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Harvey Windows Buying Guide

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Harvey Replacement Windows

harvey brand windows

Harvey windows is a wholesale distributor, which means they do not sell to individual retail consumers. Instead, Harvey window company works with contractors and builders to provide them with a full line of building products.Let Modernize help you find the best price from Harvey window installers in your area.

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Harvey Window Prices

  • The average cost for a Harvey replacement window is between $225 to $425 per window. If you were to install a $350 Harvey double hung window from their Classic Series you could expect to pay around $465 in total window installation costs.

If you were looking at multiple window types for your home, the cost to install new windows would vary and it may be smart to use a windows cost calculator tool to get an estimate before speaking with a local window installer.

Harvey Double Hung Window Costs
Harvey Double Hung WindowsPrice Per WindowInstallation Costs
Harvey Slimline Vinyl Window$285$388
Harvey Classic Vinyl Windows$350$465
Harvey Tribute Energy Star Windows$450$632

Harvey Double Hung Windows

Harvey double-hung windows have two operational sashes, with the bottom sash sliding upward and the top sash sliding downward to open, which creates exceptional ventilation for a room. One special feature of a Harvey double hung window is that both sashes can be tilted inward to allow for easy cleaning of outdoor glass.

double hung windows

  • Available collections: Harvey’s double hung windows are available in the Classic Vinyl, Majesty Wood, Tribute, Acoustic, Slimline, Vigilance, and Storm collections.



Harvey Single Hung Windows

  • Classic design: Similarly to a double hung window, A Harvey single-hung window has two sashessingle hung windows hung vertically. In this design, however, only the bottom sash operates by sliding from the bottom upwards. Harvey’s single hung windows are available in the Classic Vinyl collection. Since Harvey offers so many types of windows they are a great option when researching the best replacement window brands.



Harvey Storm Windows

Harvey exterior storm window installations are a great window installation option when energy efficiency and insulation are a factor. A new Harvey Tru-channel storm window can be installed on the exterior of your existing home windows.  Harvey storm windows provide protection to your existing home windows against inclement weather that could damage your house windows such as hail or strong winds.

  • Harvey storm windows cost around $125 per window and would price out at around $215 for installation. 

storm window installation

Harvey Casement Windows 

Harvey casement windows open easily with a latch. wallside-casement-windowsThese windows have hinges on one side and open outward on the opposite side, allowing for maximum ventilation.

Harvey Casement Window Cost

  • The average cost for a casement windowfrom Harvey would be around $165 per window. Hiring a contractor for a casement window installation will cost somewhere in between $325 to $385 per window installation.
  • Available collections: Casement windows by Harvey are available in the Classic Vinyl, Majesty Wood, and Vigilance collections.

Harvey Awning Windows

Much like a casement window, Harvey replacement awning windows have a single sash. These windows have a hinge along the top and open outwards to allow air wallside-awning-casement-windowsinto the room. Because these windows have a single sash, they allow plenty of natural light into a room.

  • Available collections: Harvey’s awning windows are available in the vinyl, Majesty Wood, and Vigilance collections.

Harvey Hopper Windows

A new hopper window by Harvey will have a single sash window with aHopper window graphic hinge along the bottom. These windows open from the top, outwards, allowing air to flow into the room for ventilation.

Harvey Hopper Window Prices

  • Harvey hopper windows vary in cost depending on which style you choose to install. The average installation cost for a Harvey basement window would be anywhere from $280 to $360 per window.
  • Available collections: Harvey hopper windows are available in the Classic Vinyl collection and are only available in almond or white.

Harvey Sliding Windows

Harvey offers new home sliding window installations which offer two window sashes that are placed side-by-side to create Wallside-windows-double-siding-windowssliding windows. Typically, each window sash can slide vertically to open the window. Since the rolling windows manufactured by Harvey are set on brass rollers, they are easy to open.

  • Available collections: Harvey’s rolling slider windows are available in the Classic Vinyl, Acoustic, and Storm Collection series.

Harvey Picture Windows

Harvey offers large replacement picture windows in a stationary style which has a single pane of large glass.Wallside-picture-window Installing a picture windows provides an unobstructed view and brings plenty of natural light into any room.

  • Available collections: The picture windows by Harvey are available in the Classic Vinyl, Majesty Wood, Acoustic, Vigilance, and Storm collections

Harvey Bay Windows & Bow Windows

A traditional Harvey bay window has three joined windows of varying sizes placed at either 30 or 45 degrees angles, extruding into the outdoor environment. When installing a new bay window the center window will usually be an inoperable picture window and the two on either side are typically casement windows that can open outward. A Harvey bow window, however, has three or more operational, joined windows of equal size which curve gently outward into the environment.

Harvey Bay Window Prices

  • Harvey bay window prices will change depending on the collection and size of bay window you are wanting. The average cost to install a Harvey bay or bow window will be anywhere from $875 to $1,289. 
  • Available collections: The bay and bow windows by Harvey are available in the Classic Vinyl and Majesty Wood collections.

harvey windows

Garden Windows from Harvey

Harvey offers vinyl garden window installations that extend out into the environment White garden windowcompletely, surrounded by glass. Many garden windows have an interior shelf, allowing for plants and flowers to receive plenty of natural light.

  • Available collections: A Harvey garden window is available in their Classic Vinyl collection.

Harvey Custom Windows

Harvey’s Building Products has created a line of custom windows which allow you to bring your own personal style to the windows in your home. The designer shapes windows are available in octagons, triangles, and round top window styles, and full circles and Harvey’s offers countless ways for homeowners to customize their windows. The designer shapes windows by Harvey are available in the Classic Vinyl and Majesty Wood collections.

What’s the Difference Between Harvey Window Series? 

The designers and engineers at Harvey Building Products understand how important options and customization are when you are building a home or replacing a pre-existing window. Because of this, they have created seven unique collections each featuring characteristics meant to meet the specific needs of contractors and homeowners. Continue reading to learn more about the collections Harvey’s Building Products has to offer. Harvey offers some of the best replacement windows on the market.

Harvey Slimline Vinyl Windows

Harvey Slimline replacement vinyl windows cost around $225 per window and are the most affordable option from the Harvey window collections. Total price for installation would average out at around $350 per window. 

  • Designed with the functionality of the Classic Vinyl Collection, but with a slimmer and sleeker frame.
  • The unique design of each window in this collection allows for more glass, which provides an open view of the outdoors and pulls more natural light into a room.
  • The windows in this collection meet all ENERGY STAR® requirements and are available with additional efficiency enhancing upgrades. This window is available in white for both the interior and the exterior frames.

Harvey Classic Vinyl Windows

  • Classically designed
  • Energy efficient—each window in this series meets ENERGY STAR® requirements.
  • Option to upgrade to a high-performance glazing, which increases weather resistance and energy efficiency.
  • Windows in the Classic Vinyl collection can be customized with the choice from five BetterGrain® interior finishes which mimic the look of new natural wood windows. Additionally, there are 28 exterior color and finish options to choose from.

Harvey Tribute Vinyl Windows

This collection is an upgraded variation on the classic vinyl collection with added ENERGY STAR® glazing and Harvey’s signature High Performance, triple glazing package. The average cost of a Harvey Tribute vinyl window can range from $425 to $500 per window, including materials and labor installation costs can add up to $632 or more.

Harvey Majesty Wood Collection

  • Created for homeowners and contractors who prefer the look of natural wood.
  • Windows in the Majesty Wood Collection have a wood interior and an aluminum clad exterior.
  • Designed to meet new Energy Star window requirements in any state, these windows have double low-E argon glazing.
  • Homeowners can choose from a natural pine or white interior and from five available exterior color options.

Harvey Acoustic Collection

  • Constructed with the functional design and the energy efficiency of the Classic Vinyl Collection, the Acoustic Collection also has added noise resistant features.
  • The signature premium secondary glazing enables this window to reduce noise and makes it an exceptionally energy efficient window.
  • Available in bronze, almond, or white for both the interior and exterior frames.

Harvey Vigilance Collection

  • Impact-resistant and built to meet the requirements of strict coastal building codes, these windows can withstand wind, rain, and wind-borne debris.
  • Suitable for both new construction and as replacement windows
  • Available in 28 interior and exterior frame finishes

Harvey Storm Window Collection

  • Constructed for use as reinforcement for existing windows
  • Mounted on the exterior of the existing windows, which provides extra durability, energy efficiency, and weather resistance.
  • The heavy extruded master frame of this window can be customized with a choice from four different interior and exterior options.

Harvey Window Warranty Info

Harvey’s vinyl windows are available with a transferrable, limited lifetime warranty. The hardware, screening, mechanical, and vinyl parts are covered as long as the original purchaser owns and lives in the home. If damage occurs as the result of defect or error during installation, Harvey will provide a replacement or repair at no cost to the owner. The glass of these windows is covered for twenty years, and Harvey will provide a replacement or repair if damage occurs due to defect or workmanship. This warranty is transferrable. If the home is sold, the warranty can be transferred one time and will remain in effect until 20 years after the purchase date.

Harvey’s Acoustic and Aluminum Collection windows: Covered under a ten-year limited warranty. If damage occurs to any component of these replacement aluminum windows as the result of manufacturing defect or an error made during installation, Harvey will replace or repair the window at no cost to the owner.

Harvey’s Majesty Wood Collection: covered by a 20-year limited warranty. The glass of these windows is covered 100 percent, which reduces to 50% at year ten, and at 25% at year fifteen.  All other components of the window are covered for ten years after purchase. If damage occurs outside of normal wear and tear and is the result of manufacturing defect or error during installation, Harvey will replace or repair the window at no cost to the owner.

Since all window warranties are different from product to product, we advise you to speak with local window contractors in your area and homeowners to carefully examine the warranty of a product before purchase.

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