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Arched Windows Buying Guide

Average cost range:

$345 - $950

The average cost to install an arched window is $345 to $950 per window. This includes the cost of the window itself, plus the price of professional labor and installation, which costs an average of $20 to $50 per window. However, installation costs for new arched windows can cost more or less than the national average, depending on the size of the window, material quality, and typical labor costs where you live. Be sure to request quotes from local window installers in your area.

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What are Arched Windows?

Arched windows, also known as half moon windows, were used heavily in Roman architecture and are now used in modern homes for their timeless appeal. These windows can help open up a room, create more natural light, and add a unique style. Replacement arched windows will add architectural interest to your home and increase the overall curb appeal.

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Arched Window Replacement Cost

Arched windows costs can be higher than standard windows since they are often considered to be a custom window installation with a specialty style. A standard sized arched window replacement cost between $345 to $950 per window. This price includes the cost of the window itself and the cost to have it professionally installed.

Arched Windows

Arched windows can add a unique look and feel to your home

  • Let in more natural light

  • Timeless style

  • Energy efficient options available

  • Your choice of window frame material

Your total arch window installation price will also depend on which window brand you go with, the size of the windows, window frame styles, and local window installation prices. Installation costs for new home windows will vary by region. You can use our handy Windows Cost Calculator to get an estimate for your windows project suited to your home’s specs.

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Types of Arched Windows

There are many different types of arched windows available today. Some open, some are fixed shut and others are actually a set of several windows put up in a specific pattern. The most common types of arched replacement windows are:

  • Fixed Arched Windows
  • Opening Arched Windows
  • Multi Window Arches

Fixed Arched Windows

Many arched windows on the market are fixed, which means they do not open. Fixed arch windows are typically used in churches or in homes for decorative and aesthetic purposes. They let in a great deal of light, but do not help with ventilation or escape during a fire. If you add these to your home, it is important to mix in some windows that open as well. Fixed arched windows require little maintenance and they can be weather proofed well.

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Opening Arched Windows

Arched windows can be purchased in a double hung window style or casement window style. Either of these options will offer you the airflow that you need. Casement style arch windows often offer the most unobstructed view and the largest opening to climb in and out of, or for added air flow in your home.

Multi-Window Arches

Many arched windows are actually made from several different panes all aligned into an arched configuration. These are commonly made from several rectangular windows with a semi-circle window up above to create the arched look. While they are not truly arched, they offer the same architectural look and are an option instead of a large arched window.

What to Know About Arched Windows

When you want an arched look in your home, decide whether you want to purchase a single custom arched window, or several standard windows styles with a single small arched window to give the whole configuration an arched look. When you choose arched windows for your home, it is helpful to know the following.

Save Some Money

A multi-window arch configuration is more affordable than purchasing a custom arched window. This configuration lets you use readily available windows and you will likely spend a lot less on the three or more windows than you would on one arched window of similar dimensions.

Get an Unobstructed View

While a multi-window setup offers a more affordable approach to that arched look, it offers less view. For a full view, consider getting a casement or fixed arched window instead.

Configure an Arch of Any Size

When you use the multiple-window setup to get an arched look, you can create an arch just about any size that you like. If you have very tall walls, you can choose very tall rectangular windows or even two stacks of rectangular windows before topping it with the arched window. You can more easily create a specific look when you use multiple windows.

Curtains for Arched Windows

Many homeowners who are interested in arched windows are concerned that they will not be able to use curtains. However, there are multiple options when it comes to curtains for arched windows.

Arched Window Treatments

Window treatments, thankfully, are available for arched windows. You can get custom shades or blinds fitted to your arched window. One of the most popular window treatments for arched windows are pleated honeycomb style shades, which fan out around a center point.

Other homeowners may choose to keep the arched portion of the window up top free of window treatments, while using traditional shades or blinds to cover the bottom portion of the window.

Curved Curtains

Curved curtain rods are also available for arched windows, which can be fitted around your window frames. Keep in mind that curved curtain rods are considered custom, so they will likely cost more than your traditional curtain rod.

Traditional Curtains

Believe it or not, traditional curtains can work just fine for arched windows. Simply install the curtain rod above the arched window frame, letting the curtains fall over the top of the entire window.

Alternatively, you can install the curtain rod about one third of the way from the top of the arched window. This will effectively cover the bottom two thirds of the window, while leaving the upper one third of the window to let light in. Keep in mind that this option is best for rooms that benefit from some natural light and do not need total darkness.

Finding a Professional Window Installer

Arched windows are not simple to install or an easy home window measurement to get right. Even creating the proper sized rough opening for an arch replacement window is more difficult than what is required for a standard square or rectangular window. That’s why this type of installation is best left up to a seasoned professional, who can make sure the window is framed in properly and insulated against the elements. Whether your arched window opens or remains fixed in place, it is important that it is sufficiently weatherproofed and put in properly or you will end up with a poorly functioning window that may leak.