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Tips For Negotiating Cost with Window Contractors

Congratulations: You have done the research, selected the best windows for your home, and have chosen a window contractor after sifting through three or four estimates. Now it’s time to make your choice official and sign a contract with that window contractor, meaning it’s time to negotiate the cost of your final project price.

Replacement windows are an investment for homeowners. Replacement windows can cost an average of $300 to $750 per window, depending on the type and brand. Homeowners can find the best budget for their project by negotiating the final contract price and terms with their window contractor. In the article below, learn helpful tips for negotiating cost.

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Compare Multiple Window Quotes

Modernize recommends comparing three to four quotes ahead of your windows project. Be transparent about getting multiple bids as you meet contractors. Many businesses are willing to lower their bid or match competitor pricing. To ensure this is a fair process, provide each contractor with the same project details and thoroughly read each estimate to make sure you are making proper comparisons.

Vetting your contractors will ensure you find the most reliable window contractor for your project. Check their licensure and make sure they are accredited through the Better Business Bureau.

You may find a lower price with a less experienced contractor, but if something feels off about a contractor or business — go with your gut and be aware of scams. If a bid is too good to be true, it probably is.  

To help homeowners easily vet and find a trusted window contractor, Modernize has created a Contractor Checklist.

Purchase Your Own Window Supplies

Depending on the size of your window project, you may be able to save some money by researching and negotiating the cost of project supplies. Your quote should include the cost of all materials, and you can compare these prices to your own research.

Contractors usually use and leverage their supplier relationships to secure the best price on materials. While this has advantages for homeowners, if your preferred brand is outside of your contractor’s network you may want to shop around for the best pricing. If you find cheaper materials, purchase them yourself.

Get Clarity on the Warranty, and Ensure It’s Part of the Price

Warranties will also impact your quoted cost. Most installers offer manufacturer’s warranties that protect you from faulty equipment. Some might offer additional guarantees for the installation, as well, covering potential damage to your house.

Be sure the quoted warranty is clear in what it covers—and what it doesn’t. Additionally, use the warranty as a bargaining chip. A lower price should elicit a short length warranty and a higher price one that is longer. The particulars of your window type, brand, and your installation needs dictate these numbers more than anything else. Discuss them thoroughly with your contractor.

Take Advantage of the Off Season

Window replacements and repairs are highest in the spring and fall when the weather is nice. If your project is not urgent or an emergency, negotiate the timing to take advantage of “off-season” rates. Wait to have your windows installed in the summer or winter when window contractors are typically less busy. Contractors may also offer additional discounts and savings during these slower seasons.

Your biggest friend in a window replacement negotiation could be a service like Modernize. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

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