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Solar Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Solar home improvement project.

maintenance and care
How To Clean Solar Panels
The major appliances in your home need on-going care and upkeep to ensure they are operating to the best of their ability, and solar panels…
maintenance and care
Common Causes of Damage to Solar Panels and How to Avoid Them
Although solar panels have come a long way, the technology of these free-energy generators is constantly improving. And while solar panels…
maintenance and care
Issues that May Arise with a Solar Hot Water Heater and How to Address Them
Once you saw the savings from your solar hot water heater, you started singing its praises from the rooftop. But like any appliance, your…
maintenance and care
Solar Panel Removal
Maybe it’s time to for a reroof. Maybe you plan on selling your home soon and want to bring your solar panels along with you to your new…