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Average Solar Panel Dimensions and Sizes

As solar panels continue to rise in popularity for homeowners, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with information. A common question homeowners face: what dimension of solar panel do you need? Are there standard solar panel dimensions?

Residential solar panels generally do come in standard sizes. But there are caveats. For example, if your roof is irregularly sized, it may be more challenging for your solar panel installation contractor to source alternative sizes. The general goal when looking at solar panel dimensions is to aim for the size that produces enough energy to make a dent in your electric bill. 

Here’s what you need to know.

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Average Residential Solar Panel Dimensions

Residential solar panels are typically about 66 x 40 in. per panel plus an added roughly 2 inches per side for the frame. Panels typically weigh about 40 pounds. The average 2,000 square foot home will need 16 to 25 panels. Of course, there will be some deviations in these dimensions depending on the make and manufacturer.

Here’s an overview for some of the top solar brands and their standard size:

Average Solar Panel Dimensions
SunPower A-Series Residential Solar Panels 72.2 x 40 in.1.57 in.High efficiency
SunPower 50 W and 110 W Flex45.9 x 21.9 in. 0.8 in.Ideal for smaller spaces
Alpha Black REC360AA67.76 x 10 in.1.18 in.Good for extreme weather conditions
SunPower X-Series 61.3 x 41.2 in.1.8 in.High efficiency
LG 390W High Efficiency LG NeON® R Prime68.5 x 41 in.1.5 in.Efficient in cloudy weather
Panasonic EverVolt™ Series Module EVPV38067.8 x 40.0 in.1.2 in.Ideal for extreme heat
Trina Residential 365W72.91 x 39.21 in.1.38 in.High efficiency 
Jinko Solar EAGLE 72HM G279.06 x 39.45 in.1.57 in.25-year warranty 
Winaico WSP-MX PERC WSP-340MX67.13 x 40.47 in.1.38 in.Efficient in weak light 
Mission Solar Energy MSE330SR8K65.98 x 39.68 in.1.58 in.High efficiency 

Different Solar Panel Sizes and Dimensions

The reasoning behind having most solar panels be about the same size is that it creates an industry standard and allows for uniform installation. It also makes comparisons between brands and models easier in terms of assessing potential power. Uniform sizing also makes it easier to estimate how many solar panels you will need, or how many solar panels will fit on your roof.

Still, there will be times when standard-sized solar panels won’t work for a homeowner. Tiny homes, for instance, do not have large enough roofs to compensate for that home’s energy needs. 

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There are also cases where a homeowner does not want or need to generate as much solar energy as a roof with standard-sized panels would collect. In that case, smaller panels may be a better fit. This may also depend on where your home’s regional location impacts your energy needs and capacity

Companies like SunPower Corp manufacture residential solar panels that are smaller in size, making them ideal for scenarios where your roof is smaller or you don’t need to convert as much solar energy into power for your home. 

Modernize recommends speaking with a licensed solar energy contractor to understand the most efficient, practical and cost-effective way to outfit your home. 

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