Single Hung Windows

What are Single Hung Windows?

Single hung windows are a popular sash type window that opens vertically. These windows are simple to use and are commonly found in homes all around the country. When most people think of standard windows in a home, single hung windows come to mind. Sash windows have been around since the 1670’s and before and were used heavily in England before making their way over to the United States.

How Single Hung Windows Function

Single hung windows are composed of two sashes. A fixed upper sash and a sliding lower sash. The lower sash is mounted into a set of slides at either side, and freely moves up and down to open or close the lower half of the window.

The Difference Between Single Hung and Double Hung

Both single hung and double hung windows are composed of two different sashes. The only real difference between these two windows is that when using double hung windows both of the sashes move. In single hung windows only one of the sashes moves. That means that cleaning these windows is a bit more difficult, and you don’t have as many options when opening and closing the windows. Usually only the bottom section of the window opens up, which means that you really need two different windows to ventilate a room properly, something that you can do by opening just part of the top and bottom of a double hung window.

Does Not Protrude

Both single and double hung windows don’t protrude during operation, unlike casement and awning windows. That means you can have them installed along a patio, on your deck and in other high-traffic locations without worrying about the windows coming out and getting in the way.

single hung windows

Opening Half the Window

Because of the way single hung windows work, you can only make use of half the window opening. So if you get a five foot window, you’ll be able to open up 2.5 feet of it. For that reason single hung windows limit the amount of air flow you can have through a home. They also have to be quite large in order to provide a large enough opening to be used as an emergency exit.

Insulate More Effectively than Double Hung

Since single hung windows only come with a single moving sash, you just have to worry about keeping that moving sash sealed properly. The fixed sash will remain sealed effectively and won’t be as much work for you to keep weatherized throughout the year. You may have to add weather stripping and other weatherizers to the moving sash during the winter for maximum insulation, which could interfere with the functioning of your windows.

Cost Effective

When comparing single hung and double hung windows, single hung tend to be slightly more affordable. They don’t have as many moving parts and are simpler to construct. For those reasons the windows are usually a bit cheaper to purchase than double hung.

Choosing a Window Installer

While single hung windows are relatively simple to install, if the frame of the window isn’t squared properly, it won’t function as it should. You might still be able to open or close the window, but it will be significantly more difficult. If you’ve ever used a window that was hard to open or close, it’s likely that the frame of the window wasn’t square. Windows go out of square over time from a sagging foundation and other structural issues, but they can be put in that way as well if the contractor working on the project fails to square the frame properly.

Single hung windows are an affordable option that many people consider when they are looking for windows. The windows are simple to operate and don’t require much maintenance. They’re also a good solution for areas of your home that don’t have the exterior space for windows to open outward.

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