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Jeld Wen Windows Buying Guide

On this page:
  • Prices for new Jeld-Wen Windows
  • Popular Jeld-Wen Windows series
  • Warranty information

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Jeld Wen Replacement Windows

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, JELD-WEN is a company specializing in manufacturing windows, doors and more for new builds as well as renovations and repairs. The company offers a range of windows, each created to meet your specific window project’s operational needs. A number of window styles, shapes and materials are available in Builders, Premium and the company’s signature EpicVue window series. 

We discuss more on Jeld Wen window materials, costs, types and warranty options.

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JELD-WEN Wood Windows

JELD-Wen offers several lines of energy-efficient and traditional-looking wooden windows for your home. Whether it’s a classic hinged awning window or a custom bay window project. JELD-WEN’s wooden window options are guaranteed to last decades — but will require proper maintenance to avoid premature aging. 

Popular Wood Window Options:

  • Awning
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Casement
  • Double-Hung
  • Fixed
  • Sliding

Wood Window Warranty: 

  • Residential: 20 years
  • Commercial: 20 years 

wood window - jeld wen window review

JELD-WEN Vinyl Windows

Economical and low maintenance by design, JELD-Wen vinyl window options come in a wide range of exterior colors, glass and grille options. The energy-efficient materials are typically lower in price-point than other materials and require minimal maintenance, making them a popular choice among homeowners. 

Popular Vinyl Window Options: 

  • Awning
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Casement
  • Double-Hung
  • Fixed
  • Single-Hung
  • Sliding

Vinyl Window Warranty: 

  • Residential: Lifetime
  • Commercial: 10 years 

JELD-WEN Aluminum Windows

Specifically engineered with the state of Florida in mind, JELD-WEN’s aluminum window frames are manufactured to hold up to the state’s challenging climate, while paired with an affordable price-point. The window frames are more limited when it comes to styles and models, but serve as a durable option with minimal maintenance required. 

Popular Aluminum Window Options:

  • Single-Hung
  • Sliding

Aluminum Window Warranty: 

  • Residential: 10 years
  • Commercial: 2 years

JELD-WEN Window Pricing 

JELD-WEN’s average window prices range from low to mid-tier levels, relative to national averages for window installations. If you were to install a mid-tier JELD-WEN double-hung wood window from its V-2500 series in Austin, TX, you could expect to pay around $200 to 400 per window with additional $150 to $300 in total installation costs. 

Be aware that window prices may vary based on your location and the window sizes you are looking to install, along with the local labor cost involved. Expect a 10% increase or decrease to the cost to account for these variations, and use our window cost calculator to estimate the most  accurate prices in your region.

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JELD-WEN Casement Windows

Providing maximum ventilation in addition to natural lighting, JELD-WEN’s casement window offerings are hinged at the side and open outward. They are available in a number of wood and vinyl options ensuring the right material, color and hardware combination for any home. 

Casement window protrudes from the roof of a home.

Jeld Wen Casement Window Prices 2021
Jeld Wen Casement Window PricesMaterialsDimensionsPrice
W-2500Aluminium Clad24-in x 36-in x 4.5625-in$290-$342
V-4500 Double PaneVinylRough Opening: 24-in x 48-in Actual: 23.5-in x 47.5-in$300-$360

JELD-WEN Bay Windows

Always a crowd-pleaser, bay windows are a classic option featuring a large, fixed center glass panel shouldered by smaller windows that are either fixed or operational on either side. JELD-WEN’s bay window options come in both vinyl and wood materials and in a number of finishes, grilles, glass and colors. 

bay windows on city street

JELD-WEN Bow Windows

A row of four or five panes, bow windows give the illusion of a curved wall, which helps to open a space while gifting an abundance of natural light. Bow windows from JELD-WEN come in a number of wood and vinyl options. 

Jeld Wen Bay and Bow Window Prices 2021
Jeld Wen Bay and Bow Window PricesMaterialDimensionPrice
V-2500Vinyl81-in x 50-in Bay Window$1195-$1410
V-2500Vinyl71.5-in x 41.5-in Bow Window$712-$840

JELD-WEN Single Hung Windows 

A JELD-WEN single hung window installation option is a classic choice, allowing for the bottom window sash to open upward and to also tilt in and outward for cleaning and maintenance. These windows are ideal for airflow and are offered by JELD-WEN in vinyl and aluminum options. 

single hung windows

Jeld Wen Single Hung Window Prices 2021
Jeld Wen Single Hung Window PricesFrame MaterialDimensionPrice
V-2500Glass Vinyl33.5-in x 76.5-in x 3.062-in$380-$400
V-2500Vinyl29.5-in x 47.5-in x 2.906-in$205-$230
FiniShield V-4500Vinyl35.5-in x 71.5-in x 3-in$810-$850
V-4500Vinyl23.5-in x 35.5-in x 3.25-in$215-$240
V-2500 Double PaneVinyl29.5 x 40.5-in$165-$200
BuildersVinyl35.75-in x 49.375-in x 2.875-in$175-$190

JELD-WEN Double Hung Windows

JELD-WEN double-hung windows allow both a window’s upper and lower sashes to move up and down. The movable sashes both tilt inward allowing for easy cleaning of the exterior panes. On twin and triple units, homeowners can choose integral mulls for enhanced performance and a polished finish for their double-hung window. JELD-WEN’s several vinyl and wood options provide clean architectural lines and a variety of color and finish options. 

double hung windows small

Jeld Wen Double Hung Window Prices 2021
Jeld Wen Double Hung Window PricesFrame MaterialDimensionPrice
V-2500Vinyl35.5-in x 71.5-in x 2.905-in$400-$450
Tradition PlusVinyl37.375-in x 56.5-in x 4.5625-in$450-$480
FiniShield V-4500
Vinyl47.5-in x 35.5-in x 3-in$820-$850
W-2500Aluminium Clad29.375-in x 48-in x 4.5625-in$320-$380
Traditional Plus
Wood37.375-in x 40.5-in x 4.5625-in$325-$384
V-2500 Double PaneVinyl35.5 x 47.5-in$250-$305

Other Window Types

Apart from the above mentioned popular window types from Jeld Wen, the brand also offers other window options – sliding, awning, half or full circle windows, as well as other custom shapes. Sliding windows can be easier to open compared to double-hung windows, and circular windows can add a unique design to your home. Ask  your local window contractor what  the best window option for your home and space will be, before purchasing windows.

Additional Jeld Wen window options are listed below:

Jeld Wen Window Type Prices
Window TypeWindow SeriesFrame MaterialDimensionPrice
SlidingV-2500Vinyl47.5-in x 47.5-in x 2.9065-in $230-$275

Vinyl35.5-in x 11.5-in x 3.25-in $154-$170
SlidingW-5500Aluminium Clad47.3125-in x 35.5625-in x 4.5625-in$630-$740
AwningV-4500VinylRough Opening: 48-in x 24-in; Actual: 47.5-in x 23.5-in$280-$330

What is the difference between the JELD-WEN window series? 

JELD-WEN offers several lines of windows, each manufactured to meet the exact needs of both homeowners and contractors in their unique home projects. The Builders and Premium collections are each available in traditional sizes and most window styles. JELD-WEN also offers several specialty lines including its Siteline, EpicVue and BrickMould options focusing on a home’s specific requirements. Some windows and materials are only available in certain regions, so it’s best to call ahead or consult their website to ensure availability. Continue reading to learn more about the JELD-WEN window collections. 

JELD-WEN Builders Collection Windows 

Suited for either new construction or replacements, ​​the JELD-WEN Builders Collection is engineered to be both energy-efficient and economical without sacrificing looks. Its products are durable, high-quality and require minimal maintenance. Builders Collection options are primarily available in vinyl and aluminum.

JELD-WEN Premium Collection Windows 

Billed as modern style paired with affordable luxury, JELD-WEN Premium Collection windows provide high performance but with minimal maintenance. The Premium Collection features wider frames and sash profiles along with insulating glass that helps keep energy costs down without sacrificing style. Premium Collection windows are available in a vinyl material that is formulated to look like wood, as well as in aluminum. 

Additional JELD-WEN Window Collections 

While the JELD-WEN Builders and Premium Collections are among the most popular, the company offers several additional collections based on your specific needs. Collections include: 

  • Custom Wood
  • Brickmould vinyl 
  • V-2500 Vinyl
  • V-4500 Vinyl
  • W-2500 Clad-Wood
  • W-5500 Clad-Wood
  • Siteline Clad-Wood
  • EpicVue Clad-Wood
  • DF Hybrid Vinyl
  • Flat Casing Vinyl

JELD-WEN Warranty 

JELD-WEN offers a limited lifetime warranty on their replacement window and new construction products. Specific information regarding ratings and standards set for their windows is available through the manufacturer or its dealers and distributors. 

JELD-WEN believes in the quality and value of its replacement window products and backs each unit with a hassle-free limited lifetime warranty. However, the specifics for warranty claims and processes for window types and materials varies from product to product in the JELD-WEN’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, and some exclusions may apply to your specific circumstances. Because of this, Modernize always advises homeowners and contractors to carefully examine the warranty documents of each product before making a purchase.