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Milgard Windows Buying Guide

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Milgard Windows Review

Milgard Windows offer an innovative approach to window production. Operating as a vertically integrated window manufacturer means that each window distributed by Milgard was created from parts the company produces. From a specially formulated, high-quality vinyl, to glass tempered in a Milgard factory, Milgard produces each of their replacement windows and doors from start to finish as a way to guarantee the quality of every single product. Milgard windows can be found in Home Depot to get a better look at your options for new window installation.

Milgard Windows - Top Window Brand - Modernize

Milgard Replacement Windows

Milgard replacement windows offer a full line of the most energy efficient windows for your home. Each window serves a specific purpose and can be purchased within a series based on your design or functional needs. Milgard has 6 series of windows and is quite an affordable option for quality replacement windows. Continue reading to learn more about each type of window by Milgard by window types offered and also what each series offers.

Milgard Window Materials

Milgard Vinyl Windows

Milgard vinyl windows are a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and titanium dioxide, making them durable and maintenance free. Their two-coat technology allows the window frames to reflect UV rays, in turn protecting them. This two coat formulation also allows the  brand to include additional colors, like bronze and silver, to the designs apart from traditional  white and neutral colors.

Popular Window Types for Vinyl Frames:

  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Casement
  • Sliding
  • Awning
  • Circle
  • Picture
  • Bay and Bow

Milgard Fiberglass Windows

The fiberglass windows from Milgard are designed to work in all climate zones and are resistant to  swelling, rotting and breakage. Milgard fiberglass  frames are exceptionally strong and durable. They are made using a process called pultrusion to increase the tensile strength of the glass cladding. These windows undergo extensive tests to make sure the frames are long lasting and chemical-resistant.

Popular Window Types for Fiberglass Frames: 

  • Single Hung
  • Casement
  • Sliding
  • Awning
  • Circle
  • Picture
  • Bay and Bow

Milgard Aluminum Windows

If your house is in a non-corrosive environment, aluminum windows are the most affordable option you can choose . Milgard offers thermally improved aluminum frames that are ideal for sustaining cold and warmth inside the home. They are available in anodized and baked-on finishes that do not need to be repainted for up to 10 years. 

Popular Window Types for Aluminum Frames: 

  • Single Hung
  • Horizontal Slider
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Picture
  • Circle

Milgard Window Prices

Milgard window costs vary for different window types and series. For example, a Milgard single hung vinyl window from its Style Line series in the standard size of 35.5-in x 47.5-in x 2.875-in costs $227 in Burbank, CA, with an additional $100 to $150 in installation and labor costs. Bear in mind that this is higher than the national average for the window.

Be aware that window prices may vary based on your location and the window sizes you are looking to install, along with the local labor cost involved. Expect a 10% increase or decrease to the cost to account for these variations, and use our window cost calculator to estimate the most accurate prices in your region.

The pricing for most Milgard windows and doors are only provided by the brand upon requesting a quote with specific requirements. Continue reading the content below to learn  about average prices for different window types.

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Milgard Window Styles

Milgard Single Hung Windows

A single-hung window has two sashes, one stationary and one that slides up to allow air into a room. Milgard single hung window replacements can be purchased in the Tuscany, Style Line, Ultra, Woodclad, and Aluminum framed window Series.

single hung windows visual illustration

Milgard Single Hung Window Prices 2021
Milgard Single Hung Window PricesFrame MaterialDimensionPrice
Style LineGlass Vinyl35.5-in x 47.5-in x 2.875-in$225-$240
Style LineGlass Vinyl47.5-in x 59.5-in x 2.875-in$280-$295
Style LineGlass Vinyl29.5-in x 47.5-in x 2.875-in$205-$220

Milgard Sliding Windows

A Milgard sliding window is typically wider than it is tall, with two sashes side by side. When one of the sashes slides left or right, it is called a single slider. When both sashes slide open, it is called a double slider. Double sliders are popular if they are the only window or one of a few windows in a room because they provide maximum ventilation. Horizontal Sliding Windows can be purchased in the V450, Tuscany, Trinsic, Style Line, Ultra, and Aluminum Series.

sliding windows visual illustration

A Milgard sliding window costs start from $220 per window and on average installation would cost around $450. See more costs in the table below:

Milgard Sliding Window Prices 2021
Milgard Sliding Window PricesFrame MaterialDimensionPrice
Style LineVinyl95.5-in x 59.5-in x 2.875-in$535-$550
Style LineVinyl71.5-in x 59.5-in x 2.875-in $355-$370
Style LineVinyl47.5-in x 35.5-in x 2.875-in $220-$235

Milgard Double Hung Windows

Milgard double-hung windows have two operational sashes, one sliding from the bottom up and another from the top down to allow air to flow into a room. Each sash tilts into the home for easy cleaning. 

New double hung window replacement styles can be purchased in the Tuscany series. A Milgard double-hung window costs anywhere from $245 to $625 per window.

double hung windows visual illustration

Milgard Casement Windows

This window has a single pane which has a hinge along one side and then opens out on the other side. The majority of Milgard hinged casement windows operate easily with a single crank. 

Casement windows can be purchased in the V450, Tuscany, Trinsic, Style Line, Ultra, and Aluminum Series. Milgard Casement windows can cost from $230 to $550 per window and on average you will pay around $550 in window installation costs. 

casement windows visual illustration

Milgard Awning Windows

Like the casement window, an awning window is a single pane window. However, the Milgard awning window is hinged at the top and opens outward at the bottom. With the use of a handle, these windows can be opened or closed and locked with a single motion. 

Awning windows can be purchased in the V450, Tuscany, Trinsic, Style Line, Ultra, and Aluminum Series. Milgard awning windows cost between $150 to $325 per window.

awning windows visual illustration

Milgard Bay Windows 

A new bay window installation by Milgard is a great option for homeowners who want a beautiful window that extends into the outdoor environment, providing maximum natural light and an unobstructed view. Three windows, typically an installed large picture window resting in the center with a casement window on either side, make up a bay window.

A bow window has three or more equally sized windows which curve gently out into the environment. Bay and Bow Windows can be purchased in the Tuscany, Ultra, Wood Clad window frame and standard aluminium series.

Milgard bay windows cost can range from $900 to $1,500 plus installation costs. Milgard also offers bow windows which are similar in price, either window type would cost around $1,800 to install.

bay window visual illustration

Milgard Picture Windows

Milgard picture windows are stationary and are usually used as an accent or as a means of bringing additional natural light into a room. Milgard replacement picture windows are available in various shapes and can be purchased in the V450, Tuscany, Trinsic, Style Line, Ultra, WoodClad, Quiet Line, and Aluminum Series.

Milgard picture windows vary in price depending on size, a standard size Milgard picture window would cost around $300 per window and $485 to install.

picture window visual illustration

Arch and Radius Windows by Milgard

Arch or Radius windows look like a casement window with a curve on the top portion of the frame. Some of these windows are stationary, while some open to allow airflow into a room. 

Milgard Arch and Radius Windows can be purchased with a vinyl window frame in the V450, Tuscany, Trinsic, Style Line, Ultra, and Aluminum Series.

arched window visual illustration

Milgard Skylight Windows

These stationary windows are used on the ceilings of homes to bring natural light into a room. A new Milgard skylight window installation is available only in the Aluminum window Series.

skylight window visual illustration

Milgard Garden Windows

Milgard also offers new garden window installation options, which extend out from the home into the outdoor environment. With a shelf inside the window, it is typically used to store herbs or plants, which benefit from optimal natural light. These windows are available as custom-made option only, so you have to request a quote to get a price for them.

garden window visual illustration

Milgard window in a bedroom

Milgard Jalousie Windows

Milgard jalousie windows were designed for homes in temperate climates with mild winters. This window has parallel glass or cedar panes which can be opened at any angle to control ventilation. New jalousie windows are only available for purchase in Hawaii and are part of the Tuscany Series. If you live in Hawaii, you can reach out to local window installers to get a quote on the priced for a Milgard Jalousie window installation.

What’s the Difference Between the Milgard Window Series?

Milgard Windows has crafted a line of windows in seven series. Each series has its own unique characteristics, and this versatile approach to window design and production has allowed Milgard to provide windows which can meet the needs of projects of all kinds. Learn about all of the different types below and their associated prices.

The seven series of Milgard Windows are the Tuscany V400, Trinsic V300, Style Line V250, Ultra C650, Thermally Improved Aluminum A250 and Standard Aluminum.

Milgard V450 Windows

Milgard V450 are the classic vinyl windows offered by the brand. Made with premium and high performance vinyl material, these windows maximize energy efficiency and have good seal protection against wind, rain, dust and noise. The glass units are insulated with welded, multi-chambered frames. The frames are also available in multiple color options – bronze with white or adobe interior, silver with white interior, and black with white interior.

Milgard Tuscany Windows

Using the unique formula created by Milgard, the windows in the Tuscany V400 series are crafted from premium vinyl window frames. Consumers are able to create custom windows which meet their exact needs. This series is known for its energy efficiency, with every window meeting or exceeding minimum ENERGY STAR® requirements.

The vinyl frames of the Tuscany Series windows can be customized with eight different color choices which are finished with Milgard’s own, incredibly durable, vinyl coating. Finally, using SmartTouch hardware, these windows provide exceptional security and are easy to operate.

Milgard Trinsic Series

The Milgard Trinsic V300 vinyl window series are introduced by the brand to the growing demand for the contemporary glass expanse look. The frame and glass profile are narrow but sturdy for elegant aesthetically designed modern homes. The windows have equal sightlines so all windows look streamlined throughout the house be any type of window installation.

Milgard has put great promise in this new window series following the latest design trends. The  high quality vinyl material is extruded with a black acrylic layer for superior bonding and durability and to match the exterior and interior frames. The frames are also available in a range of exterior finishes, from espresso to silver, apart from the traditional white and black looks.

The Trinsic series, just like the former, is highly energy efficient with great Energy Star ratings. They also offer a full lifetime warranty with the series.

Milgard Style Line Windows

Milgard created the Style Line series of windows with their specially formulated vinyl and a modern, streamlined look. The frames of this  windows series are slim, which means there is more glass, allowing a maximum view and natural light.

Unique to the Style Line series is the Comfort Package. This  includes an accessory package, with a customized performance energy package that offers  some of the most energy efficient windows in their line, as well as special glass breakage coverage.

Homeowners can customize the windows in this series by choosing from eight different vinyl colors. Additionally, homeowners have the option to add the Milgard PureView screen, which has thinner yarns and finer mesh, further improving the view from these windows. Let Modernize help you find the best price for new windows from Milgard window installers in your area.

Milgard Windows Ultra Series

The windows in this series have become  popular choices for areas in the home that  experience high humidity or high heat, such as the bathroom or kitchen. This is thanks to  the fiberglass frame, which is able to withstand any temperature and any environment. The fiberglass frame expands and contracts the same as the insulated glass for added seal protection. The hardware also uses Positive Action Lock and Cam Lock features for added security and durability.

The windows in this series can be customized from a collection of rich colors for the exterior and the interior veneer, using bark or black bean for darker colors. Since Milgard offers so many different types of windows, they are often considered by homeowners and contractors alike to be one the best vinyl window brands around.

Milgard Aluminum Windows Series

Milgard offers two variations in their aluminum frames – Thermally Improved Aluminum and Standard Aluminum. The windows in this series are  created to provide a modern look as well as long-lasting durability. The narrow sightlines of these windows make them a great design option to give your home a contemporary look.

The aluminum used for these windows is thermally improved, which increases the ability of the window to insulate your home against the outdoor environment. It also increases the energy efficiency of the windows by reducing heat flow. 

milgard window opens to the outside

Milgard Windows Warranty Information

The warranties available with Milgard windows were created with the belief that windows are a long-term investment. After the installation of the windows, Milgard offers a full lifetime warranty, which lasts for as long as you own your home. Because of their vertical integration approach to manufacturing windows and installation performed by certified technicians, Milgard is  confident in the durability and longevity of their windows.

If at any point during the time that you own your home damage occurs as the result of a mistake made during installation or defective materials, Milgard will cover the full cost of replacing or repairing the window—labor included.

Since each series has a unique warranty and exclusions exist within the warranties, you should carefully read the warranty for each specific window before making a purchase.