look around for quality window installers and only work with someone who has excellent reviews and offers the best window brands as options. It’s a good idea to spend a bit more money on a window installer to make sure the windows you buy get put in right.

Taking the time to learn which window brands are good for the type of window you want is a good first step. Speaking with a professional about your specific needs and working with a local window supplier to get your windows is next. After all the hard work is done, you can have high-quality windows installed in your home and increase your home’s value.

Window Brand Warranties

A good quality window is nice to have, but even the best window brands can fail. That’s why warranties matter. A quality warranty will pay for a defective window and the labor to remove it and put in a new one. Poor warranties often skimp on one of those steps and you’re left picking up the tab. Pay attention to the warranty and ask questions about it before making the final purchase.

Window Brand Reviews

One of the best ways to become familiar with windows is by reading customer reviews. By looking through reviews, you’ll see the benefits of different brands and product lines. It’s a quick way to find out about the options that will meet your needs most effectively. Sure you’ll have to research more than just reviews, but reviews will give you the information that isn’t on the manufacturer websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the average window replacement cost?

On average a window replacement costs anywhere from $200 to $750 per window. The most common windows installed are double hung or casement windows which are very affordable.

A large wooden bay window would be more expensive and may cost up to $2,550 or more to install. The brand of window you choose can also add to this price. Some top window brands offer extensive warranties and are known for high quality products. Here are a few replacement costs of different window types:

  • Double Hung Window Cost: $450 to $600 per window
  • Casement Window Cost: $250 to $750 per window
  • Picture Window Cost: $245 to $850 per window
  • Skylight Window Cost: $900 to $2,130 per window
What factors affect the cost of the top window brands?

There are a few factors that affect the total installation cost of new windows.

  1. High End Brands vs Low End Brands
  2. Window Frame Materials – Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, etc.
  3. Size of New Windows
  4. Type of Windows
  5. Glass Type
  6. Energy Efficient Options
  7. Complexity to Install or Replace
  8. Local Labor Costs – usually charged per hour

These factors also account for how we ranked the brands in our top 10 window brands list. Here are some other brands that you can also consider:

  1. Champion Windows
  2. Weather Shield Windows
  3. Transform Home Improvement
  4. PGT Windows
  5. The Home Depot
How do I find a local reliable window installer that carries my favorite brand?

Even the best window brands won’t be a great return on investment if they aren’t installed properly by a reliable window replacement contractor.

Take a look around for quality window installers and only work with someone who has excellent reviews and offers the best window brands as options. It’s a good idea to spend a bit more money on a window installer to make sure the windows you buy get put in correct the first time. We can connect you to window installers that carry all of the top brands and can even advise you on which of your favorite brands may be offering specials or discounts in your area.

Can I change my current window brand for a new replacement window?

While switching to a different window brand is not uncommon, you need to consider the challenges it comes with. As the window styles and sizes differ from brand to brand, you might need to spend extra in installation and labour costs to make sure the window fits your space and home aesthetics.

You can always claim your window warranty in case of manufacturing defects, glass breakage, and more. Some brands offer complete replacement and installation costs for damaged windows based on what is covered in their warranties.

I am ready for my windows project. Where can I purchase windows?

You can purchase windows from retail stores like Home Depot or local suppliers of the window brand you are interested in. However, we recommend that you discuss your window project with an experienced contractor before directly purchasing a window. A skilled contractor will assess your home window requirements in terms of size, style, ease of operation, budget and ensure that you have the right window that can be installed in an efficient manner. Use Modernize to find the right contractor for your project.

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