Marvin Windows

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All About Marvin Windows

In the year 1904, George G. Marvin took a job running a grain elevator in Warroad, Minnesota. In 1912, George Marvin took a chance and formed Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company.

Throughout the Depression, George helped the families in his local community by giving away Christmas trees and passing out 100-pound bags of flour to families who could not afford it. When local businesses were not able to keep up with loan payments, George purchased the bank, gave the farmers more time to pay off their loans, and allowed them to keep their farms. George Marvin built a solid reputation by leading the way with his dedication to hard work, innovation, and honesty.

His son, William S. “Bill” Marvin returned home in 1939, after graduating from the University of Minnesota and spending a few months pursuing a career in agribusiness, to assist his father with the Marvin company as their eighth employee. This is where Bill Marvin would remain, taking the company farther than anyone could have possibly imagined.

The Marvin Company went from employing eight individuals in 1939 to having more than 4000 employees today. Today, there are eight factory locations in the United States and Marvin Windows are sold through independent, locally owned dealers all over the country.

Large marvin windows with drapes

Window Types Offered by Marvin

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows feature two window sashes, with both opening up or down to provide ventilation to your home. Marvin double hung windows are used in a variety of settings. For example, Marvin Ultimate Magnum Double Hung windows are intended for large residential openings, commercial usage and historic renovations.

Single Hung Windows

Designed with a classic look, the Single Hung windows by Marvin have two sashes with one that lifts to open the window. The engineers at Marvin created these windows to be easily operated and durable. This window has become a favorite among Marvin customers, builders, homeowners, and remodelers alike due to its quality and ease of use.

Casement Windows

With a single sash, these windows have a set of hinges on one side and swing out on the opposite side to provide ventilation.This line of windows features Marvin’s patented wash mode which allows access to either side of the window pane while standing inside.

Awning Windows

Awning Windows have a window sash attached at the top of the frame by one or more hinges and swing outward. A favorite awning style, the Marvin Contemporary Awning, has a flush and narrow frame which maximizes the size of the glass and allows for an optimal view of the outdoor environment. Opening completely from the bottom of the window, these windows provide superior ventilation.

Glider Windows

Designed with a traditional look, Marvin glider windows slide to the side to open. The Integrity All Ultrex Glider is an excellent alternative for a casement window and is designed for horizontal operation. Unlike other gliders that are similar to double hung windows flipped on their sides, this particular window consists of strong Ultrex fiberglass, ensuring a smooth gliding window.

Bay and Bow Windows

The bay and bow windows by Marvin include several windows side-by-side, adding character to your home. The bay and bow windows are customizable, with the option to use various window styles to create a nook-like window in your home.

Shaped Windows

Designed and manufactured by the top engineers in the window industry, these specialty windows are available in various unique shapes. Shaped windows can be used in combination with another window or they can be used alone to bring additional light into your home. Similarly, the Marvin Round Top Windows are customizations of your favorite window with an added arch at the top. These windows allow for larger views and look great alone or alongside classic Marvin casement windows.

Marvin Tilt Turn and Hopper Windows

The engineers behind the design of Marvin Tilt Turn and Hopper windows drew the inspiration from classic European architect with a distinct European design. Marvin Tilt Turn windows have two functions, easily swinging in like a door or tilting in at the top. Hopper windows have a single function, opening inward at the top, with hinges at the bottom which allows ventilation and natural light to enter along the top of the window.

About Marvin Window Series and Brands

Marvin offers a multitude of window options according to your project.

Marvin windows in a modern living room

Marvin Windows and Doors

The windows under this line offer the Real Wood interior and exterior, along with the pre-finish stain. These windows are completely customizable and come in different sizes. These windows come with energy efficient options including ENERGY STAR.

Integrity by Marvin Wood-Ultrex Series

This brand includes the Marvin Wood-Ultrex Series. It comes with the same options as Marvin Windows and Doors, with the exception of the Real Wood exterior and prefinished stain. These windows come with the Ultrex Fiberglass exterior option. They are not entirely customizable, but still come in special sizes. They also do not offer IZ4 coastal performance energy efficiency options.

Integrity by Marvin All Ultrex Series

This series line is under the All Ultrex Series. As with the Wood-Ultrex Series, this series offers most of the options with the exception of the prefinished stain and the Real Wood interior and exterior choices in appearance. These windows include the Ultrex Fiberglass interior and exterior options. They are not entirely customizable. The performance of these windows is lower than the other lines, with only the high performance energy efficiency and an option to reduce excessive heat gain.

Infinity by Marvin Replacement Windows

Finally, if you are interested in replacing your windows or updating your home’s exterior, Infinity might be a good choice. You can still hire someone to install the windows for you, but you will not be able to hire a qualified contractor to get the job done. These windows only come in the Ultrex Fiberglass interior and exterior appearance options. The customization options are the same as the other lines, but like the Integrity Series, they are not completely customizable. The energy efficiency options are the same as the All Ultrex Series.

Marvin windows in a bedroom

Understanding Marvin’s Warranty

The windows made by Marvin are covered by a 10-year, limited warranty from the date of purchase. Because Marvin believes in the quality of their products, they guarantee replacement of windows for up to ten years if damage occurs as the result of manufacturing defects or problems with materials.

Additionally, all insulated glass by Marvin is covered by a 20-year warranty. Covering replacement of glass if the insulating air seal fails within the first twenty years after purchase.

Remember, these warranties are limited warranties. Carefully study the warranties before purchasing any products for special limitations or exclusions. For instance, Marvin warranties do not apply to windows installed outside of the United States and only apply to windows purchased and installed by an authorized Marvin dealer.