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Carrier Furnace Buying Guide

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Carrier Furnace Brand Review

Carrier furnaces come from one of the top names in the HVAC industry and for good reason. They offer high quality furnaces and central AC units. Carrier has been in business for more than 100 year and are one of the most reputable names in replacement furnaces and home heating. They compare to other top furnace brands like Trane, American Standard, and Lennox.

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Carrier Furnace Installation Costs

The average price a homeowner pays for a Carrier gas furnace is around $2,882. For a 2,000 square foot home you will want to install a Carrier furnace with 100,000 BTU capability which on average would cost around $3,980 to install. If you install a Carrier Performance 90 59TP6 gas furnace you can expect to pay around $1,644 for the unit alone. When getting an estimate on HVAC installation costs, it will vary by your average local labor rates and if additional services are needed such as new ductwork.

Carrier Gas Furnace Cost by House Size
Home SizeCarrier Furnace Size NeededFurnace Installation Costs
600 to 1,000 sq. ft40,000 BTU$2,200
800 to 1,200 sq. ft50,000 BTU$2,585
1,000 to 1,400 sq. ft60,000 BTU$3,088
1,200 to 1,600 sq. ft70,000 BTU$3,225
1,400 to 1,800 sq. ft80,000 BTU$3,465
1,800 to 2,400 sq. ft100,000 BTU$3,980
2,400 to 3,000 sq. ft120,000 BTU$4,475

Carrier Gas Furnace Prices

If you want a ballpark price on how much a replacement gas furnace should cost the chart below will help you get an average idea of price points you can expect. For example, if you lived in a moderate climate area you will probably want a Carrier Performance 90% AFUE gas furnace which will cost around $1,252 for the unit alone and $2,635 to install. 

Carrier Gas Furnace by Model
Carrier Gas Furnace ModelUnit PriceInstallation Cost
Performance 80$996$2,382
Performance 90$1,252 $2,635
Performance Boost 80$1,389 $2,580
Infinity 80$1,498 $2,882
Performance Boost 90$1,575 $3,289
Performance 96$1,644 $3,600
Infinity 96$1,728 $4,150
Infinity 98 Green Speed Tech.$2,650 $5,589

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What Carrier Furnace Model is Most Cost Effective for Your Climate?

If you are trying to decide what AFUE rating you need from your new Carrier furnace, the first thing you will want to figure out is what is the most cost effective Carrier model for your home’s size and climate. A new home furnace needs to be able to handle the heating needs of your local climate based off of average temperatures during the colder months. We have separated each region of all 50 U.S. states below into a climate map to help give you an idea of what will be the best for option you.

  • Zone 1, 2, 3: – 80% AFUE
  • Zone 4: – 90% to 93% AFUE
  • Zone 5: – 93% to 95% + AFUE


furnace installation heat map for climate

If you need a new Carrier furnace installed in Nebraska or anywhere in Zone 4 where the weather can get cold for a 2,000 square foot home, you will want to install a Carrier Performance Boost with 90% AFUE rating which will price out to around $1,644 for the furnace alone and with labor and installation costs will be around $3,600 in total.

Carrier Comfort Series Gas Furnace

Carrier Comfort series furnace is the most affordable home heating unit offered by the brand. It offers energy efficiency levels from 80% to 96.5% AFUE. The model has single-stage operation, a fixed speed blower motors, a 10 year parts limited warranty, and a 20 year heat exchanger limited warranty.

Carrier Performance Series Gas Furnace

Carrier Performance series gas furnaces are the mid tier option replacement furnace. This series of furnaces range in efficiency from 80% to 96.5% AFUE and have better comfort features such as a variable speed blower with Performance Edge relative humidity control and two stage gas valve technology.

Carrier Infinity Series Gas Furnace

Carrier Infinity Series gas furnaces are the best out of the three furnace series options. This series has the impressive available option of Greenspeed  Intellgence technology. They have a variable speed two-stage model with advanced controls capable of handling high humid environments and keeping your home the perfect temperature year round. Carrier Infinity series furnaces are highly energy efficient with AFUE % ratings from 80% all the way up to 96.7% AFUE levels. 

Carrier Furnace Greenspeed Intelligence

Carrier Infinity Series with Greenspeed technology is the best gas furnace model the company has to offer. It is a top of the line option for homes that want maximum efficiency and control of their home’s temperature. These furnaces have impressive HVAC technology that allows it to monitor temperature and humidity inside as well as outside of your home. The variable speed blowers can maximize energy efficiency and bring maximum comfort to keep your home at the perfect temperature at all times. This furnace unit will save you money in the long run on wasted heating energy that adds up on utility bills.

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Carrier Furnace Warranties

Carrier is known as one of the most reliable options on the market today for new gas furnaces. The heating units come with comprehensive warranties that often cover 10 years of repairs after they have been installed. While some cheaper furnace systems require repairs or even replacements just a few years after being installed, Carrier furnaces are known for their durability with one of the best warranties in the industry.

There are Carrier parts warehouses all over the country, and each of them is stockpiled with key replacement parts for your furnace, so it is very common for  repairs to be completed the same day that you call a certified Carrier technician for help if you run into issues.

If you need to replace your furnace and in the market for a new Carrier AC unit as well, it may be more cost effective to install both at the same time.

Carrier Furnace Installers Near You

Installing a Carrier air conditioner comes with a guarantee as all technicians that install Carrier heating and cooling units must be an authorized installer for the brand.

Air conditioning installation is no easy job, and Carrier guarantees you are getting a quality HVAC installation by requiring their HVAC contractors to become factory authorized dealers. They require anyone installing their air conditioners to complete the North American Technician Excellence certification course.

Furnace installers must go through extensive training at a Carrier manufacturing factory to learn about Carrier AC installations, HVAC maintenance, and the repair process specific to their air conditioning units.