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How to Repair a Broken Glass Window

If you have a broken glass window, it’s not only an eyesore. It can cause several problems, from safety issues to making your house vulnerable to leaks to increasing energy costs. If you are a skilled DIYer, you may want to do the window glass repair on your own. Follow the steps below to fix your broken window glass.

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Window Glass Repair Steps

If you are sure your window does not need to be replaced entirely, then repairing a broken glass window should be handled with care to prevent injuries or further damage to the window. 

Remove Glass

First, use a putty or utility knife to scrape the putty off the pane of the broken window, which will make it easier to remove the glass from the frame. If there are nails and clips in the window pane, use a pair of pliers to pull them out. When that’s done, tape the area where the glass is broken. Put on safety gloves and carefully pull all of the glass pieces out of the frame until there’s no more left. If you encounter stubborn pieces that are difficult to remove, wiggle them until you’re able to loosen them from the frame.

Measure Window

In order to get the right glass size, measure the height, width, and opening of your window so you can have a piece cut at a home improvement store. To make the glass easier to install, be sure to subtract 1/8-inch from your measurements. 

Cut Glass

If you have a sheet of glass already, you can cut it yourself. Place the glass on a flat surface and use a metal straightedge to guide where the glass should be cut and mark the area with a permanent marker. Using a glass cutter, firmly run along the side of the straightedge and cut each section of glass in one pass. If you are buying a sheet of glass at a home improvement store, you can ask them to cut the glass for you there.

Replace Glass

To keep the glass in place, apply glazing or putty around the window frame. Push the glass into the frame and press it against the glazing or putty so it doesn’t move. After it’s held in place, apply more glazing or putty around the new glass. When completed, you may need to touch up the paint on the window frame.

DIY Window Glass Repair Costs

If you want to do a window glass repair yourself, the cost for the replacement glass will be between $3 and $12 per square foot, with the price depending on if it’s single or double glazed. If you would prefer to have a professional do the job for you, you will spend about $200 for a single pane window, $200 to $400 for a double pane window, and $600 to $1,100 for a triple pane window.

Benefits of Using a Contractor for Glass Window Repairs

Although it is possible to do glass window repairs yourself, hiring a window glass repair contractor does have several benefits. The following are some good reasons to consider getting an experienced contractor to do the job instead.

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Cost Effectiveness

Since professionals are familiar with different types of windows, they are in the best position to choose the glass that’s right for your project. Window contractors are also less likely to make costly mistakes than an inexperienced homeowner would be, so they probably won’t need to buy additional material. This can make hiring a professional much more cost effective.

Easy Disposal

Repairing a glass window can generate a great deal of waste, and a DIYer may not know how to deal with it. A professional is well-versed in the safest ways to remove waste, so fragments of glass are not left in the home, which can injure your family or pets.

Availability of Tools

Even if you have a glass cutter, a professional will have state-of-the-art equipment that is appropriate for specific types of glass, which a DIYer probably doesn’t have access to. Hiring a contractor ensures that the right tools are used, which can make the job more efficient and prevent injuries.

If you need help with window glass repair, we can help you find the right contractor for the job. 

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