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Solar Resources

Everything you need to know to complete your Solar home improvement project.

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Utah: A Guide to Residential Solar Energy
Almost out of nowhere, Utah has become one of the country’s leading states for solar energy. Jumping up on national rankings for its…
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Average Solar Panel Dimensions and Sizes
Solar panels used for residential projects generally come in a standard size, which meets the needs for most homeowners because they fit on…
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Massachusetts: A Guide to Residential Solar Energy
New England might be in a region of the US less prone to sunlight ‚ but that doesn’t preclude it from being a great place for…
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Nevada: A Guide to Residential Solar Energy
Nevada isn’t new to solar panels and the industry around them (nor to desert climes and lots of sun). And while it resisted the…
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North Carolina: A Guide to Residential Solar Energy
In March 2019, the federal Energy Information Administration reported that North Carolina’s solar energy production grew by more than a…
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What is a Sun Number Score When it Comes to Solar Panels?
For many homeowners, the potential of their home—in addition to its location or price—is one of the reasons they purchased it. Whether…
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How Many Solar Panels Will Power Your Home?
When surveying homeowners, we often hear that ahead of a solar power home improvement project, people are often misinformed about how to…
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Texas: A Guide to Residential Solar Energy
Texas is the third fastest-growing solar energy leader in the United States, according to the Houston Chronicle, which reported separately…