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Replacement Picture Windows

Average cost:

$420 - $760

A replacement picture window for a home will cost an average of $420 to $760 per window. Fiberglass and vinyl picture windows will be the most affordable, while wooden picture windows tend to be more expensive. The total installation cost for picture windows will depend on the window material, brand, size, and local labor costs in your area.

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What is a Picture Window?

Picture windows are typically large windows that have a single pane of glass that is not broken up by any lines, can not be opened, and are often found in living rooms. They offer a nice clear view that is not split or altered in any way. When you want to create the illusion of an indoor/outdoor space, picture windows are great for letting in a great deal of sunlight and connecting your indoor living space with your natural outside surroundings.

There is no better way to admire nature from within your home than to look at it through a massive picture window. When you have access to a million dollar view, the last thing you want to do is go inside and forget all about it. Install an expansive picture window and make the outside view a focal point for your home.

picture window in room

Replacement Picture Window Costs

The average cost for a replacement picture window installation is $420 to $760 per window + labor  costs which can average around $38 per hour depending on your local window installers average price. See local window prices below.

When you compare picture window prices to double hung window costs or casement windows of the same size you will often find that picture windows are more affordable. That is because it does not have all the moving parts that other windows have. The simple design is what makes the window so beautiful, but it also makes it more affordable. Large picture window installations are the most affordable way to make a big difference in your home. If you need to get an estimate on picture window costs and other window types in your area it is best to use a replacement windows cost calculator to help give you an idea of what to expect.

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Picture Window Sizes

The most common widths for picture windows are 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft. Standard picture window heights can range from 1 ft to as tall as 8ft.  A large picture window can grow in dimensions as big as 72 inches in height and width, any window size larger than that you would need to consult with your local window contractor on custom sizes available and associated costs to install.

When selecting a picture window it is important to understand what type of effect you want to create in your home. If you are trying to make a small room appear larger, it is important that the picture window you use takes up a large portion of your wall. When used in a larger space you will want several picture windows, or to use the them as part of an overall architectural feature to keep it from looking small on such a large wall. Picture windows are all about aesthetic and should be put in strategically to create the look you are going for. If unsure about which size you should install for the layout of your home, you should speak to a window installer near you to get a better idea for your project.

standard picture window measurements

Vinyl Picture Windows

When you value price over anything else vinyl picture windows are the best option for you. Replacement vinyl windows are the most affordable, but they are not the most attractive and are the least durable. It may be better to upgrade to a more expensive picture window frame type if you are looking to up your home’s overall aesthetics.

picture windows

Aluminum Picture Windows

Aluminum windows are another window frame option, and is also very durable. It is strong and resists weathering over time. Aluminum window framing is available in a variety of shapes and has a very polished and modern look to it.

Wooden Picture Windows

Wooden picture window frames are generally the most expensive as they offer a classic wooden window look that people love. They are strong, but they can be affected by weathering over time. Wooden frame windows offer the aesthetics that make picture windows beautiful. Many homeowners love to install a wooden picture window with two casement windows on each side as pictured below.

bay windows

Fiberglass Picture Windows

Fiberglass windows offer a good mix of affordability and useful features when installing new picture windows in your home. They are insulated nicely and offer durability.

Can You Open a Picture Window? 

Since picture windows typically do not open, they offer excellent levels of insulation. There are not any seams or gaps for air to flow in through. After the initial installation, the window seams should remain well sealed and require little upkeep to have the window continue performing properly.

Before Choosing Picture Windows

Since picture windows have a fixed frame, they will help brighten your space, but you will need additional windows to serve as ventilation for the space. If you are living in warmer climates, you also need to lookout for the unwanted solar heat gain during summers. This however, can be an advantage for colder regions of the country.