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Simonton Windows Buying Guide

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Simonton Window Review

simonton windows reviewSimonton Windows currently offers several lines of new construction and vinyl replacement windows and doors. They produce ENERGY STAR® compliant products as well as a full line of impact-resistant windows and doors designed for hurricane and coastal applications. Simonton replacement windows can be found at top window manufacturers such as Home Depot. There are quite a few reasons that homeowners and contractors consider Simonton among the list of best window brands in the industry.

Simonton Window Prices

Simonton Prism Window Costs
Simonton Windows Prism SeriesWindow PriceInstallation Costs
Awning Windows$200$325
Bay Windows$1,100$1,387
Bow Window$995$1,135
Casement Window$275$400
Double-Hung Window$320$445
Garden Window$335$460
Picture Windows$315$440
Sliding Windows$328$453

Simonton replacement windows feature a diverse range of different window styles suitable for any architectural home design. Both builders and homeowners can choose from a variety of window styles, shapes, operations, colors, and other popular window features. Simonton Windows vary by price by the series of windows you choose, their most affordable Prism series double hung window costs on average $290 per window and around $400 to install. See full list of average Simonton Window costs in our chart listed above.

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Simonton Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Simonton Double Hung Windows have an upper and lower sashes that are capable of moving up and down. These movable vinyl window replacement offer sashes both tilt inward allowing for easy cleaning. These energy efficient windows are available in various styles and colors in multiple series which offer extra features.

Simonton Double Hung Window Prices

The average Simonton double hung price per window and installation costs can be seen above, they are offered in many different manufactured series. If you were to install a new higher priced Simonton VatagePointe double hung window you could expect to pay around $375 for the window and $500 in total window installation costs.

Simonton Double Hung Window Prices
Simonton Double Hung WindowsWindow PriceInstallation Costs
Prism Windows$300$405
Reflections Windows$325$430
VantagePointe Windows$375$500
Storm Breaker Plus Windows$400$525
Impression Windows$435$578


double hung windows


Simonton Casement Windows

Simonton offers replacement casement windows that allow for the flow of fresh air while being energy efficient. Hinged on either the left or right side of the window, these windows open by swinging outward from the home and feature a cranking system for ease of opening and closing.

Simonton Casement Window Prices

Simonton Casement Window Prices
Simonton Casement WindowsWindow PriceInstallation Cost
Impression Window Series$195$308
VantagePointe Window Series$256$356
Prism Window Series$312$415
Reflections Window Series$326$432
Storm Breaker Plus Window Series$364$475

Simonton casement windows come in quite a few window styles which all have different price tiers. If you were into install an impact storm window such as the Storm Breaker Plus Casement window you could expect to pay around $364 per window and $475 in total installation cost with labor. The casement window series come in a range of styles and colors and may be used as an installation component of a new bay or bow window. See a list of average prices for Simonton casement windows in the chart provided above.


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Simonton Awning Windows

In rooms where space is an issue, installation of new Simonton awning window installation options are a favorite among homeowners for new home windows. These windows are hinged at the top and swing out at the bottom for ventilation purposes. A multi-point lock is included as a security feature as well.

wallside-awning-casement-windowsSimonton Awning Window Prices

Simonton awning window prices range from $185 to $332 per window. The average installation cost will be around $352 depending on the new window series you choose. See full list of prices by series below. Awning windows  are available in a range of styles and options including Reflections 5500, Impressions 9800, StormBreaker Plus 300VL, ProFinish Brickmould 600, ProFinish Master, ProFinish Contractor, Prism Platinum, DaylightMax, VantagePointe 6500, VantagePointe 6100 and VantagePointe 6200. 

Simonton Awning Window Prices
Simonton Awning WindowsWindow PriceAvg. Installation Cost
Reflections Window Series$185$295
Prism Window Series$200$310
Impression Window Series$250$352
VantagePointe Window Series$300$425
Storm Breaker Plus Window Series$332$450

Simonton Picture Windows

Simonton offers fixed picture windows that are often paired with side windows called flankers. These windows are great for a room with a view and provide an abundance of light into a room. They can also be paired with double hung, single hung, or casement windows to provide architectural style and interest for any living room or kitchen.

Simonton Picture Window Prices

Simonton picture window prices range from $220 to $425 per window and you can expect to pay around $435 in installation costs if you were to choose the Prism Series window. They come in an array of styles and options including the Reflections 5500, Reflections 5300, Reflections 5050, Asure, Impressions 9800, StormBreaker Plus 300VL, ProFinish Brickmould 600, ProFinish Brickmould 300, and many other series. Average prices can be found in the table below:


Simonton Picture Window Prices
Simonton Picture WindowsWindow Only PriceAvg. Installation Cost
Reflections Window Series$220$342
VantagePointe Window Series$250$368
Prism Window Series$328$435
Storm Breaker Plus Window Series$375$534
Impression Window Series$425$599

Simonton Bay Windows

If you planning to install a new bay window from Simonton, you’ll get a quality window that juts out from the home and creates additional space that can be used for seating or decorations. Replacement bay windows are angular in appearance while bow windows are more rounded in style. Both types of windows are great for highlighting the outside view.

Simonton Bay & Bow Window Pricing

Simonton Bay Window Prices
Simonton Bay & Bow WindowsWindow PricesAvg. Installation Cost
Prism Window Series$720 to $824$1,100
Impression Window Series$812 to $935$1,220
Reflections Window Series$889 to $1,115$1,342
VantagePointe Window Series$962 to $1,182$1,399

Simonton bay windows and bow windows are available in a range of styles and options including the Reflections 5500, Impressions 9800, Prism Platinum, DaylightMax, Madeira, VantagePointe 6500, VantagePointe 6100, and VantagePointe 6200 series. Each bay window series has a different price point ranging from as low as $720 to a higher price of $1182 per window if you were to install a wooden window frame. You can expect to pay around $1,300 in total installation costs.


Simonton Garden Windows

Garden windows extend outward from the home and expand the area providing shelves for plants and collectibles. These windows are highly efficient and are available in a range of options and styles including the Reflections 5500, Impressions 9800, Prism Platinum, and DaylightMax Series. Garden windows come in a range of window frame material options from Simonton.

Simonton Garden Window Prices

Simonton Garden Window Prices
Somonton Garden WindowsWindow PriceInstallation Cost
Reflections Window Series$254$362
Impression Window Series$312$435
Prism Window Series$348$502

New garden windows are highly efficient and are available in a range of prices options and styles including the Simonton Reflections 5500, Impressions 9800, Prism Platinum, and DaylightMax Series. If you were to choose the designer mid tier priced Impression Series garden window you could expect to pay around $312 per garden window and around $435 for window installation.

garden window installation

Simonton 2-lite Horizontal Roller

These durable windows are constructed to withstand harsh conditions in coastal or windy areas much like other hurricane storm windows. They provide protection against wind and flying debris without requiring the use of a shutter system. They are energy efficient and feature an attractive beveled design. They are offered in three color options and a number of grid and glass options in the StormBreaker Plus 300VL series.

Simonton Single Hung Windows

With a single hung window installation, only the bottom sash allows for up and down movement. The upper sash is fixed in place. Single hung windows can be included as a component of bay single hung windowsand bow windows. These energy efficient windows are available in a variety of colors and styles including the ProFinish Brickmould 300, ProFinish Master, ProFinish Contractor, ProFinish Builder, DaylightMax, Madeira, Verona, VantagePointe 6060, VantagePointe 6200, and VantagePointe ClearValue Series. When installing a single hung window, it’s often suggested you install a double paned glass window to reap the benefits of energy efficiency.

Simonton Rounded Windows

Geometric windows are semi-circle windows or dome shaped windows that add a degree of interest and character to the home. They are visually appealing when paired with other windows and doors or even alone in tight spaces where more light is required. They are available in an array of styles and options including the Reflections 5500, Reflections 5300, Reflections 5050, Asure, Impressions 9800, and many other series. 

Simonton Sliding Windows

These energy efficient sliding window replacements are available in various styles and colors in the Reflections 5500, Reflections 5300, Reflections 5050, Asure, Impressions 9800, ProFinish Brickmould 600, Prism Platinum, Prism Ultra Gold, Prism Gold, Prism Bronze, Madeira, VantagePointe 6500, and VantagePointe 6100 Series. They come in popular framing options such as vinyl, wood, and aluminum framed windows.


What’s the difference between Simonton Window Series? 

Simonton offers eleven different collections of windows. With such a diverse range of style and functionality, both homeowners and builders alike will find windows to complement any architectural home design. Simonton is a top competitor as one of the best window manufacturers and brands.

Simonton Reflections Windows

This collection features high performance windows with standard Low E glass and Argon gas which make them some of the best energy efficient windows offered by the company. They are manufactured to provide maximum energy efficiency while dampening outside noise.

Asure Series Windows

Homeowners and builders who want natural light and expansive views have great choices in the Asure collection. This collection features a full array of styles and includes popular colors like white and tan. Choose from styles including double hung, slider, picture, geometric and patio doors which are all great options when it is time to replace windows.

Simonton Impressions Windows

This collection offers premium performance glass with a wide range of designer options. Windows in the Simonton Impressions collection include standard ProSolar® Low E glass with Argon gas. A triple-pane insulating glass option is available in this collection and these windows are engineered to be a somewhat sound proof window installation option.

Simonton StormBreaker Plus Windows

This collection is a great option for those living in areas where storms and wind are frequent occurrences. These windows work particularly well in coastal environments and shuttering is not necessary. The KeepSafe Maximum® laminated glass provides an added level of security and keeps outside noise to a minimum.

Simonton ProFinish Brickmould Windows

Those who want the traditional look of new wood windows will like the Simonton ProFinish Brickmould collection. The windows feature a multi-tiered exterior with ProSolar® Low E glass with Argon gas being standard. They also offer the SafePoint® laminated glass as an option for reduced noise and added security.

Simonton ProFinish Windows

The Simonton ProFinish collection is ideal for use with storm shutters with an across-the-board R-50 rating. The integrated nailing fin and J-channel make these windows a breeze to install. These windows include the option for ProSolar® Low E glass with Argon gas with the Supercept spacer system for improved energy efficiency. Color options include white, tan and driftwood.

Prism Series Windows

The Prism collection emphasizes the warmth of natural light in the home. ProSolar® Low E glass with Argon gas are standard with the option to upgrade to a triple-pane insulating unit. Choose laminated glass for improved sound reduction. These windows offer maximum efficiency, are weather-resistant and include the option for a patio or garden door.

Simonton DaylightMax Windows

The unique, low-profile frame style in the Simonton DaylightMax collection allows for energy efficiency that surpasses ENERGY STAR® standards. Homeowners will enjoy significant heating and cooling savings costs. The low-profile fiberglass window frame allows for more glass resulting in maximum daylight and a wider viewing area. A complete range of options is available including a patio and hinged patio door design.

Simonton Madeira Windows

This collection features a traditional design perfect for classically styled homes. The energy efficiency rating of the windows exceeds ENERGY STAR® standards. ProSolar® Low E glass with Argon gas is standard, but customers can upgrade to a ProSolar® Shade Low E glass and Eco3 triple-pane glass package if they require maximum efficiency. A wide selection of colors and styles are available to complement any home design.

Verona Windows

Those searching for a quality, low maintenance option will appreciate the Verona collection. These windows include a 3/4” glass insulating unit and double strength glass to help keep energy costs low. Choices include white or tan and a number of glass and grid options.

Simonton VantagePointe Windows

The windows in this series are popular among those who enjoy the beauty of natural wood windows as they will appreciate the framing and styling of the VantagePointe collection. The windows come standard with ProSolar® Low E glass with Argon gas and provide for an upgrade to a ProSolar® Shade Low E or triple-pane package. A laminated glass package is optional for improved noise reduction. This collection also includes a French Rail Sliding Patio Door or Garden Door option.

Simonton Windows with long drapes

Simonton Windows Warranty

Simonton Windows warranty offerings are attached to impressive replacement windows designed to withstand the elements and everyday living. However if you were to have an issue with your new windows, they are backed by an impressive warranty. Depending on the collection and package chosen, the warranty will differ slightly but all collections carry a double lifetime limited warranty for residential and a 10 year limited warranty for commercial/multi-residential application. In both cases, the warranty applies only when all parts are genuine Simonton window parts. Since the warranties may vary from product to product and some exclusions may apply, you should carefully review a product’s warranty before making a purchase. It may be beneficial to speak to a local Simonton house window installer in your area to see if there are any current specials or discounts being run in your region for installing new Simonton windows.

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