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Solar Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Solar home improvement project.

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The Top States for Solar Energy in 2021
For a long time, having your home powered by the sun was revered as a luxury reserved for the upper echelon. But in the last decade, prices…
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What Happens To Solar Panels In A Hurricane?
Solar panels are no different from any other outdoor equipment in that they are constantly exposed to inclement weather — which for…
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10 Things to Consider Before Going Solar
You’ve heard about all the benefits of solar power: it’s good for the environment, it’s easy to install, and your utility bill will…
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Safely Begin Your Solar Project Today
COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on our daily lives and routines. Self-distancing and shelter-in-place measures, nationwide, have…
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Posigen Solar Company
Posigen is a model for American solar companies. But for now, they’re only serving lucky homeowners in Louisiana, Connecticut, and…
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Buying or Leasing: Finance Your Solar Home Improvement Project
It’s easy to tell you that buying your solar panel system with cash will save you money in the long run—it takes (cash) money to save…
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How Many Watts Do You Need to Run the Average Home and Appliances?
Whether you’re thinking of going off grid, or just want to get a sense of your energy use before purchasing a grid-connected solar energy…
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The Top 10 States for Residential Solar Installations in the US, Ranked
While solar panel installations are blossoming around the country and the solar industry as a whole has been swelling for years, there are…