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2021 Home Security Checklist
Few things are as important to people as their home. The home is a special place filled with family, memories, possessions, and everything…
research and planning
The Best Home Security Windows
Maintaining a secure and safe home is paramount for any and all homeowners seeking to improve their home safety. While best security…
research and planning
10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Smart
Thanks to home automation, you can now have complete and personalized control of your appliances, lighting, temperature, and even…
research and planning
Top 2021 Home Improvements Seniors Should Invest In
The beginning of a new year is always an inspiring time to spark positive change. This fresh start makes a great opportunity to improve…
research and planning
Windows with Safety Features for Families with Young Children
As a parent, you have enough to worry about as it is. You don’t need to fret over the safety of your home, as well. And…
maintenance and care
Protective Window Coatings and Other Options to Prevent Break-Ins
You know what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And when it comes to your family’s safety, you’ll pull out all…
research and planning
Best Home Automation Tools and Products to Secure Your Windows
Many of us think about smart home products simply as a cool way to turn on the stereo, or how we can  lower the AC without running over…
research and planning
Home Automation: Home Security From Anywhere
Home Security On the Go Home security is something that is always top-of-mind for me. I live in an area of Austin without a lot of foot…