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Glass Block Window Installation

Average cost range:

$400 - $1,100

The average cost to install glass block windows is $400 to $1,100 per window. The total window replacement project cost will depend on the type of glass for the window and local labor costs in your area. Cost will also vary by how large – and how many squares of glass – you will need.

Glass Block Window Installation

Glass block window replacement is a great option from more traditional window styles. Glass block windows are known for offering an appealing and upscale option for room dividers, shower doors, bathrooms, basements or pretty much any other part of the home that you want to create a divider for. If you are looking for a way to boost the look of your home, it makes sense to consider adding these windows in place of other window types, or just to let a bit more light through to darker areas of your home.

glass block windows in bathroom

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Glass Block Window?

The average cost for a glass block windows installation is $400 to $1,100 per window. You can order pre-built glass block windows and can assume the costs to be around $18 per square of glass block or $25 for frosted privacy window squares. It may be more affordable to get a pre-built glass block set installed rather than having a contractor build a custom window with glass blocks as the labor costs tend to add up and they may not be as air tight as a manufactured set of glass block windows. Cost of replacement windows will vary by average prices in your region. Speak to a reliable glass block window installer near you today to see how much your project might cost.

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Privacy Bathroom Windows

One of the main reasons that glass block windows are used is to offer privacy in some way. They are commonly installed in bathrooms, or as dividers between rooms for this very reason. While it is possible to get see-through glass block windows, many times they come with an obscured view. Sometimes this is achieved by frosting the glass, and other times the glass simply has a pattern that makes it impossible to see through it. Either way there are many glass block window options that work well for privacy.

While someone might want privacy in the bathroom, it does not make sense to block out all the light to achieve that privacy. Glass blocks allow light to come through while still providing privacy so they are a great options in dark spaces like basements where you will not want to use curtains or blinds.

Basement Glass Block Windows

Since basement windows do not have to be accessible, and you do not necessarily need to open and close them, glass block windows are a great option. Here’s why

Increased Security

Glass block windows will bring some light into the space, but they make it difficult for criminals to break into. While a criminal could easily smash through a standard basement window, and crawl through it if it is large enough, a glass block window is thicker and much harder to get through. This helps keep unwanted people out of your basement throughout the year.

Keeping them Sealed

Many people choose glass block windows in order to keep moisture out of their basements, especially in flood zones. Since the windows are a type of masonry they are known for creating very durable seals that prevent water when installed properly. These windows are very effective when first installed, but over time the joints will wear out and have to be resealed. It is important to have the windows resealed about once every five years to prevent water penetration. While the windows would likely hold a waterproof seal for much longer than that, taking care of the task once every five years helps ensure that no water is ever let in.

Pre-Built Glass Block Windows

One thing to look out for when ordering glass block windows is the installers that plan on setting up the blocks individually in the space of your home. Often times, an installer piecing the window together in the frame will end up with gaps, uneven mortars and a window that does not hold water out effectively.

It is much better to have the window built in a shop or manufacturer and other controlled environments to the dimensions of the space, and then have it installed as one single piece. This is typically an option with any type of glass block window installation, even when it is being put into a shower door.

Glass Block Windows with Vents

Though most glass block windows are built for appearances, security and waterproofing, some also have vents built in them. This small vent panel is a tiny window on a hinge that can be opened and closed. The nice thing about the small ventilation panel is that it is small enough to still offer that same level of security against intruders, and the space where water can flow into your home is kept very minimal. If you want a way to air out your basement when it gets a bit stuffy, it makes a lot of sense to consider a ventilated variation on the standard glass block window.

Whether you are interested in waterproofing your basement, adding a cool design aspect to your home, or providing your home with privacy and natural light all at the same time, there are plenty of reasons to consider glass block windows.