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Built Better Podcast
Surviving the Supply Shortage with Brettco Roofing
Today’s episode is featuring Holly Green, President of Brettco Roofing, at the Texas Roofing Conference. We talk with Holly about how she…
Built Better Podcast
Finding Success During COVID-19 with Kincaid Roofing
Live at the Texas Roofing Conference; we talk with Chris Kincaid, owner of Kincaid Roofing, about successes and challenges during the…
Built Better Podcast
How to Manage Lead Sources and Turn Converted Leads to Sales
Join us for an inside view of Jacuzzi and their efforts to implement digital marketing in the home improvement ecosystem. We will be…
Built Better Podcast
2021 Homeowner Insights with Modernize’s Cassie Morien
In today’s episode of Modernize’s Built Better podcast, we’re diving into our latest homeowner surveys and discussing the…
Built Better Podcast
Creating An Impactful Customer Experience with Medical Guardian
On today’s episode of the Built Better podcast, we’re diving deeper into the aging in place demographic by featuring a leader in…
Built Better Podcast
The Aging in Place BOOM: QMedic
On this episode of the Built Better podcast, we’re welcoming Medical Alert pro, Sombit Mishra, CEO & Founder of QMedic, to take a…
Built Better Podcast
Building a National Brand With Successful Communication: One Hour Heating & Air
In today’s episode, we feature Mark Dawson, COO of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to discuss how effective communication is…
Built Better Podcast
Building Your Referral Pipeline in 2021: Get The Referral
“Only 11 percent of salespeople ask for a referral…. We don’t even know what we’re missing when only 11 percent of salespeople…