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Transom Windows Installation

Average cost range:

$140 - $300

Transom windows cost an average of just $140 to $300 to install, which includes the cost of both materials and labor. These accent windows are considered to be low-cost and can add natural light as well as resale value to your home. Talk to a reliable local contractor to get an accurate quote for your specific home and window needs.

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What is a Transom Window?

A transom window is a rectangular, angled or fan-shaped horizontal accent window above or below another window or door. Since they are mainly added for appearance, they are usually installed above front doors or large windows on the front of a house to boost curb appeal. They are also great for bringing additional light into entryways as well as enhancing the appearance of your home as a whole. When they are installed above or on the sides of your door they are referred to as a transom door window.

How Much Do Transom Windows Cost?

Transom windows are a low-cost window option, costing an average range of just $140 to $300 per window, with a national average of $220 per window. The window materials should cost about $130 to $275 per window, while professional installation will cost around $10 to $25 per window.

Transom Windows

Average Installation Cost $140 - $300

  • $10 - $25 Labor
  • $130 - $275 Materials

Exterior Transom Windows

After being utilized in certain spaces where a sophisticated shape or particular style door came together with another oblique architectural feature, transom windows began to grow in popularity. They often serve as a conduit between a door and the eaves overhead.

Traditionally, exterior transom windows are widely known as being shaped like a fan. They are often beautifully showcased in custom Mediterranean style homes. Not only are they a visual feast to look at, but also let you see more of the beautiful scenery just outside your home.

Architects will generally tell you that transom windows are very purposeful in dividing the framing of a window from the framing of a door. While this is certainly true, they are also works of art from a modern point of view and in most cases transom windows are primarily decorative.

Transoms are often seen in craftsman style homes. Structurally speaking, they are not necessary. But, from a visual design perspective, they make the house a home and add to the overall ambiance of the space. If you need help deciding which transom window types will work best with your door or other windows, it may be best to speak to a window contractor near you for the specific needs of your home.

Front entrance with transom windows

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Transom Windows Add Natural Light

One of the biggest benefits of transom windows is that they help bring added light into a space. This is particularly nice in a room that does not have too many windows around the door. They add light to a dark entryway making it easier to see your door and the space around it during the day when you are not using interior lights.

If you are planning to install multiple transom windows, it is best practice to have an idea of the average window replacement costs in your area before speaking to a contractor so you know what to expect.

However, these windows don’t just help bring light into a room above an exterior door. They can be used to transfer light from one of your exterior rooms, to one that is farther into the interior of your home. Imagine that you have a room in your home with no exterior windows. Adding a couple transom windows to the walls of that room can create a sort of light bridge between the two rooms sharing their light and brightening them up substantially throughout the day.

Another major benefit of transom windows is allowing light into a space during times of the day when the sun is higher in the sky. When there isn’t as much direct sunlight coming into your home, these interior transom windows can offer a solid source of light after other windows stop being useful. By extending your windows up higher you can enjoy a brighter room longer into the day.

Large white house with transom windows

Interior Transom Windows that Open

When you replace windows or install interior transom window, you may be interested in finding transoms that open and allow for airflow. These can be purchased and put in just as easily as fixed transoms windows, so it is important to know whether you want a window that can open before ordering your window and having it installed.

Standard transom windows do not open or close. However, there are some transom windows that serve like awning windows, meaning that they are able to be opened up. They can also serve as ventilation when installed or modified properly. They create a mini canopy over the hole above your door and air can flow into the room. The windows good for letting in just a bit of air when you do not want to open up all the other windows in the room, or for letting more airflow around a room that does not have enough ventilation

Many old plantation homes make use of transom windows to keep air moving and cooling the home throughout the day. High window transoms are opened on the sunny side of the home to allow hot air to escape, and low transoms can be opened on the shady side of the home to let cool air in.

Talk to local contractors today to see what costs your transom window installation project may entail. Most of the best replacement window brands will offer a selection of transom windows that are often paired with doors or other popular window types to make for a beautiful addition to your home.