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Everything you need to know to complete your Solar home improvement project.

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cost and budgeting
Understanding the 2021 Solar Tax Credit
As you look around your neighborhood, you might notice that solar panels are becoming a more common sight. Homeowners are increasingly…
research and planning
The Top States for Solar Energy in 2022
Until the last decade, using solar energy to power a home’s electric components felt like a far-fetched pipe dream reserved for only the…
cost and budgeting
A Solar Panel Financing Checklist for Homeowners
Many homeowners have questions about how they will finance solar panels. Good news: in the last decade, the cost of solar has dropped 70…
research and planning
What Happens To Solar Panels In A Hurricane?
Solar panels are constantly exposed to inclement weather. For coastal residents, that means the risk of hurricane damage. Good news: solar…
research and planning
10 Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels
Whether you’re looking to minimize your carbon footprint, bring down energy bill expenses or increase your home’s ROI, homeowners…
cost and budgeting
Solar Incentives: Why 2021 Is the Best Year For Government Rebates, Credits, and Exemptions
Congratulations: After doing the research and determining solar paneling is a good choice for your home, you’ve sifted through three or…
research and planning
Safely Begin Your Solar Project Today
COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our daily lives and routines. Self-distancing and shelter-in-place measures, nationwide, have…
cost and budgeting
Calculating the Return on Your Solar Investment
When considering a solar investment in your home, two questions likely come to mind: How much will it cost and when will the project pay…