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Solar Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Solar home improvement project.

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What Happens To Solar Panels In A Hurricane?
Solar panels are no different from any other outdoor equipment in that they are constantly exposed to inclement weather — which for…
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Solar Power Generation During Winter
The changing seasons have more of an effect on your energy needs than on the solar panels addressing them. While it’s reasonable to…
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Solar Power in Winter: Save Money and Energy
Most home improvement projects, including solar panel installation, are started and completed during the spring or fall seasons—when the…
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What Kind of Solar Cells Are Best for Hot Climates
What’s the best spot for a solar installation in a chilly Northeastern home that’s no stranger to a fierce winter blow? Or what about…
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What Kind of Solar Hot Water Heater Is Best for My Climate?
By now, you probably know that hot water heating eats up a big part of your energy budget. In fact, the Department of Energy pegs that…
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Do Certain Roof Surfaces Increase Solar Potential?
Ready to hit the button on solar? You might want to think about replacing your roof, too. A lot of homeowners find themselves contemplating…
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What Are the Best Solar Panels for Colder Climates?
Live in a climate with cold winters? Then you might think that solar is out of your reach—after all, it works best in the sun right?…
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Why You Should Add Solar Power to Your Home Before Winter
Why You Should Add Solar Power to Your Home before Winter No doubt about it, installing solar power is the best thing you can do for your…