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Homeowner Resources, Flooring
How to Paint Over Vinyl Floors
We tend to have a love-hate relationship with vinyl floors. It’s inexpensive, usually comes in convenient sheets or rolls, is easy to…
Homeowner Resources, Flooring
Sustainable Carpet Options
Eco-friendly carpeting has become more popular than ever in the past few years. Why? Conventional carpeting is often made with synthetic…
Homeowner Resources, Flooring
Non-Toxic Wood Floor Sealers and Finishes
You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t appreciate the charm and warmth that a wooden floor adds to any home. Still,…
Homeowner Resources, Flooring
Eco-Friendly Wood Flooring: The 6 Most Sustainable Choices
What is it that makes some wood sustainable, and puts others on the “do not buy” list? For starters, sustainable wood is legally…
Homeowner Resources, Flooring
Linoleum vs. Vinyl
Vinyl and Linoleum are similar flooring products. Both are easy to clean, fairly inexpensive, and easy to install or have installed. There…
Homeowner Resources, Flooring
Picking the Best Sunroom Flooring for Your Home
Lucky you, you’re adding a sunroom to your home! But before you start thinking that everything is going to be golden from here on out,…
Homeowner Resources, Flooring
A Carpeted Bathroom: Making it Work
Your friends all call you crazy. They say you’ll live to rue your design decisions. But the heart wants what it wants: and what yours…
Homeowner Resources, Flooring
Concrete Floor Care 101
Concrete flooring is one of the most durable types of flooring you can install in your home—not to mention it adds an interesting design…
Homeowner Resources, Flooring
Things to Know Before You Refinish Hardwood Floors
They say that hardwood floors are like a fine wine, getting better and better with age. While that’s true, it’s only true to a…