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How Much Do Single Hung Windows Cost?

Average cost: $170 - $360

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The average cost for a replacement single hung window installation is cheaper at $170 to $360 per window.  A double hung window usually costs $380 to $850. The prices of your total window installation will depend on your choice of window brandwindow frame types, and local labor costs that are common for your area.

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Single Hung Window Replacement

Single hung window replacement is one of the most common replacement window types for new home windows. Single-hung windows are a sash type window that opens vertically. When most people think of standard windows in a home, single hung windows come to mind. Single-hung windows are very similar to double-hung windows, the difference between these window types is that when using double hung windows both of the sashes operate and move. In single hung windows only one of the sashes moves making the average cost for window replacement a bit cheaper than most home windows or even a new double hung window installation cost..

single hung vs double hung windows

Single Hung Window Installation

While single hung windows are relatively simple to install, if the frame of the window isn’t squared properly, it won’t function as it should. You might still be able to open or close the window, but it will be significantly more difficult. If you’ve ever used a window that was hard to open or close, it’s likely that the frame of the window wasn’t square. Windows go out of square over time from a sagging foundation and other structural issues, but they can be put in that way as well if the replacement single hung window contractor working on the project fails to square the window frame properly. You’ll want to make sure that the installation of a new single hung window is done right the first time by a qualified installer.

Single-Hung Window Sizes

Single hung window sizes vary from small to large. A single window rough opening width can start as small as 24 inches, 28 inches, 32 inches, 40 inches, and as large as 48 inches. Single hung window height start as small as 36 inches, 44 inches, 52 inches, 54 inches, 62 inches and as large as 72 inches in height. Knowing about standard window sizes can be helpful when installing new windows.

single hung window sizes


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