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Hopper Windows Buying Guide

Average cost range:

$170 - $645

A basement hopper window will cost $170 to $645 on average to have installed. They are considered a low priced window option compared to other types of home replacement windows. The total cost of the project will be the sum of the hopper window materials cost plus the cost of installation and labor.

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What is a Hopper Window?

A hopper window is a small window that opens downward and inward. It is commonly installed as a bathroom or basement window. The upward tilt of the window glass pane blocks open dirt and debris from getting into your home. It usually can be opened with a crank or hinge.

Hopper windows, originally known as transom hopper windows, have been in use since the 19th century and were very popular in Victorian homes. They are regularly used in homes today to make the most of compact spaces, and are known for offering excellent energy efficiency for windows.


How Much Do Hopper Windows Cost?

The average cost to install a hopper window in your home is $170 to $645 per window, depending on the size and window frame material. This price includes both the cost of the window itself and the cost to have a professional install it. Professional labor typically costs just $12 to $25 per window for simple basement windows.

Basement Hopper Windows

Average Cost Range $170 - $645

Cost Breakdown

  • Materials 95.6%
  • Labor 4.4%

Keep in mind that new window material and installation costs can vary by region. Speak with a local contractor near you to a closer estimate of new hopper windows for your particular home.

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Where Do Hopper Windows Work Best?

Basements and Bathrooms

Like egress windows, hopper windows are a favorite style used in basements and bathrooms for ventilation purposes. They are also great to use in areas with minimal wall space, because they allow you to make use of the full frame for opening and closing. Many homeowners install hopper windows in basements with low ceilings or in a shower area to help with ventilation and moisture.


Laundry Rooms

For many of the same reasons hopper windows work well in basements and bathrooms, they also work well for laundry rooms. This is because laundry rooms are typically smaller areas with limited space, and can quickly become hot and moist while doing laundry. Installing a hopper window here is a great idea to ventilate the space while bringing in some natural light.

Paths and Driveways

Hopper windows can be used along your driveway or a path to or from your home. However, it can be difficult to cover up hopper windows with blinds or window treatments due to the way they open and close. This can cause limited privacy for the space, since it offers visibility into the room from the outside.

Benefits of Hopper Windows

Excellent Insulator

Hopper windows, like casement windows and awning windows, press against the frame when closed and generally create a more effective seal overall. This means that these windows are not as difficult to seal up for the winter. You can count on them to keep the cold out of your home, especially when coupled with a high quality glass.

Highly Secure

Though hopper windows are not difficult to open, they simply are not very big in most instances. This means that they are not a security risk, like some types of taller windows. For sections of your home that you do not monitor very often, like the garage or basement, it is a good idea to rely on hopper windows or other small windows that people can not crawl into. They are small enough to keep people out, and large enough to serve as ventilation for your home.

Reduce Humidity

Hopper windows are excellent at reducing humidity in areas of your home like basements and bathrooms. Even though the windows are small in size, they work very well for ventilation. Simply opening a hopper window before taking a shower is enough to let most of the moisture outside and to keep the bathroom from steaming up. Adding a few hopper windows to your basement and opening them every few days can get rid of moldy and musty smells and keep objects in the basement from becoming too damp.

Finding Hopper Window Installers

Hopper windows are not difficult to install because there are not many moving parts. However, it is still important to have an experienced professional do the work. A professional can measure your home windows correctly, seal them properly, ensure they are installed correctly.

Whether you are looking for a way to air out your basement, keep moisture from accumulating during your showers, or you just want a compact window that you can make the most of, hopper windows are a good, affordable option.