Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee is an expert writer with 26 years of experience in the home improvement and real estate industries. Her work has been recently featured in Bob Vila, The Spruce, among other home improvement websites and publications. Shannon fell in love with old homes the moment she stepped into her first fixer-upper in Nashville in 2006; that love affair has since taken her from a ranch house in Georgia to a bungalow in California. When she's not driving a nail or covered in paint, she's traveling and planning her next adventure. She is also a published novelist.

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Home Accessibility
The Advantages of Walk-In Tubs
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Budgeting for Your Hot Tub
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Home Accessibility
Standard and Optional Features of Walk-in Tubs
Though most bathrooms feature an alcove tub or even a claw-foot model that allows for a good soak, those bathtubs will not be a good choice…
Home Accessibility
Modernize Homeowners Seek “Aging in Place” Improvements
Aging in place is a serious concern for many Americans. A November 2021 Modernize survey of more than 2,000 homeowners across the United…
Home Accessibility
How to Create a Budget for Your Walk-in Tub
Choosing a walk-in tub is an exceptional investment. Not only can a walk-in tub boost the potential resale value of your home – it is…
Home Accessibility
Financing Your Walk-in Tub Installation
A walk-in tub is an excellent investment in the health and safety of those in your home, as well as a possible boon to home prices if you…